Crazy Leveling System Chapter 374

Chapter 374

Chapter 374

"Welcome to our party, now let us go to Dragon Coiling Cave right away!" Xu Fei said excitedly.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and decided to follow them from the back of the group as he realized that none of them really wanted to talk to him.

"Big Brother Liang, will we be able to find any trace of the Great Emperor this time?" A woman said, which piqued Yi Tianyuns interest.

"I hope so. If we do, the Princess will give us so much reward later! I hope we could get our hands on some Dragon Bones too!" the man, Liang Yuantian said excitedly.

"Yeah, I really want that Holy Tool that she promised!" The woman said dreamily.

"But still, we have to try our best! There were so many people coming to this place. There is no telling whether we will be the first to find the Great Emperor!" Liang Yuantian said reprimanding the girl.

"You have to be careful too. I wont always be able to protect you, Huang Ting!" Liang Yuntian said solemnly.

"Of course, I will always listen to your order, Big Brother Liang!" The girl named Huang Ting said obediently.

After that conversation, Yi Tianyun was no longer interested to hear their conversation, as it didnt concern him anymore.

But Yi Tianyun now knew that Ren Zhirou really did her best to find any information regarding her brother, even promising a Holy Tool to the one who could find any trace of her brother!

As soon as they got near the premise of the Coiling Dragon Cave, Xu Fei stopped them and scouted the front to see if there were any group of cultivators around.

"Hurry up, we already took too much time!" Liang Yuantian said impatiently.

"If you insist, we could go in right now, but once were inside, I will not take any responsibility for anything that could happen, understand?" Xu Fei said annoyedly.

"Okay, I get it! lets go in now!" Huang Ting said impatiently

"Besides, what else can happen when Big Brother Liang is here?" She said pridefully.

Liang Yuantians face was full with cockiness, Yi Tianyun sighed as he already saw this scene countless times, the guy who was too stupid to see his own carelessness.

Yi Tianyun knew that the guy would soon regret for being careless like this!

"I hope you obey my instruction, friend! This place is dangerous!" Xu Fei said helplessly to Yi Tianyun.

"Of course, that is natural to follow my guide instruction." Yi Tianyun said casually with a smile on his face.

Xu Feis face showed some form of relief, and he immediately told them to follow him right away!

Xu Fei also reminded them that if any of them couldnt progress anymore, whether it was due to fatigue or the pressure and they were unable go on, they should tell him, and he would assess if the group could continue or not!

They all nodded in unison and Xu Fei continued to advance forward.

Along the way, Yi Tianyun looked around the cave. He didnt show any extraordinary difference between the inside of the cave with the outside, beside the darkness that gradually filled the place as the sunlight couldnt penetrate the thick cave wall.

"Are you sure this is the right way? I havent seen anyone for quite a while!" Huang Ting commented behind Xu Fei.

"This path is a lot safer, as the path was small, the Demon Beast tend to avoid this place!" Xu Fei said annoyedly.

Yi Tianyun was also annoyed on Huang Tings behavior, it was clear that she couldnt do much here, but she still acted like a spoiled child!

Xu Fei continued to guide them further inside, but after a while, a spirit grass garden was seen from afar.

Huang Tings eyes lit up and immediately approached the Spirit Grass, but when she was about to pluck one of them.

"Stop what you are about to do now! It was clear that the Spirit Grass in this place wasnt mean to be picked. If you want to die, wait for us to get ahead!" Yi Tianyun said coldly toward Huang Ting.

"Brat, watch your mouth!" Liang Yuantian said as he drew his sword toward Yi Tianyun.

"Hey, what are you doing! This place is dangerous, stop playing around! Dont pick up random stuff, this place is full of traps!" Xu Fei said annoyedly.

"Hmm, you are lucky that we didnt have any free time right now, Brat!" Liang Yuantian said coldly to Yi Tianyun and immediately walked away with Huang Ting in tows.

Yi Tianyun didnt bother to take Liang Yuantians word seriously as he knew that the guy would be in trouble soon!

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