Crazy Leveling System Chapter 385

Chapter 385

Chapter 385

Yuan Qinglongs spiritual energy was quickly absorbed by Yi Tianyun, he could enhance the absorption rate some more using the Crazy Mode, but Yi Tianyun was determined to not use the Crazy Mode for this fight!

However, after a while, Yuan Qinglongs body soon faded and then disappeared only to reappear not far from Yi Tianyuns current position.

"Congratulation! You have successfully passed my test!" Yuan Qinglong said excitedly.

"I really didnt expect that youd be this strong! The other two cultivators passed using a cheap trick, while you are the only one using brute force like my test originally intended to!" Yuan Qinglong added with an excited smile on his face.

"Thank you for letting me pass! I thought that I still have to keep going!" Yi Tianyun said as he smiled warmly toward Yuan Qinglong.

"Youve already succeeded as long as you can beat me in any way, but I am sure if I am alive, you will have no trouble killing me!" Yuan Qinglong said while smiling warmly.

"But, Senior. If you dont mind me asking, why are there four doors in the entrance, and why is this door the only one without difficulty and the smallest door there?" Yi Tianyun asked Yuan Qinglong curiously.

"I am sorry, but I cant answer your question. That is not my duty, as this test is the only duty that I have! Now, as youve already passed my test, you can leave through this door and take the glory that awaits you later!" Yuan Qinglong said as he showed Yi Tianyun the path leading to the exit.

Yi Tianyun knew he wouldnt get any answer out of Yuan Qinglong, and he wouldnt be able to ask many questions as a phantom shadow like Yuan Qinglong was bound to his duty and therefore only had the knowledge needed for their duty!

So, Yi Tianyun nodded and immediately walked toward the exit while wondering what would the glory that Yuan Qinglong mentioned would be!

On the other side of the gate, someone has successfully cleared the test on their respective door!

"I am finally out! This Earth Level Door was too difficult, I cant imagine how hard the Heaven Level Door would be!" Xu Fei said to himself as he looked over to the Heaven Level Door.

Not long after, the Heaven Level Door opened, and Hua Xiying walked out from it, looking pale and exhausted.

Xu Fei noticed that there were no injuries on the fair ladys body, so he figured that the test might be Spiritual Attrition!

"She is a genius! She passed the Heaven Level Door in a short amount of time, almost as fast as I finish my Earth Level Door!" Xu Fei said in awe of Hua Xiyings achievement, but he quickly snapped out of his thoughts and immediately meditated to recover and cultivate a little bit more.

Not too long after that, Wang Menglong also came out of the Heaven Level Door, covered with blood.

It was obvious to anyone that Wang Menglong was badly injured!

But as he saw that Hua Xiying has already arrived without any injuries and was meditating to recover herself, Wang Menglong quickly took a position to recover himself as well!

Even though he came out full of wounds, no one in that place dared to laugh at him as passing the Heaven Level Door itself was a big achievement on its own!

During their meditation and recovery, many cultivators passed the Earth and Human Level Door while they also heard that some couldnt pass and die during the trial!

That was not a rare occasion, as this trial was dangerous!

If the cultivator really wanted to enter the trial, they must be prepared for death!

There was no way to attain strength without risking your own life!

Many people meditated and recovered themselves near the door as they successfully passed the trial, and so many people also took their leave as they deemed it sufficient for them to continue, but Xu Fei didnt move from his spot near the smallest door, waiting for Yi Tianyun to return!

"Idiot, he wouldnt come out from there! Hes long dead inside that door, there is no way he survives! The Heaven Level door was basically almost impossible to pass, and that smallest door was meant to be harder than the Heaven Level Door!" Wang Menglong sneered at Xu Fei.

Even Hua Xiying was shaking her head in disbelief as she knew that the Heaven Level Door was the hardest while the smallest door was impossible to pass!

But as soon as Wang Menglong and Hua Xiying were about to leave, the smallest door suddenly burst open!

Shocking everyone in the vicinity!

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