Crazy Leveling System Chapter 427

Chapter 427

10.000 swords of Spirit Grades were low in terms of power, but it could swarm the enemy and pierce through their defense consistently!

It was only because of the two Army Generals and Imperial Preceptor that some of the Flying Hawk Army could survive Yi Tianyuns attack.

But even though they could defend against Yi Tianyuns attack, it was still proven difficult for the three of them to consistently defend against 10.000 swords at the same time!

They began to destroy the swords withing their attack range because that was the only way to stop it from attacking again!

"This has no end! This martial art does not make any sense!" Imperial Preceptor said while panting from fatigue.

"Damn it! At this rate, the Flying Hawk Army would be annihilated!" One of the Army General said nervously.

They began to lose the Flying Hawk Army that was under their protection as the swords were too much for them to handle!

"Yeah, they are fragile, but they are preventing us from saving the army!" The other Army General said annoyedly.

This is the reason that Yi Tianyun didnt use the Sword Master Suit up until this moment, it didnt work against a small amount of enemy, it was better to use it against a massive amount of enemies with low cultivation like this!

Yi Tianyun believed that a more advanced suit that was better than Sword Master Suit would appear in his Sin Points later, but he guessed that probably he wouldnt have enough Sin Points to buy it!

Fortunately for Yi Tianyun, Sword Master Suit doesnt require him to use his own weapons, the current 10.000 Swords that he controlled belonged to the enemies and the city nearby, unless the swords were destroyed completely, it could still be controlled by the Suits effect.

Yi Tianyun then equipped the Ice-Cold Divine Bow and quickly used Ice Cold Fury while aiming his attack at the Army General, who was located the farthest from Imperial Preceptor.

Once he was sure that his shot would hit, Yi Tianyun smirked and released his attack!

This Ice-Cold Fury held 60 Million Combat Power in it, if the opponent did not see this attack coming, they surely would suffer a grievous injury!

But as he shot the powerful arrow, the Ice-Cold Divine Bow cracked once again!

This was the sign that the Bow was reaching its limit, Yi Tianyun must upgrade it in order to fix it!

After all, the Ice-Cold Divine Bows level was already too far behind his own level!

The Ice-Cold Fury traveled through the air towards the unsuspecting Army General, but as it got close, the Army General sensed incoming danger, and once he looked around, he finally noticed a powerful Ice-Cold Arrow was aimed towards him. He quickly blocked the incoming arrow with his big hammer, but it was too late! It wasnt an attack that he could block!

As the Ice-Cold Fury hit the hammer, the cold immediately spread in the air, freezing the Army General, dozens of Flying Hawk Army, and the swords that Yi Tianyun controlled!

Every single thing that was frozen on the air immediately fell to the ground and broke into million pieces as soon as it hit the ground!

Yi Tianyun successfully killed one of Netherworld Empires Army Generals effortlessly!

In the distance, Imperial Preceptor instantly turned pale!

He recognized the attack that killed the Army General just now!

It was the same kind of attack that he blocked while fighting against the Heavenly Dragon Empire recently!

Prince Yi of the Heavenly Dragon Empire!

"Its him!"

Why was he here?

Imperial Preceptor immediately realized that he would have no chance of winning if it was truly Prince Yi of the Heavenly Dragon Empire!

He tried to look at the person in the doorway of the flying palace, but the man he saw wasnt the same as Prince Yi of the Heavenly Dragon Empire, but he felt the same kind of aura and the same kind of attack bothered him!

Imperial Preceptor immediately suspected that Prince Yi must be the one behind all this, and thus he immediately shouted for all the Flying Hawk Army to retreat to the Imperial City!

Imperial Preceptor didnt have any intention to wait and save the Flying Hawk Army, and so he burned his Blood Essence and flew away as fast as he could, escaping from the powerful enemy!

The Army General, who saw that the Imperial Preceptor has already fled the battle, decided to quickly flee as well!

Although the Flying Hawk Army was the strongest army that the Netherworld Empire had, he didnt have any intention to save them either!

As soon as the two highest cultivators left the Flying Hawk Army, Yi Tianyun easily killed the Flying Hawk Army, who has lost their leader!

Yi Tianyun completely annihilated 1.000 Flying Hawk Army ruthlessly, not leaving even one of them alive!

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