Crazy Leveling System Chapter 511

Chapter 511


Successfully earned Ice Phoenixs recognition!

Reward: 5.000.000 Exp, 10.000 Pet Taming proficiency.

Even though Yi Tianyun didnt use the Pet Taming skill, he still got the proficiency for it! This revelation really ogles Yi Tianyuns mind as he doesnt know why he still got it!

But for now, he still had something else to do, and so he hopped onto the Ice Phoenixs back. The Ice Phoenix then shrieked and flew high into the sky!

Yi Tianyun guided the Ice Phoenixs flight path and landed beside Lord Bai.

"I knew you are going to succeed!" Yaner said as he immediately jumped to Yi Tianyuns embrace as Yi Tianyun hopped off from the Ice Phoenix. The Ice Phoenix chirped in annoyance as it seemed to dislike everyone who was waiting for Yi Tianyun there.

Even though it was also a phoenix, it didnt necessarily have to get along with another phoenix!

Yi Tianyun knew that the Ice Phoenix had an attitude right now, so Yi Tianyun gave him a reprimanding look, and the Ice Phoenix immediately lay down on the ground, a sign that it was completely under Yi Tianyuns domination.

"What is going on here? how can you control two completely different types of fire at the same time?" Elder Lei said as he rushed towards Yi Tianyun. The other Elders had a surprised look as they also wanted to know about that!

"Long story short, when I was at the Mortal World, I absorbed the Netherworlds Fire and found out immediately that I can also control it! as the Immortal Fire, it was by innate fire!" Yi Tianyun said casually. He was not completely lying here. He simply left out several details about the story behind each fire!

"This is amazing! You have the Immortal Fire, which represents the Yang and the Netherworlds Fire, which represents the Yin!" Lord Bai said excitedly.

The face of the entire Phoenix Clan people who were present to observe Yi Tianyun were filled with awe as they saw Yi Tianyun in completely new lights! But the truth was, Yi Tianyun didnt have any limitation regarding how many fires he could control.

The system would allow him to cultivate as many as he wanted!

"It seems that making you a Divine Envoy was the best decision that the Phoenix Clan made in a long time!" Lord Bai said excitedly.

Several Elder then approached and congratulated Yi Tianyun on his success upon officially becoming the Divine Envoy, while Lord Bai gave a token that had Divine Envoy written on it! That was the proof that Yi Tianyun has become Phoenix Clans Divine Envoy!

"So, with that Token in your hand, you are officially representing our Phoenix Clan out there, whatever you do out there, we, the Phoenix Clan, will always have your back!" Lord Bai said solemnly.

"Isnt it too much power for a Divine Envoy rank?" Yi Tianyun asked confusedly.

"Not necessarily, we have your back sure, but you must know that we arent the most powerful faction out there, so you have to act based on the situation!

For example, you must not incur the wrath of the Divine Nation as it will only bring downfall to our Phoenix Clan while we are underprepared like this!" Lord Bai solemnly.

"Sure! But I can assure you that I will not cause trouble either as long as they leave me alone! I am not one to make the first move!" Yi Tianyun said with a serious expression.

But this is Yi Tianyuns personality; all this time, he just retaliated on someone elses aggressive move, he never chose to attack first!

"I also heard that you had a beef with the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation, and so with both of us having the same goal, let me tell you my plan!" Lord Bai said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun has already heard of this plan as he also participated in the meeting that Lord Bai held earlier, but it seemed that Lord Bai told him this time only as a formality as Yi Tianyun has officially become the Divine Envoy for the Phoenix Clan!

As for Yi Tianyuns specific task, Lord Bai didnt necessarily prepare anything in advance. The only thing that he could think of for Yi Tianyun to do was just regularly check the seal inside the Phoenix Cave when he had the time!

"Understood! All in all, I just need to lay low and refrain from drawing any unnecessary attention for the Phoenix Clan! I will also check on the seal once a while, but I am sure that for now, it was perfect! There is no way the Evil Spirit can make a move to escape!" Yi Tianyun said confidently.

"Great, I am sorry for the trouble!" Lord Bai said sincerely.

But at the same time, a guard came and interrupted Yi Tianyun and Lord Bais little conversation.

"My Lord! Ming Chen of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation has come!" the guard said nervously.

"Well, I guess it is time to meet with the snake once again! Dont worry. I will meet him immediately!" Lord Bai said as he dismissed the guards.

"Lord Bai, I will come along with you!" Yi Tianyun said confidently.

"Didnt you already fight him once? Wouldnt he recognize you?" Lord Bai said confusedly.

"Dont worry, Lord Bai! I have this item with me!" Yi Tianyun said as he pulled out the hundred transformation mask and put it on. His face immediately changed into someone elses, completely unrecognizable by the Phoenix Clan!

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