Crazy Leveling System Chapter 439

Chapter 439

Chapter 439

"What is this power?!" Old Ancestor said without his lower body intact! It was clear that he was done for! There would be no medicinal pill or any cultivation skill that could save his life at this point!

"My power? Dead man doesnt need to know about that! after all, your Netherworld Empire would crumble today!" Yi Tianyun said coldly.

"You are right! After all, the story is written by the winner, does it not?" Old Ancestor said while laughing silently.

"That is true, but at the very least, I dont use the blood of the innocents to cultivate, I just use yours!" Yi Tianyun said as he smirked evilly, and then stabbed the Old Ancestor of Netherworld Empire right in his head!

The Old Ancestor stared at Yi Tianyun wide-eyed before he died, clearly still had something to say, but Yi Tianyun didnt give him any chance!


Successfully killed Old Ancestor of Netherworld Empire!

Reward: 162.000.000 Exp, 43.000 Cps, 15.000 Sps, Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Divine Art, Netherworld Burning Body Secret Art, Netherworld Great Array, Netherworlds Fire, Netherworld Soul (Rare), Netherworld Passage Key (Rare).


Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 3rd Layer Void Spirit Stage!

Yi Tianyun has levelled up once more! The accumulation that he got from killing the two Old Ancestors and absorbing the Netherworlds Fire were enough for him to level up! But there was still no level up reward from the system nor the reward from an elite enemy kill, it seemed that he had to kill some cultivator in Spirit King Stage in order to get that kind of reward now!


X50 Exp Card times up!


X30 Exp Card times up!


X . . .

The X150 Exp Card has expired! Yi Tianyun felt a little bit disappointed as he didnt kill the Netherworld Emperor just yet! He couldnt buy any more of this card now, as he thought that it would be very wasteful for only killing one enemy!

Old Ancestor of the Spirit Race immediately flew over towards Yi Tianyun with Ren Long and Shi Xueyun followed suit. They knew that the enemy whom was fighting against Yi Tianyun has been killed and that was why they were no longer had to be cautious to come close.

"Spirit King, you are really amazing! I didnt expect you to kill the Old Ancestor of Netherworld Empire and Heavenly Netherworld Old Ancestor simultaneously!" Old Ancestor of the Spirit Race said in awe.

"Now is not the time to talk about that, Old Ancestor, can you and the other elders of the Spirit Sect destroy this Netherworld Great Array for me? I still need to find the Netherworld Emperor!" Yi Tianyun asked the Old Ancestor of the Spirit Race.

"This Great Array is a little bit hard, but I can do it! If no enemy interrupts me, I will destroy this Great Array soon!" Old Ancestor of the Spirit Race say confidently.

"Okay, then I will count on you on this one! This Great Array constantly provides the Netherworld Emperor his power, I need this down to beat that guy!" Yi Tianyun said commandingly. He has seen the extent of Netherworld Emperors power, with this Great Array active, he would be able to hold Yi Tianyun down, but without it, Yi Tianyun was confident that he would be able to kill the Netherworld Empire quickly!

"Okay, I will destroy it right away! But are you sure to follow the Netherworld Emperor? Arent there going to be traps as you follow?" Old Ancestor of the Spirit Race said worriedly.

"That may be the true, but if I dont kill that guy, he can build another Netherworld Empire in another day!" Yi Tianyun said optimistically. "I believe that he wasnt going down there to escape, I believe he would be plotting something down there! At the very least, he would be planning to break through down there!" Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Everyones face suddenly changed after hearing that the Emperor could be breaking through down there, they knew that a Spirit King Stage was very powerful. In fact, a Spirit King Stage cultivator was only a legend there on Earthly Border Continent and Heavenly Border Continent!

"If he really manages breaking through to Spirit King Stage, why do you still choose to go?" Old Ancestor of the Spirit King asked Yi Tianyun worriedly.

"That is the sole reason that I have to go down there! If he really succesfully breaks through, there would be no place for us to run!" Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Everyone on the room agreed on Yi Tianyuns logic, if they let the Netherworld Emperor broke through to Spirit King Stage, what would they do then?

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