Crazy Leveling System Chapter 358

Chapter 358

Chapter 358

"Is it over?" Yi Tianyun said as he took a deep breath to relax himself. He knew that if it was not because of the Bad Luck Divine Pill, he wouldnt be able to defeat General Feng!

The backlash that General Feng experienced earlier was the turning point for Yi Tianyun as General Fengs Combat Power was too high!

Yi Tianyun didnt know how many Void Spirit Stage that the Netherworld Empire had, but he knew that General Feng was the third strongest in the Netherworld Empire, which meant that at least Netherworld Empire had two more Void Spirit Stage!

As soon as Yi Tianyun got closer to General Fengs dead body, he was immediately attacked by one of the surviving Soldier of the Wind, but fortunately, Ye Qingxuan was still around, and she blocked the soldiers sneak attack and used her whip to shackle the soldier.

"How dare you attack our King! Your Netherworld Empire will be destroyed soon!" Ye Qingxuan said as she pulled her whip and decapitated the soldier!

Ye Qingxuan had no compassion toward her enemy as she knew that women would always be regarded as inferior to men in this cultivation world!

"Why did you come back? Didnt you already go with the elders earlier?" Yi Tianyun asked Ye Qingxuan while embracing her.

"Yes, I intended to leave with the Elders, but after some thought, I realize that I must remain here and watch you fight, no matter what happens! But I didnt expect you to defeat General Feng by yourself!" Ye Qingxuan said while smiling warmly.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit curious as he saw that Ye Qingxuan was a little bit pale.

"Did you use the World Divine Rune?" Yi Tianyun asked inquisitively.

The World Divine Rune is a Divine Rune that was considered taboo for the Spirit Race, as only the Spirit King and the Saintess who could master it.

The World Divine Rune was powerful as it could enhance anything five times the normal value! If it was used on a weapon, the combat power of said weapon would raise five times the normal value, that effect could be applied to anything!

The best application for that Divine Rune would be using it on a person! But it came with a cost! To engrave this World Divine Rune, the user must use their Spirit Blood Qi, or this Divine Rune will be useless!

That was one of the main reasons why this Divine Rune was a taboo in the Spirit Race as it should be bad for any of them as they had a high amount of Spiritual Energy, and using their Spirit Blood Qi would be very bad for them.

That was also why the Spirit Race was rarely killed, the enemies would rather capture them and force them to engrave this Divine Rune for their own use.

Yi Tianyun will eventually have the knowledge to engrave this Divine Rune too, but he still didnt know what the effect would be to him, as he didnt have any Spirit Blood Qi, to begin with.

Yi Tianyun knows that Ye Qingxuan engraved this Divine Rune as a precaution to save Yi Tianyun if he, by any chance, was cornered by General Feng! She believed that she would be able to help if she stayed. Fortunately, she didnt get the chance to do anything as Yi Tianyun could finish General Feng by himself!

"Yes, my King! I had to do it!" Ye Qingxuan said as he became paler as time went by.

"I already told you I would run away if necessary! Why did you go this far?!" Yi Tianyun said, he scolded Ye Qingxuan lightly.

"I am not sure, but I thought that you would have a hard time fighting against General Feng. But no matter, you can keep this World Divine Rune. I know that this Divine Rune will be useful to you later!" Ye Qingxuan said as she took out the World Divine Rune and gave it to Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun felt a dense power was welling up from the Divine Rune and the fact that this Divine Rune could be considered a treasure for the Spirit Race!

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