Crazy Leveling System Chapter 386

Chapter 386

Chapter 386

The smallest door opened!

This fact alone stopped everyone on their track to look over to the door, and they saw that Yi Tianyun was the one who walked out of the door like he just came out from a long passage!

Hua Xiying and Wang Menglong also looked at Yi Tianyun in shock!

They were sure that Yi Tianyun was dead, no one ever survived after entering the smallest door!

"Big Brother Yi! I knew you would come out from that door!" Xu Fei said as he excitedly bounced around like a little kid.

Yi Tianyun smiled lightly toward Xu Fei, and as he looked over to Wang Menglong and Hua Xiying, he smirked tauntingly!

Yi Tianyun didnt know how hard the other door could be, but he was sure that none of those doors trial would be as hard as the trial on the smallest door!

"Impossible! No one ever returned from that door before!" Wang Menglong said spitefully.

In fact, many cultivators who were shocked to see the smallest door was opened for the first time, began to doubt its difficulty, and regretted their decision to never enter the door themselves!

"Shut up! If you think that this door is a scam, why dont you try it yourself? That way, you can prove that Big Brother Yi wasnt a swindler!" Xu Fei shouted as he was getting annoyed by what other cultivators murmured about Yi Tianyun.

"I will try it later! It is impossible right now as everyone couldnt return to the entrance of the door! Wang Menglong said annoyedly.

"Theres no need to deal with them, lets go further in!" Yi Tianyun said to draw away Xu Feis attention.

"Of course, Big Brother Yi! Lets go!" Xu Fei said excitedly following Yi Tianyun, while no longer paying attention to the rest of the cultivators.

Yi Tianyun walked forward with confidence, not even acknowledging Wang Menglong and Hua Xiying that he met earlier! He walked straight to the huge dragons mouth with a passage visible inside, he didnt know where it would lead, but he sure didnt mind it!

"This brat was quite arrogant! I would like to see him face the challenge further in myself!" Wang Menglong said as he walked behind Yi Tianyun, Hua Xiying also followed Yi Tianyun as she was intrigued!

After entering the dragons mouth, the path was spacious, but there was nothing there, not even a plant for decoration!

After a while, the path forked, but Yi Tianyun decided to stay on his path and continued forward.

Xu Fei wants to say something, but immediately refrained from doing so and decided to follow Yi Tianyun without any question.

Wang Menglong and several other cultivators were immediately startled as they found themselves hitting an invisible wall!

"What is going on? Cant we advance from here?" Wang Menglong said confusedly.

A few cultivators also tried their best to check some sort of opening or clue on the invisible wall, but they immediately gave up, as they couldnt find any!

Yi Tianyun turned his attention toward Xu Fei and said, "You are free to explore this place, take this opportunity as an advantage and wait for me outside!" Yi Tianyun said confidently.

"Yes, I will, Big Brother Yi!" Xu Fei said as he immediately stopped beside Yi Tianyun and looked around the place for a road that he would choose.

However, Yi Tianyun passed the invisible wall easily, shocking Wang Menglong and other cultivators who were still trying to find the opening of the invisible wall.

They immediately realized that the problem indeed lied within the choice of doors earlier, there was no other reason Yi Tianyun could walk through the invisible wall while they couldnt beside that reason!

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