Crazy Leveling System Chapter 390

Chapter 390

Chapter 390

Note: Holy Tool > Sacred Tool

Heavenly Dragon Skeleton was completely out of control as it furiously slammed its tail toward Yi Tianyun and Ren Long.

After separating Yi Tianyun and Ren Long, the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton quickly opened its mouth and shot out a concentrated spiritual power toward Ren Long.

Ren Longs complexion changed as he knew that the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton was aiming for him, but he was saved by a cold arrow that hit the Heavenly Dragon Skeletons head!

Thick ice immediately formed in the place that the arrow hit, freezing the Heavenly Dragon Skeletons head completely!

But the freezing effect was not permanent! Soon enough, the ice completely shattered.

"I had a hunch that it wouldnt be enough for you!" Yi Tianyun said as he immediately transformed into the evil dragon!

The evil dragon was far bigger than the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton, while the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton was only 60-meter-long, and the Evil Dragon was 100 meters long!

Ren Long on the side was shocked to see Yi Tianyuns transformation, for he had the Heavenly Dragon Bloodline in his blood, but even he couldnt transform into a dragon!

"Is he from the Dragon Clan?" Ren Long said to himself in disbelief.

"Dragon! The Dragon Clan!" Heavenly Dragon Skeleton said excitedly after seeing Yi Tianyuns transformation.

Yi Tianyun ignored the Heavenly Dragon Skeletons excitement and immediately slammed his tail toward the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton!

Although Yi Tianyun didnt destroy the skeletons in one hit, that attack was clearly causing heavy damage!

"This is how you treat your guest? I dont know a Heavenly Dragon could be so rude!" Yi Tianyun said as he pressed down the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton so that it couldnt move.

The Heavenly Dragon Skeleton screeched and wriggled to break free, but it couldnt, Yi Tianyun in his evil dragon form, was far more powerful than the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton!

The Heavenly Dragon Skeleton roared once more, and this time a phantom shadow appeared near the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton while its combat power rose to almost reaching 70.000.000 Points!

Yi Tianyun was immediately forced backward, and the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton was free as a result!

"Even though its already dead, it still has this much power in it!" Yi Tianyun said annoyedly.

"Crazy Damage Mode, Activate! Dragon God Bloodline, Activate!" Yi Tianyun ordered the Crazy Levelling System!

In an instant, Yi Tianyuns combat power reached 63.000.000 Points, but it was still weaker than the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton!

"Level up the Dragon God Bloodline!" Yi Tianyun ordered the system further.


Successfully consumed 560.000 CPs to level up Dragon God Bloodline to 5th Grade!


Successfully leveled up the Dragon God Bloodline to 5th Grade! Combat Power increased 12 times upon activation!

Next level requires 5.000.000 Cps!

Immediately, Yi Tianyuns combat power increased exponentially! Yi Tianyun roared as he currently had 71.000.000 Combat Power!

Yi Tianyun quickly attacked the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton using his own tail, and unfortunately for him, the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton also attacked at the same time, hindering his attack from hitting directly!

As the two collided, Yi Tianyun immediately knew that his attack was undoubtedly stronger than the Heavenly Dragon Skeletons attack!

But it was only by a small margin, meaning that he couldnt overpower the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton easily with this much combat power!

Yi Tianyun immediately burned his blood essence to gain more advantage against the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton!

His combat power rose once again, and this time, it stopped at 81.000.000 points!

He attacked the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton once again using his tail, and this time, Yi Tianyun successfully knocked the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton down to the ground!

Under Yi Tianyuns heavy attack, Heavenly Dragon Skeleton finally cracked!

Even if it was treated as the same quality as a Peak Grade Sacred Tool, it couldnt withstand Yi Tianyuns attack!

Yi Tianyun didnt stop attacking and continued to smash the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton that was already on the ground!

Ren Long on the side was stunned to see Yi Tianyuns performance, he was too powerful!

Ren Long estimated Yi Tianyuns power to be of the same level or higher than a 7th Level Void Spirit Stage cultivator!

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