Crazy Leveling System Chapter 413

Chapter 413

Imperial Preceptor was attacked!

Furthermore, it was a sneak attack by Yi Tianyun!

All of the soldiers from both sides were shocked by this fact!

Yi Tianyun continued to drive the Ren Dragon Spear further inside the Imperial Preceptors body, killing him on the spot!

But unfortunately for Yi Tianyun, this was not the Imperial Preceptors real body, as the body that Yi Tianyun stabbed turned into a log.

Yi Tianyun was quite surprised as he didnt expect to kill a fake!

"This is why I couldnt detect him properly before. I didnt expect he could use this kind of technique earlier!" Yi Tianyun said as he felt a little bit annoyed by the Imperial Preceptor.

At the same time, Imperial Preceptor was taken aback by Yi Tianyuns technique!

He saw that Yi Tianyun was using teleportation!

Now all of his strategies have gone in the drain as he knew that none of them would work as long as Yi Tianyun had the power to teleport away anywhere he wanted!

But the most unexpecting thing was that Yi Tianyun successfully destroyed his clone, he made the clone with so much preparation that once it was destroyed, he felt a tremendous backlash!

Yi Tianyun then turned into the evil dragon in order to end things with Prime Minister Long before the Imperial Preceptor could intervene again.

Everyone except for Ren Long was all shocked as they saw a tremendous dragon appeared in the sky, blocking the sun from their sight!

Yi Tianyun then roared and immediately attacked Prime Minister Long with his dragon claw, he was ready to kill Prime Minister Long in one fell swoop!

Prime Minister Long was frightened and immediately tried to escape, but the murdering dragon poison in his system prevented him from moving as fast as normal.

"Imperial Preceptor! Save me!" Prime Minister Long shouted.

The next moment, Imperial Preceptor quickly intercepted Yi Tianyuns attack with a divine rune that created a shield on the air.

But Yi Tianyun immediately forced the shield down, crushing it in one go!

With his dragon form, Yi Tianyuns combat power had reached 78 million points, there was no way anyone there could stop him!

Yi Tianyun didnt want the battle to drag on any further, so he intended to end it quickly!

Imperial Preceptors complexion changed considerably, his defensive divine rune was useless, and now, with Prime Minister Long on his back, he wasnt sure that he could block Yi Tianyuns attack anymore!

So, Imperial Preceptor immediately activated his last resort divine rune!

His body began to glow while his clothes were shredded, revealing a divine rune that was also glowing brightly. His body began to enlarge to three meters tall, exerting a powerful aura in all directions.

Imperial Preceptor also pulled out a long sword that was also three meters long, with many divine runes engraved on it. He quickly looked over to Yi Tianyun and immediately swung the sword towards Yi Tianyun.

With his swing, a phantom shadow appeared, also attacking Yi Tianyun with the long sword!

The attack was devastating! It could destroy anyone who was weaker than the Imperial Preceptor for sure, as the power of the attack reached 84 million points!

This attack itself has already surpassed Yi Tianyuns power, but then again, Yi Tianyun smirked as he saw the Imperial Preceptors attack!

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