Crazy Leveling System Chapter 508

Chapter 508

Pu Ren was confident that Yi Tianyun would pass the test. After all, Yi Tianyun has proven himself to be capable of suppressing the Evil Spirit!

"You are overestimating me!" Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Pu Ren.

"No, you are strong! In fact, I believe that everyone here has already acknowledged your power! You are a master of the Immortal Fire and a Divine Rune Grandmaster! If by any chance, you have phoenix blood running through your veins, I am sure that you would be chosen to become the next Lord of the Phoenix Clan!" Pu Ren said honestly.

"Why would you say that?" Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

"You see, the Immortal Fire was a sacred fire for us, Phoenix Clan. Anyone who was capable of controlling the fire will become the candidates for the Lord of the Phoenix Clan! That is what happened to Elder Sister Bai, she could control the Immortal Fire, and after she was old enough, she immediately prepared to become the Lord of the Phoenix!" Pu Ren said honestly.

Yi Tianyun saw that Pu Ren greatly respected Lord Bai, and so he nodded his head in agreement. He knew that Lord Bai was a great Lord; she had a deep knowledge of the Phoenix Clan. She was also charismatic, the perfect fit to lead the Phoenix Clan towards a greater future!

Speak of the devil, Bai Shuihuang walked towards them with a stride, followed by Shopkeeper Ye. They seemed to be discussing something! Pu Rens attention was immediately shifted towards them and showed respect for both of them.

"Little Ren, dont be too stiff! We are used to be a playmate when we are just a little child! You dont have to be all polite to me, you know!" Lord Bai said as he smiled at Pu Ren.

"No, no! I cant do that! You are now the Lord of the Phoenix Clan! I must show you my deepest respect possible!" Pu Ren said awkwardly.

"Well, I gave you an order to act casual towards me!" Lord Bai said as she smirked victoriously. She knew that Pu Ren wouldnt be able to say no to an order!

"Yes, Lord Bai!" Pu Ren said as he started to calm down a little.

"Well, you should rest for a few days, the smelting trials wouldnt be easy even if you can control the Immortal Fire!" Lord Bai said as she shifted her attention towards Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head in understanding as he knew that a Divine Envoy status was basically equal to an Elder rank, so the trials wouldnt be easy!


After a few days, Yi Tianyun had enough rest and fully prepared for the test! He immediately went out of his room only to find that Lord Bai was playing with Yaner. She seemed to be cheerful as she laughed around while being chased by Yaner.

This scene reminded Yi Tianyun of Shi Xueyun! She always acted carefree around him while acting uptight around anyone else!

"Have you recovered?" Lord Bai asked as she noticed Yi Tianyun in the room.

"Yes, I can go to the Smelting Trial whenever." Yi Tianyun said casually.

"Is that so? Well, come on, follow me!" Lord Bai said as she held Yaner arms and flew with her towards the Phoenix Mountain.

"Lord Bai, if I may ask, why did you trust me so much? You even supported me to become the Divine Envoy!" Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

"its simple! Youve already helped the Phoenix Clan, plus, you can control the Immortal Fire! there is no way you are a bad person!" Lord Bai said as she smiled at Yi Tianyun.

"Isnt it too fast for me to be the Phoenix Clans representative?" Yi Tianyun asked back.

"No, there is nothing too fast about it! In fact, itd be such a waste if we dont invite you in!" Lord Bai said honestly. "the truth is, our Phoenix Clan believes that those who could control the Immortal Fire was a person of great importance.

I also believe this saying, so its only natural for me to support you as much as I can!" Lord Bai said solemnly.

"You clearly have an interesting approach to this matter!" Yi Tianyun said, helpless as he knew that he wouldnt be able to change Bai Shuihuangs view on this matter.

Soon enough, they arrived at Phoenix Mountain. Yi Tianyun noticed that the mountain looked like a resting phoenix with a burning crater in the middle and a hot aura all over the place. Yi Tianyun didnt seem to be affected by this burning aura thanks to his Immortal Fire and his high cultivation.

Yi Tianyun suddenly felt excited as he saw that many phoenixes were hanging around a giant parasol tree that grew near the crater.

"Are they going to transform into a human too?" Yi Tianyun asked Lord Bai excitedly.

"I am afraid not! They are the ancient phoenix; they couldnt transform into a human as they are the purest divine beast there is! But because of that, they also have the purest Ancient Phoenix Blood Essence within them. Your trial would be simple! You only need to earn the recognition from one of those Phoenixes while enduring the burning flame of the Phoenix Mountain!" Lord Bai said solemnly.

"Thats it?" Yi Tianyun asked curiously. He was surprised to hear that to become a Divine Envoy, all he had to do was just earn the recognition from the ancient phoenix. He wondered whether he could capture one of them for his pet!

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