Crazy Leveling System Chapter 445

Chapter 445

After the Netherworld Great Array was destroyed, the Netherworlds fire in the room that Yi Tianyun was currently in could no longer gather in one spot like before. Ming Chens combat power was dropping to a level that was much weaker than Yi Tianyun!

"My Netherworld Great Array! What have you done?" Ming Chen said with so much venom. Yi Tianyun didnt really care about what Ming Chen was about to say, and he rushed forward once again, ready to strike Ming Chen with his killing blow!

Ming Chen quickly dodged and agilely leaped backward to make some distance between him and Yi Tianyun. After all, Ming Chen was still at 3rdLayer Spirit King stage! But it didnt matter right now, even though Ming Chen was fast, Yi Tianyun was much faster!

Yi Tianyun chased after Ming Chen and quickly lopped off Ming Chens left arm that he used to defend against Yi Tianyuns slash!

"Damn it! damn you!" Ming Chen said as his face gradually paled as he was losing blood! Even though he was possessing the Netherworld Emperors body, he still could feel the pain or the injuries that the body sustained!

Ming Chen immediately used the Netherworld Treasure Pearl in his head to cure his wound. The blue light from earlier appeared once again, and his bleeding stopped, but the blue light couldnt regenerate his missing arm straight away!

"Dont relax just yet!" Yi Tianyun said as he used his after-Image technique, and three clones of himself appeared! These clones were weaker than him as it only had a third of his combat power, but Yi Tianyun only used this technique to block Ming Chens escape route, not to kill him!

"Dont you underestimate me more than this, Kid!" Ming Chen said as he roared, and the Netherworld Treasure Pearl in his head flashed wildly! Then, a Netherworlds Fire flooded the place as it burst out from inside the Netherworld Treasure Pearl!

The three clones that Yi Tianyun summoned earlier were immediately burned to ashes as it didnt have as high resistance as the real Yi Tianyun!

Yi Tianyun himself was burned a little bit from the fire that spread so quickly! He immediately knew that this Netherworlds Fire was more powerful than the Netherworlds Fire that he came in contact with earlier!

Yi Tianyun immediately took out a bunch of Medicinal Pills and swallowed them to regenerate the burns he sustained from the Netherworlds Fire. Yi Tianyun looked at the Netherworlds Fire with his appraisal eye to quickly assess the danger that he was in, and saw that this Netherworlds Fire was indeed stronger than the previous one. This one was a High-Grade Earth Level Netherworlds Fire while the previous one was a Low-Grade Earth level Netherworlds Fire!

No wonder why the Netherworlds Fire this time could burn Yi Tianyun while the previous one was only a tickle! Yi Tianyun knew that the Netherworlds Fire this time was still not as good as his Immortal Fire, but the amount of Netherworlds Fire is too much for the Immortal Fire to burn!

"I didnt expect you would have this kind of power! Dared to push me to my limit! If my deity is here, he will crush you to pieces with one finger, but as of now, can you become stronger than my Netherworld Treasure Pearl?" Ming Chen said coldly.

Netherworld Treasure Pearl floated in front of Ming Chen while constantly releasing Netherworlds Fire. Yi Tianyun knew that if the Netherworlds Fire was still flooding the place, it would be difficult to kill Ming Chen!

Yi Tianyun quickly adjusted his spiritual power as he knows he had to prepare his best to beat Ming Chen.

"You dont have anything to say? Oh well, your life would end soon anyway! And so, does the life of all your companion!" Ming Chen said coldly.

As he finished talking, three Dark Dragons appeared behind Ming Chen. This Dark Dragon was much different from the other Dark Dragons that Yi Tianyun has encountered, this Dark Dragon was full of the Netherworlds Fire that the Netherworld Treasure Pearl released, making it far stronger!

Yi Tianyun immediately knew that even if he used the Heavens Swallowing Secret Art, he wouldnt be able to absorb all the Netherworlds Fire that the Dark Dragon would throw at him. After all, The Netherworlds Fire this time was already out of his level!

So, Yi Tianyun stood on the spot, motionless, waiting for the Dark Dragon to make it move. For Ming Chen, it looked like Yi Tianyun has given up already!

"Are you giving up? Did you finally understand that your struggle is futile?" Ming Chen said while smirking victoriously.

But, as Ming Chen ordered the Dark Dragon to attack Yi Tianyun, Yi Tianyun disappeared from the spot, making the Dark Dragon lost its target! "What? Where did he go?" Ming Chen said with a surprised look on his face, but immediately he felt danger from his back. Ming Chen immediately ran forward to escape whatever it was that appeared on his back, but he was already too late!

A sword slashed his waist from the back, and the Sword Wave successfully split his body in two!

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