Crazy Leveling System Chapter 446

Chapter 446

Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword cut open Ming Chens body! The extremely sharp sword cut through the Netherworlds Fire that shrouded Ming Chens body like butter. Ming Chens body wasnt spared either. His body was cut into two, leaving his upper body spurting an extreme amount of blood!

Ming Chen knew that this Netherworld Emperors body was done for. There was nothing he could do to save it as it was already impossible to move!

"Lets die together!" Ming Chen said as he smiled evilly while the Dark Dragon roared, and the Netherworld Treasure Pearl spewed a lot more Netherworlds fire! Yi Tianyun immediately realised that Ming Chen was releasing everything he could to bombard the place with an ungodly amount of Netherworlds Fire!

Yi Tianyun didnt have anywhere to escape now as his teleport ability was still in cooldown! Yi Tianyun has firstly thought to use Teleport for escaping if something dangerous happened, but he used it to attack Ming Chen instead! Now Yi Tianyun realized that his decision was a mistake!


Situation where player [Yi Tianyun] currently stands is dangerous, advised to escape immediately!

The system suddenly notified to warn Yi Tianyun from the danger he was currently in. Yi Tianyun realised that if even the system warned him, then it meant that he could die here!

"Shit! I didnt want to use this, but it seems I have no other choice!" Yi Tianyun said as he revealed a Divine Rune that was carved on his arms. That was the World Divine Rune that Ye Qingxuan gave him before, using this Divine Rune has the same side effect as burning blood essence, if not greater! He knew it after looking at the side effect that Ye Qingxuan felt after using this World Divine Rune herself!

But the current situation was too urgent to think about the side effect! He could die here if he didnt try his best to escape! He still had the extra life on his inventory, but he didnt want to use it now! After all, even if he used the extra life, the amount of fire after the explosion would kill him once more!

Yi Tianyun quickly activated the World Divine Rune with his blood essence, the combination of Blood Essence and World Divine Rune exploded his Combat Power immensely, reaching 315 million! This was only from the effect of the World Divine Rune and his Crazy Mode, not counting the bonus that he may get from weapons, ability, and other stuff!

Yi Tianyun then activated his Dragon God Bloodline and Heavenly Dragon Set, exploding his Combat Power further to 360 million points! But Yi Tianyun wasnt finished just yet! He clasped his hands around the Heavenly Dragon Divine Sword, and a new Phantom Shadow slowly emerged, Yi Tianyun wanted to use his awakening power!

Every cultivator who successfully broke through to Void Spirit Stage could awaken their latent power, and that latent power was unique for each individual!

The Phantom Shadow that appeared behind Yi Tianyun was his own phantom shadow! It copied Yi Tianyuns every move while also having Yi Tianyuns combat power!

"One Sword Crushes Heavens Door!" Yi Tianyun shouted as he slammed his sword forward to create a sword wave, the Phantom Shadow also copied Yi Tianyun move and did the same thing, creating two sword waves that spiralled all around the room, cutting off the Netherworlds fire that shrouded the room!

Yi Tianyuns combat power reached a new terrifying height at 400 million points!

The sword waves destroyed the Dark Dragon and neutralized the Netherworlds Fire! Ming Chen looked at the scene with horror on his eyes. He finally realised that there was no chance for him ever winning against the teenager, whether he used everything from the beginning or not!

"How can this be? Who are you!" Ming Chen asked with horror still clear on his eyes. Yi Tianyun just stood there while waiting for the swords wave to reach Ming Chen. He didnt want to talk to the dead! After the sword waves ravaged the Netherworld Emperors body, it spun towards the wall and hit it harshly.

The Heavenly Clouds People at the top felt the violent earthquake that happened below their legs. Shi Xueyun and the others became worried about Yi Tianyuns safety and thus hoped that nothing happened to Yi Tianyun!

Many peoples eyes were full of worries while the other was still cleaning the Imperial City from any trace of Netherworld Empire!

Shi Xueyun couldnt help it anymore and turned her attention towards the Old Ancestor of the Spirit Race.

"Old Ancestor !" Shi Xueyun said as she didnt know how to ask Old Ancestors help to check on Yi Tianyun since that may endanger the Old Ancestors life too.

"Its okay. I get it if you couldnt ask me directly. I, too, want to check on the Mansion Lords situation. But, if I dont come back soon, please evacuate the place!" Old Ancestor said with a smile on his face.

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