Crazy Leveling System Chapter 448

Chapter 448


Successfully killed Ming Chens Soul!

Reward: 120.000.000 Exp, 12.000 Cps, 15.000 Sps, Netherworld Divine Art, Netherworld Divine Palm, Netherworld Burning Body Secret Art, Dark Dragon Secret Art, Ghost World Treasure Map (Rare), Ghost World Secret Order (Rare), Ghost World Star Plate (Rare).

A lot of new items appeared as Yi Tianyuns reward as soon as he killed Ming Chens soul, from the name of the item Yi Tianyun thought that it might be more important than any equipment would! But it was still a shame that Ming Chen didnt drop any Divine Treasure as he died!

"This is why you need to give up as soon as you saw me coming!" Yi Tianyun said as he smirked at the Netherworlds fire in front of him. Yi Tianyun knew that he didnt have any means to prove Ming Chens word that said he would bring a Divine Nation to attack Yi Tianyun, but he knew that he had to prepare anyway as he didnt want to underestimate his enemy.

Yi Tianyun knew that he needed more power to oppose the Divine Nation in the future, or he would be destroyed! But for sure, he didnt regret his decision to kill Ming Chen, for he knew Ming Chen would attack him again anyway.

After that, Yi Tianyun heard a clicking sound on the corner of the room and found that the Netherworld Treasure Pearl fell on the corner. He walked up to the Netherworld Treasure Pearl and took it from the ground. Because of Ming Chens death, this Netherworld Treasure Pearl should have no master!

Yi Tianyun immediately dripped a drop of his blood to the pearl, the Netherworld Treasure Pearl immediately absorbed Yi Tianyuns blood, and the blood rippled around the pearls surface. Ren Long and the Spirit Race Old Ancestor just observed Yi Tianyun from the door as they knew that the Netherworlds fire at the room that Yi Tianyun was currently in could easily burn them to ashes!

But both were shocked as they heard Yi Tianyun shouted Gather! and suddenly the Netherworlds Fire in the room surrounded Yi Tianyun and covered his whole body! Yi Tianyun knew that this was the process for the Divine Treasure to recognize him as its master, so he stayed calm. After a while, the Netherworlds Fire immediately returned inside the Netherworld Treasure Pearl, leaving the room with many scorch marks on the wall.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised as it seemed the Netherworld Treasure Pearl rejected Yi Tianyun as its new master! But Yi Tianyun realised that he must have Netherworlds Fire on his arsenal first before he could become the new master for the Netherworld Treasure Pearl!

He checked his inventory and immediately activated the Netherworlds Fire that he got from killing the Netherworld Emperor earlier, and he immediately shifted his focus back to the pearl!

"Come!" Yi Tianyun said as he reactivated the Netherworld Treasure Pearl. The Netherworlds Fire inside the pearl immediately burst out and covered Yi Tianyuns body like before. This time was a success! Yi Tianyun could feel the Divine Treasure bonding with the Netherworlds Fire in his body and that the Netherworld Treasure Pearl itself was shining in light blue colour.

"Good, now I have my own Divine Treasure!" Yi Tianyun as he smirked in accomplishment. Now he could control any Netherworlds Fire in this world! Yi Tianyun immediately turned his attention towards the remaining Netherworlds Fire on the entrance wall and tested the Divine Treasures power right away! He reached his hands forward and shouted, Come here! and the Netherworlds Fire on the wall immediately gathered on his hands!

Yi Tianyun smirked and immediately put the Netherworlds Fire inside the Netherworld Treasure Pearl! This pearl could produce its own Netherworlds Fire, but it was in a small amount, it was better to gather and acquire the Netherworlds Fire on the outside world to charge the Netherworlds Fire and thus increased the Divine Treasures ability!

But the thing was Netherworlds Fire was rare, that was why not many people have their own Heavenly Flames! Yi Tianyun then successfully absorbed all the lingering Netherworlds Fire inside the Netherworld Treasure Pearl, and then he walked towards Ren Long and the Old Ancestor.

"This is great! I got one more fire to use in the future! This fight has a nice ending!" Yi Tianyun said as he smirked happily. After all, Netherworlds Fire wasnt evil in nature. It was the same as any other Heavenly Flames, the only thing that was evil was the people that used it!

"Spirit King, how could you absorb that many Netherworlds Fire?" Old Ancestor asked curiously.

"This is thanks to a divine tool that I just got from killing the Netherworld Emperor earlier! Now I can control the Netherworlds Fire that I can see!" Yi Tianyun said to Old Ancestor honestly, he trusted the people around him. Thus he didnt need to lie about his achievement.

"You really killed the Netherworld Emperor? You even procure his Divine Tools! You are amazing, Spirit King!" Old Ancestor said excitedly. "Lets get out first, I believe the people upstairs were worried about your safety!" Old Ancestor said as he smiled toward Yi Tianyun.

"You are truly amazing, Brother Yi! Heavenly Dragon Empire was very lucky to have a prince as powerful as you are! Now, as soon as we get out from here, I will immediately order the soldiers of Heavenly Dragon Empire to wipe the Netherworld Empires influence on this continent! There would be no more Netherworlds Empire after this day!" Ren Long said solemnly.

"Yes, I agree with you, brother! there is no more Netherworlds Empire after this day!" Yi Tianyun said as he smiled happily towards Ren Long!

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