Crazy Leveling System Chapter 434

Chapter 434


Successfully killed Netherworld General!

Reward: 53.000.000 Exp, 18.000 Cps, 1.500 Sps, Bursting Flame First Martial Art, Clouds Power Sword Secret Art, Heavenly Vertical Jump, 100.000 Exp Pill, Heavenly Doom Sword, Heavenly Silk Worm Armor.


Successfully killed the Netherworld Empires soldier!"

Reward: 5.100.000 Exp, 16.000 Cps, 1.300 Sps, . . .

Yi Tianyun was attacking the Netherworld Imperial City all out!

Not only using the Dark Dragon Great Array, but he also summoned all the Dragons that he had tamed!

The Red Dragon, Black Dragon, and a bunch of Earth Dragons!

They all rushed to the Imperial Citys guards and killed them as soon as they saw the guards.

The two giant dragons that he controlled almost broke through to the Void Spirit Stage, if there was no Void Spirit Expert blocking their path, Yi Tianyun believed that the dragons would be unstoppable!

Both sides looked at Yi Tianyun, bewildered!

The number of dragons that Yi Tianyun had was too much to be considered normal!

The enemy quickly scattered as they wanted to find an escape route out of the city, but this time, their enemy wasnt only Yi Tianyun!

Shi Xueyun and the other members of Heavenly Clouds Palace also scattered and started killing the Imperial City Guards one by one!

Netherworld Empire Imperial City quickly fell as the screams filled the city. But no one gave any mercy towards the soldiers, all the Heavenly Clouds Mansion member and Ren Long with his Heavenly Dragons Soldier had a dark past against the Netherworld Empire, and this time, they got the opportunity to exact their revenge!

They also knew that everyone inside the Netherworld Empire Imperial City was also a soldier.

People knew that the Emperor forbade anyone without any military skill to live inside the Netherworld Empire Imperial City, and that was also one of the reasons that the Netherworld Empire Imperial City was always safe from battle!

At the same time, Xu Fei led a group of Cultivators and quickly rushed towards the enemy to also participate in destroying the Netherworld Empire.

Yi Tianyun was very happy that Xu Fei also participated here, which meant Yi Tianyun would receive a ton of passive income from Xu Feis kill.

Xu Fei used his ability to detect danger efficiently, he kept directing his group to defeat the enemy that they could defeat, if Xu Fei sensed danger ahead, he quickly changed his groups route so that they could avoid getting unnecessary death!

Yi Tianyun quickly took over the path that Xu Fei left!

He easily cleared the path that was too dangerous for his Heavenly Clouds Mansions people.

Yi Tianyun was satisfied as his prediction was correct!

Xu Feis ability to detect danger was strong, if Xu Fei cultivated vigorously and became stronger in the future, Yi Tianyun knew that Xu Fei would achieve victory in any battle!

Like Xu Fei, the female disciples who were led by Ye Qingxuan and Shi Xueyun were also killing the Netherworld Empires soldiers ruthlessly. After all, they werent just any delicate woman, they were also a fighter!

They all fought bravely and quickly pushed forward, clearing all sector of the Imperial City from any Netherworld Empire Soldier.

The team that Yi Tianyun deemed to be the bravest was the one that was led by Shi Xueyun, she was like a butterfly, dancing on the field of red! She was so beautiful in the battlefield that Yi Tianyun even forgot that she was ruthlessly killing the enemies!

After all this time that Yi Tianyun wasnt in the Heavenly Jade Mansion, Shi Xueyuns cultivation base has leaped several stages!

Now, she was at Spirit Core Peak Stage, and about to breakthrough to Core Transformation Stage too!

Although she was nowhere near Yi Tianyuns cultivation speed, it was already the fastest that any normal people would gain!

She was also very young, meaning that she still had many years ahead of her to cultivate stronger.

No one on the battlefield was even close to Shi Xueyuns cultivation speed, let alone Yi Tianyuns!

While Shi Xueyun was dealing with any opponent within the Spirit Core Stage, the rest of Core Transformation Experts was handed over to Ren Long!

They both quickly joined hands on the battlefield, killing an opponent after opponent efficiently.

Meanwhile, Netherworld Great Emperor stayed inside the palace while the rest of his soldiers were being massacred outside.

Yi Tianyun felt something was off, after all, no emperor wanted to see his own empire crumbled like this, yet why was the Emperor not here yet?

Yi Tianyun began to think that the Emperor has evacuated himself from the Imperial City long ago.

Yi Tianyun couldnt help but become curious about the whereabouts of Netherworld Emperor, and so, he walked towards the Netherworld Empire Imperial Palace casually.

But as he arrived at the front of the palaces door, a booming sound and a huge palm came from above!

That was the Netherworld Divine Palm, and it was ten times stronger than the one that Imperial Preceptor used!

Yi Tianyun thought that this might be the real Netherworld Divine Palm!

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