Crazy Leveling System Chapter 421

Chapter 421

Many people discussed the flying palace as it crossed the Earthly Border Continent towards the Heavenly Border Continent.

However, the Netherworld Empire that has heard of the report stating that there was a huge palace flying toward the Heavenly Border Continent was having a tough time deciding whether to check on it or not.

It was all because they still needed to figure out what to do with the Heavenly Dragon Empire!

But the Netherworld Empire has thought of collaborating with this new Heavenly Clouds Mansion.

If they could destroy Prince Yi of Heavenly Dragon Empire, then it would be all worth it!

But sadly, they didnt know that Yi Tianyun himself was the one who led the Heavenly Clouds Mansion!

This information regarding Yi Tianyun as the Mansion Lord of the Heavenly Clouds Mansion was still confidential, that was thanks to everyones loyalty to Yi Tianyun!

Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins was finally closing in on the Heavens Top Mansions location, once it was close enough, Yi Tianyun then commanded that they must immediately land on the open spot.

The sound of the huge palace landing on the ground surprised everyone on Heavens Top Mansion, and they immediately got out to check what just happened, and they were shocked once more as they saw a huge palace appeared near theirs.

However, the Great Elder has not come out as he was reported dead in the Dragon City incident.

But, Yi Tianyun didnt care about any of that anymore and came out from the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins confidently.

Everyone from Heavens Top Mansion was shocked to see that Yi Tianyun was fine!

He Qianhan was even more confused as she didnt know whether to call him Mansion Lord or not!

Everyone began to relax as they thought that they were under attack at first, but as they saw Yi Tianyuns familiar face, the thought suddenly disappeared.

Yi Tianyun looked at He Qianhan and nodded at her, signaling that it was okay now and that the Great Elder should come out of hiding.

He Qianhan bowed and immediately returned to the main building to call the Great Elder.

Yi Tianyun turned his attention towards Shi Xueyun and said to her that this place would be the base of Heavenly Clouds Mansion starting that day.

"Is this Heavens Top Mansion used to be the Old Ancestors sect?" Shi Xueyun asked curiously as she looked around in wonder.

But as Yi Tianyun was about to answer, he was interrupted by the Great Elder and Mu Xianer, who finally came out of hiding.

The arrival of Great Elder and Mu Xianer shocked the disciple and some deacons of Heavens Top Mansion because their survival was strictly confidential!

"I am very sorry for ever deceiving you, but the truth we are never really in danger, but after the Dragon City incident, we have to hide for the safety of the sect! The Mansion Lord himself was the one giving this order and also the one who dealt with the Netherworld Empire all along!" Great Elder said as he bowed to Yi Tianyun.

"Mansion Lord? Wasnt he sick after the second Elders betrayal?" Some disciples asked the Great Elder.

"No, in fact, the Mansion Lord has changed to Lord Yi! The previous Mansion Lord was still helping Lord Yi as he dealt with the Netherworld Empire." The Great Elder said with a smile on his face.

"Yes, I am the new Mansion Lord, I earned this position as the previous Mansion Lord gave it to me to improve the Heavens Top Mansion." Yi Tianyun said as he stepped forward with a warm smile on his face.

"But before we go too far, I have an announcement to make! Heavens Top Mansion will officially merge with Heavenly Clouds Mansion, and because of that, Heavens Top Mansion would now become Heavens Top Sect, along with the Heavenly Jade Sect and Spirit Sect! The three sect will work side by side in the future, and I hope everyone will get along well!" Yi Tianyun said commandingly.

Heavens Top Mansion finally noticed the Spirit Race that was standing near the flying palace, after they noticed the Spirit Races presence, they couldnt help but feel in awe!

"Now, everyone might be too surprised to understand what Lord Yi just said, and I would gladly explain to you how it gets to this!" the Great Elder said enthusiastically.

He began to tell Yi Tianyuns story until the point of Yi Tianyun saving the Spirit Race from Army General Feng of the Netherworld Empire!

They still didnt know about how Yi Tianyuns relationship with the Heavenly Dragon Empire, so the Great Elder didnt tell the story to the disciple of Heavens Top Sect!


Successfully completed the main quest [Strong Sect!] by promoting Heavenly Jade Sect to Heavenly Jade Mansion and move to Heavenly Border Continent!

Reward: 100.000.000 Exp, 1.000.000 Cps, 100.000 Mastery Value (Could be assigned accordingly), 100.000 Sps, and one life-up.


Doubling the reward for successfully completed the Main Quest with the hidden objective.

Reward: 200.000.000 Exp, 2.000.000 Cps, 200.000 Mastery Point (Could be assigned accordingly), 200.000 Sps, and 2 Life-up.

The reward from the Main Quest was exceeding Yi Tianyuns expectation!

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