Crazy Leveling System Chapter 528

Chapter 528

Yi Tianyun was all alone on the ladder as everyone else flew to the top! Ba Long was stunned to see that Yi Tianyun was still there as he thought that the intruder would immediately try to run!

"What happened? Why does nothing happen to that brat!" Ming Chen asked curiously. The ladder should be pushing everyone out of it as soon as 30 people reached the top, but Yi Tianyun was still there, climbing at his own pace!

Yi Tianyun himself was a little bit startled as soon as he saw everybody flew away from the ladder!

"Wait, so after 30 people reached the top, everyone else would be forced to leave the ladder? But why am I excluded? Was it because I comprehend the trials goal?" Yi Tianyun muttered to himself as he thought about the difference between him and the other participants.

"Damn, how can he nonchalantly continue climbing like that? You! try to climb the ladder yourself!" Ba Long said to one of the guards that flew away earlier.

The guard immediately obeyed, but as soon as he got close to the ladder, he was blocked by a wall of light!

"I am sorry, sir! It seems the ladder wouldnt let me get any closer to the ladder!" the guards said apologetically.

"Shit! At this rate, we have no choice but to wait for him! the door to the second trial wouldnt open unless everyone finished climbing the ladder!" Ming Chen said annoyedly.

The look on Ba Longs face was terrible as he was utterly furious by the audacity of the intruder! He was itching to kill him to sate his urge!

"Hurry up, brat! How can you be this slow! Are you retarded!" Ming Chen shouted, trying to rile Yi Tianyun up. The rest of the guards who were already at the top also shouted the same thing as they noticed what Ming Chen was trying to do.

"Why are you in such a hurry? I dont need you to wait for me! If youre in such a hurry, why dont you just continue the trial by yourself!" Yi Tianyun said annoyedly. Yi Tianyun kept climbing at the same pace, ignoring everyones complaint!

Ming Chen was furious once again as he was offended by the intruders word! Because Yi Tianyun was still climbing the ladder normally, they couldnt attack him at all!

All that they could do now was to wait for Yi Tianyun to come up!

Finally, after several hours passed, Yi Tianyun reached the top! Unlike everyone else, Yi Tianyuns body started to glow in a golden light as soon as he stepped into the peak of the ladder.

But Yi Tianyun didnt particularly feel anything different at all. He even barely noticing the light shrouding his body!

But Yi Tianyun put together the Martial Arts that from the Divine Ladder, although he was sure that it wasnt complete just yet!

At the very least, he knew the name of the Martial Arts now, it was Heaven and Earth Divine Art, and his guess was right! It was a martial art of High-Grade Heavens Level Martial Art!

"You wait long enough, didnt you?" Yi Tianyun said as he smirked to the rest of the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation people.

"I dont know how you could still climb that Ladder, but you are lucky this time!" Ming Chen said coldly.

"Well, I am always lucky!" Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

"Where are you hiding all those Demon Beast!" Ba Long said as he suddenly walked towards Yi Tianyun menacingly.

"Why would I tell you? It wouldnt be any fun if you can find it so easily! Oh yeah, I heard earlier that someone was saying that I couldnt climb the ladder since I lacked in power! I wonder who would say such a mean thing to me!" Yi Tianyun said sarcastically to Ba Longs direction.

"You may feel great about yourself now, but I assure you that your death would be a painful one!" Ming Chen said coldly.

"Well, I will look forward to it!" Yi Tianyun said as he walked towards the door where the second stage of the trial would be held!

The door immediately opened, and Yi Tianyun peek inside only to see that the second trial would be held in the middle of a meadow!

Yi Tianyun didnt know what to do inside that place, while the rest of the Heavenly Netherworld people was already familiar with all this!

But Yi Tianyun shrugged it off as he knew that he was protected by the Divine Protection that covered this place!

As soon as everyone entered the stage, the door immediately closed behind them! It was clear that they wouldnt be able to leave this place without completing this stage!

At the same time, several Spirit King and Void Spirit Cultivators arrived at the Divine Climbing Ladder!

"What happened? Why is the Divine Ladder closed off like this? Did they climb without us?" The Spirit King Cultivator asked curiously.

"That wasnt the case, sir! There was an intruder that kickstarted the climb on his own!" A guard said as he recognized the man he was talking too.

"An intruder? How come there was an intruder here of all place!" the Spirit King Cultivator said as he was surprised to hear the news that the guards conveyed!

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