Crazy Leveling System Chapter 454

Chapter 454

Not taking too long after Yi Tianyun gave the Netherworlds Fire for the Little Phoenix to eat, she began to pester Yi Tianyun once again as the fire earlier was already gone. "Hey, I want more food!" said the little girl.

"Youre already finished? You are quite fast!" Yi Tianyun said as he was startled to see that the Little Phoenix has finished her share of Netherworlds Fire.

"Eat it from there, but be careful! Dont eat too much!" Yi Tianyun said as he pointed his finger towards the middle of the room where the Netherworlds Fire was erupting.

"Yay, thank you!" the Little Phoenix said as he immediately rushed towards the center of the room and feasted on the Netherworlds Fire from its source!

Yi Tianyun knew that the Phoenix Clan had a strong resistance toward the fire. But he never knew that they also grew by consuming the fire. He noticed this fact as he realized that the Little Phoenixs cultivation was already at Core Condensation Stage now while she was still Spirit Refinement stage a while ago!

Yi Tianyun knows that if he himself was under-leveled, this Netherworlds Fire could obviously boost his level quickly, and that was what happened to the Little Phoenix!

Yi Tianyun stopped looking at the Little Phoenix and quickly absorbed the Netherworlds Fire himself! Eventually, the Netherworlds Fire from that hole depleted as it couldnt keep up with these two!

Yi Tianyun was the first one to notice that the fire has dwindled and so he slowed down his absorption speed to let the source discharge more fire.

"Hey, the fire is gone!" The Little Phoenix said as she was sad to see her food source dwindled.

"Well, lets see what is happening below. Maybe the fire was far more powerful down there." Yi Tianyun said to the little girl as he reached to grab the little girls hands. He then hugged the little girl closely and flew down the hole that provided the Netherworlds Fire.

Yi Tianyun continued to absorb the excess fire that appeared around him to his Netherworld Treasure Pearl while still hugging the little girl. But they immediately arrived at the bottom of the hole, and there was a big open space underneath!

"Dont move your head! Whatever happens, dont look over!" Yi Tianyun said to the little girl as he was shocked upon what he saw on the open space on the bottom of the hole, there was a mountain of bones! Human bones!

Yi Tianyun was still holding the Netherworld Treasure Pearl with one hand to continue absorbing the Netherworlds Fire, but he wasnt as excited as he was before! He finally knew that the Netherworlds Fire was formed by piling corpses, like a ghost leaving its body behind!

This was undoubtedly Netherworld Emperors doing, he constantly captured people, and those rebelling against him would be thrown here, while the rest worked for him inside the mines on the Netherworld Prison!

Yi Tianyun was embarrassed that this kind of Empire even existed! An Empire built on top of a pile of corpses, there was nothing more disgusting and pitiful as this!

Yi Tianyun also noticed that the Netherworld fire production speed also slowed down, meaning that this place hasnt received any fresh corpses recently. It was understandable that the resources wouldnt be permanent!

"Rest in peace, everyone. I will make sure this place will no longer be usable from now on!" Yi Tianyun said as he summoned his own phantom shadow and ordered it to start smashing the wall on the cave to collapse it, burying every bone in the place.

Yi Tianyun immediately took a deep breath as he knew that burying this place down wouldnt be easy as the place was big. He didnt even care about what Treasure that may await him below the pile of bones.

He wasnt interested in any of it after seeing this heinous place! He didnt even know whether he would use the Netherworlds Fire ever again or not!

He only absorbed the Netherworlds Fire once he realized where it came from as he didnt want the Netherworlds Fire from these people was used again somehow in the future, and so he depleted all of them!

Yi Tianyun and his Phantom Shadow kept hitting the wall in order to destroy the place and buried all these bones. It was a hard task to do. However, with Yi Tianyuns tremendous power, it still collapsed like he originally intended it to be.

Once it started to cave in, Yi Tianyun immediately flew up towards the room earlier, and he also slammed the wall on the hole to make it collapse and blocked the way towards the burial place that he made earlier.

Now Yi Tianyun was satisfied as he thought that the place was clearly covered, and no one else would be able to use this heinous place to cultivate as the Netherworld Emperor did!

When he left the room towards the Netherworld Throne Room, the guards were waiting for him. They were worried as they felt the earthquake from beneath their feet as the result of Yi Tianyun collapsing the room below earlier.

They asked Yi Tianyun about what happened below and also the identity of the girl in Yi Tianyuns arm. They remembered that Yi Tianyun didnt bring anyone earlier.

So they were curious about the girl, but Yi Tianyun didnt answer them, but he let go of the little girl and pulled out a stone tablet instead.

Tomb of the Innocent!

Rest in Peace! Netherworld Empire has been destroyed!

Yi Tianyun wrote on the stone tablet and showed his respect for the last time.


Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully unlock the achievement [Super Soul!]

Reward: Title [Transcendent!]

The system notices immediately appeared as Yi Tianyun finished showing his respect!

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