Crazy Leveling System Chapter 519

Chapter 519

Chapter 519

Men Hu was scared! He now realized that no matter how hard he shouted, no help would come!

He couldnt even move as Yi Tianyuns sword was still stuck at his chest! At the same time, Elder Luo pushed the secret door open and walked in with the other Elders.

"Incredible! You managed to capture Men Hu!" Elder Luo said to Yi Tianyun as he looked at Yi Tianyun with surprise in his eyes.

This was the first time the Elders ever saw a Void Spirit Expert trounced a Spirit King Expert this easily!

Elder Luo then looked at the sword that Yi Tianyun used to stab Meng Hu, and he was impressed as he saw that the sword was a High-Grade Sacred Tool rank!

They didnt know that Yi Tianyun activated his Crazy Damage Mode when he stabbed Meng Hu, raising his Combat Power to 500 million points!

"Hurry, save those who are still alive!" Yi Tianyun said as he saw the Elders still standing around observing Meng Hu. The Elders immediately nodded and searched for any survivor.

"Save people? Are you delusional? They are all dead! There is no saving here!" Men Hu said as he laughed with blood on his mouth.

Yi Tianyun sighed and pulled out a red knife from his storage ring and slashed Men Hus stomach several times, resulting in a chilling scream from him as he felt incredible pain.

"Dont worry. You will be buried with the dead soon enough!" Yi Tianyun said coldly.

"Kill me! You clearly couldnt kill me! Otherwise, you wouldve done it earlier!" Men Hu said as he taunted Yi Tianyun, with the pain that he felt from Yi Tianyuns slash earlier, he knew his possibility to survive was basically zero, so it was better to die quickly!

"Well, this is what you want!" Yi Tianyun said as he pulled out Immortal Fire and burned Men Hu slowly from his leg.

"Divine Envoy! There are three women who are still alive!" Elder Luo said as he brought the three women near Yi Tianyun.

The women looked at Yi Tianyun, who was burning Men Hu alive with glazed eyes as their body was littered with so much wound, and clearly, theyve already lost a lot of blood! But as they saw that Men Hu was burning, they smiled happily!

"Thank you very much!" One of the women said as she died from blood loss.

They could have survived if they were determined to live, but it seemed they were content with Men Hus punishment, and thus they gave up immediately!

The elders then took off their mask and mourned them a bit as they knew that something like this wasnt supposed to happen!

The Elders looked at the womens corpses painfully as they now understood that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation was a faction that must be destroyed no matter what!

Yi Tianyun also looked at the corpses painfully as he knew that he could save those women, but as the women have given up on life, there was nothing he could do! The pain that they suffered after being tortured for too long must have driven them to the limit!

"You are a monster!" Elder Luo said as he punched Men Hus face.

"You! you are the Phoenix Clans elder! How did you get into Heavenly Netherworld?" Men Hu said as he was shocked to see Elder Luo was one of the men that infiltrated the Heavenly Netherworld!

"You dont need to know about that! We are here to destroy Heavenly Netherworld! Youve already done so much unforgivable stuff! It is better if youre all dead anyway!" Yi Tianyun said coldly as he forced Men Hu too look his way.

"You are all delusional! There is no way the Phoenix Clan can win against us! You are all will be dead soon! I will wait for you down there later!" Men Hu said as he laughed out loud with a look of resentment on his eyes.

Yi Tianyun was annoyed that Men Hu kept talking like he was winning, so Yi Tianyun increased his fires output and burned Men Hu a little bit faster!

Men Hu felt an incredible pain that he never felt before! As his legs turned to ashes, he could no longer scream!

"Dont worry. We will give you a lot of company down there later! In fact, how about you create Heavenly Netherworld from scratch down there?" Yi Tianyun said as he smirked evilly.

All this time, Yi Tianyun kept absorbing Men Hus spiritual Power, and the man was finally left with nothing!

"I am done, Elders! Dont you guys want to switch?" Yi Tianyun said as he let Men Hu fall to the ground weakly. The Elders immediately showed their powerful killing intent as they got closer to Men Hu!

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