Crazy Leveling System Chapter 436

Chapter 436

Successfully absorbed the Netherworlds Fire, conversing to Exp: 8.300.000 Exp, 8.400.000 Exp, 8.500.000 Exp, . . .!

Yi Tianyun absorbed so much Exp at once! This was all thanks to the Exp Card that was still in effect! Yi Tianyun knew that normally he would only get around 70.000 to 100.000 Exp for this fire! He knew that he must make sure to get the best as much Exp as posible if the Exp Card was still active!

Because of Yi Tianyuns powerful absorption, he did not only absorb the Netherworlds Fire, but also absorb the Dark Dragon! After all, the Dark Dragon was only a phantom shadow, not a living creature!

The people from the Heavens Clouds Mansion and Heavenly Dragon Empire was shocked to see the scene enveloping before their eyes! They knew that Yi Tianyun was truly powerful, but they never expected hed be able to absorb the Dark Dragon like this!

In the meantime, Yi Tianyun didnt stop absorbing the Dark Dragon, he knew that something as big as the Dark Dragon couldnt be absorbed in an instant!

"I will absorb it all, I will take my time for this one, no pressure!" Yi Tianyun said casually. He was constantly getting a ton of Exp for absorbing the Dark Dragon. After he was done, he quickly checked the total amount of Exp that he got and noticed that he almost reached 100 million Exp!

Yi Tianyun once again felt grateful for the Exp Card, for if it wasnt for that, he wouldnt be able to get this much Exp!

After feeling satisfied enough, Yi Tianyun looked at his surrounding and saw that the Netherworlds fire that was once burning the imperial city down, now looked like a weak fire! Yi Tianyun smirked as he accomplished another feat to weaken the Netherworld Emperor. He knew that the emperor must be watching somewhere.

"No wonder that you can kill the Imperial Preceptor! You have a strong martial art to back you up! I will make a proposition for you, how about you join the Netherworld Empire? I will give you the position of Divine Envoy, second only to my status as the emperor! If you work for me, you will be able to control the entire Netherworld Empire! Im also willing to share half of the empires resources with you! so, what do you say?" Netherworld Emperors voice was heard from inside the palace, further proving to Yi Tianyun that the Emperor was indeed watching the fight!

Everyone looked at Yi Tianyun after the Emperors voice subsided, the Netherworld Soldiers were looking at Yi Tianyun in hope that Yi Tianyun agreed to the temptation, while the Army from Yi Tianyuns side was looking at him in horror of Yi Tianyun becoming their enemy! The temptation from Netherworld Emperor was hard to reject, at least that was what everyone thought!

Everyone believed that Netherworld Empire would absolutely achieve the Divine Nation status if Yi Tianyun joined forces with them, the Heavenly Dragon Empire wouldnt become a challenge anymore!

"What is this? is this how you sound your surrender?" Yi Tianyun said while smirking towards the Imperial Palace.

"No! this is not me stating my surrender! I simply admit that you are strong, if we work together, the Netherworld Empires power would increase dramatically! We will be able to achieve the Divine Nation status!" Netherworld Emperor said confidently.

"Okay, but I have one condition!" Yi Tianyun said casually.

"Condition? State it! I will try to meet your condition!" Netherworld Emperor said curiously. He was eager to make Yi Tianyun join the Netherworld Empire, since he has longed the Divine Nation status for a long time!

Ren Long and the others looked at Yi Tianyun in horror, they began to wonder whether Yi Tianyun really wanted to join with the Netherworld Empire!

"Mansion Lord, I dont think it was wise to join forces with Netherworld Empire!" an elder from Heavenly Jade Sect said to Yi Tianyun worriedly as she came with Shi Xueyun.

"Its okay, Elder. If he chooses to join Netherworld Empire, then I would gladly follow!" Shi Xueyun said with a smile on her face.

Shi Xueyuns word worried them even more, they knew that all Yi Tianyun needed was approval from Shi Xueyun as his aunt. He would choose the option he wanted after hearing what Shi Xueyun had to say!

However, Ren Long remained silent while looking at Yi Tianyun with an unreadable expression.

"My condition is very simple! I will join the Netherworld Empire as long as you are not in it!" Yi Tianyun said confidently.

"Are you mad! Did you take me as a fool?!" Netherworld Emperors voice was heard after Yi Tianyun finished speaking for a while! Netherworld Emperor sounded angry from the tone that he used to answer Yi Tianyuns condition.

Everyone started to smile as they immediately realised that Yi Tianyun had no intention to betray their own goal! Shi Xueyun laughed beside Yi Tianyun as she already knew from the start that Yi Tianyun had no intention to accept Netherworld Emperors offer!

"Your Netherworld Empire has killed so many innocent people, youve already done lots of things that are completely sick! I will never join forces with you, a sick psycho like you would be better off dead!" Yi Tianyun said, sneering to the Netherworld Emperor!

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