Crazy Leveling System Chapter 476

Chapter 476

Yi Tianyun was doing something impossible! He carried three of his companion to the top without any difficulties at all! From Yi Tianyuns perspective, he got a ton of Exp from doing this! He immediately activated the Crazy Exp Mode to amplify the amount of Exp he got!

Get 3.200.000 Exp, 3.450.000 Exp, 3.600.000 Exp,

The amount of Exp he got after activating his Crazy Mode was insane! This was the right opportunity to level up as there was no better place else to do so for now!

At the same time, Yi Tianyun noticed that the Black Energy was starting to leak but immediately nullified by the Immortal Fire. The nullification immediately increased Yi Tianyuns Netherworlds Fire Mastery!

Get 500 Netherworlds Fire Mastery Point, 600 Netherworlds Fire Mastery Point,

Yi Tianyun was surprised because, on top of getting a ton of Exp, he got to upgrade his Netherworlds Fire too! It didnt take long before Yi Tianyuns Netherworlds Fire leveled up! Yi Tianyun was surprised as it was too convenient.

But now, Yi Tianyun had to focus on reaching the top as he knew that the rest of his party was already weakened. Yi Tianyun knew that the other wouldnt be able to hold out the Black Energy for too long!

Everyone on the bottom began to think that the other three members of Yi Tianyuns party were a burden that made things more difficult for Yi Tianyun!

But Yi Tianyun never thought like that. Instead, he was determined to help the other three reach the Ghost World since he needed all of them later to join his Heavenly Clouds Mansion!

But the cultivators on the bottom didnt have it! They didnt like Yi Tianyuns attitude, and so they began to scheme a way to make Yi Tianyun fall!

"They will reach the Black Cloud soon, they wouldnt be able to see very clearly in there, I suppose that is the perfect time to strike them!" a cultivator said confidently.

"Yeah, they will rush through the Black Cloud without knowing what would happen!" another cultivator said while snickering among themselves.

"Lu Feng! I advise you not to interfere with my plan!" the cultivator said to Lu Feng coldly, as Lu Feng has already helped Yi Tianyun earlier.

But of course, Yi Tianyun had already heard about all of this! He smirked to himself, and as soon as he entered the Black Cloud, he immediately used his Clone technique!

Three clones immediately appeared and started following Yi Tianyun from behind. He knew that the cultivator would shoot him down and then later told him that it was because of the Black Cloud!

Unfortunately for them, none of their attacks hit Yi Tianyun! It either struck one of the clones or missed entirely, but as soon as the clones were attacked, the clones immediately jumped and rushed towards the one that attacked Yi Tianyun!

The cultivator from below was shocked once again as they saw three identical clones of Yi Tianyun! They were scared as they didnt know how to win against this ultimate technique; it was simply too powerful!

There was no doubt on everyones mind that Yi Tianyun was a Void Spirit Expert!

There was nothing else that Yi Tianyun had to worry about, and he immediately rushed up without observing the situation.

The Black Clouds was starting to erode his Spiritual Energy, but the effect of the [Transcendence] Title was too strong! The Black Clouds was easily blocked as it was a kind of poison!

From the perspective of the cultivator on the bottom, it was like the Black Clouds was avoiding Yi Tianyun! They were shocked once again! This scene has never happened before! They began to think that maybe the Black Clouds was sentient, and it was afraid of Yi Tianyun!

The cultivator on the bottom of the mountains began to think that Yi Tianyuns power was too overpowered for this place that having Yi Tianyun inside your party meant a free ticket to go to Ghost World!

As for Ren Liangchen, he was impressed that Yi Tianyun could block the Black Energys effect, like what he had told everyone before while dragging three useless men with him on top of it, increasing the burden that he must bore!

However, everyone on the bottom couldnt believe their eyes, and there was only one thing that they could think of.

Why they arent one of Yi Tianyuns companion!

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