Crazy Leveling System Chapter 540

Chapter 540

Ming Chen immediately used his Netherworld Divine Palm! The attack came from the sky, covering the entire field, making it almost impossible to avoid!

"Lets see you wait for this!" Ming Chen sneered as he attacked Yi Tianyun. He only pretended to run away, but his real reason was to find this exact chance to execute a sneak attack!

"Wow, your Netherworld Divine Palm is the strongest I have ever seen! But can your friend survive that much power? Or, more precisely, can you survive your own power?" a voice was suddenly heard behind Ming Chen.

But as Ming Chen turned his body to see the one behind him, his chest was punched! Ming Chen was thrown into the middle of the field, close to Ba Long, while Yi Tianyun stood on Ming Chens previous spot!

Ming Chen immediately vomited blood as he saw that he received a severe injury on his chest! He immediately realized that he couldnt move as the damage was too much, but his Netherworld Divine Palm already got to close to the ground for him to react!

Ming Chen and Ba Long couldnt escape! The Netherworld Divine Palm hit them head-on! Although both of them managed to endure the attack, it was still an embarrassing sight to see!

"You think I couldnt see what you were doing? Go ahead then! It wont make any difference even if you gang up on me!" Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

Ming Chen and Ba Long immediately stood up from the sea of Netherworlds Fire that the Netherworld Divine Palm has created.

They were at a disadvantage right now considering Ming Chen was seriously injured because of Yi Tianyuns previous attack, and Ba Long himself has lost an arm!

The spectators were watching in silence as they immediately realized that theyd underestimated the intruder way too much. This teenager was obviously a powerhouse!

"Who are you? why would you do this to our Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation?" Ming Chen asked worriedly.

He was dying to learn the intruders identity as he was perplexed about why someone dared to attack a place under Heavenly Netherworlds control!

"You will know when you are at your deaths door!" Yi Tianyun said coldly. He immediately rushed towards Ming Chen and Ba Long to finish things up so he could leave this place immediately!

Ming Chen immediately pulled out his long sword that was clearly enchanted with a powerful enchantment!

Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword: Lower Grade Divine Tool.

Unlimited Durability, able to release powerful Heavenly Yin Fire that could burn anything!

Yi Tianyun didnt expect Ming Chen would have such a powerful sword! Clearly, Yi Tianyun didnt have any problem with Heavenly Yin Fire, but the sword was clearly a powerful tool, enough to increase Ming Chens combat power by several levels! But Yi Tianyun knew that he had to kill Ming Chen no matter what!

"I will kill you!" Ming Chen shouted as he swung his sword into Yi Tianyuns direction! He still wanted to know the intruders identity, but he knew that he couldnt risk it since he considered the intruder posed a threat to Heavenly Netherworld!

Ming Chen immediately released all of his power and channeled it all into his Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword!

A terrifying demon phantom shadow appeared from inside the blade, completely condensed in Heavenly Yin Fire! Ming Chen swung his sword, releasing a wave of Heavenly Yin Fire from the tip of the blade!

Ming Chens attack reached a whopping 800 million combat power points, far more than anyone Yi Tianyun has faced so far!

But Yi Tianyun didnt show any fear! He knew that 800 million combat power was a force to be reckoned with, but it was not on a scale that he had to worry about!

Yi Tianyun immediately equipped Niu Tengtians equipment from before as he knew that it also possessed hot fire properties, but it was still weaker than the Immortal Fire!


Successfully equipped [Thunder Cry Axe]!


Successfully equipped [Thunder Cry Armour]!


Successfully equipped [Thunder Cry Boots]!


Successfully equipped Thunder Cry Armour Set!

Effect: Attack with a lightning attribute, X15 Defensive Power, X8 Power!

Special Attack: consume 10.000 Cps to use Heavenly Cry Breaking Heavens Chop!

Cooldown: 1 hour!

With a combination of his Crazy Mode and Dragon God Bloodline, after equipping the Thunder Cry Armour Set, Yi Tianyuns combat power rose to 900 million points!

This was a crazy amount of combat point for an 8thLayer Void Spirit Expert to have! How much power could Yi Tianyun have if he actually got into the Spirit King Stage!

But Yi Tianyun wasnt done yet! He immediately activated the Thunder Cry Breaking Heavens Chop to overpower Ming Chens attack further!

Suddenly, an ogre phantom shadow appeared behind him, slamming down a giant axe towards Ming Chen!

Yi Tianyuns combat power rose once again! Now, he had 1.1 billion combat power! the ogres axe immediately overpowered Ming Chens Heavenly Yin Fires attack as the thunder struck the battlefield!

Ming Chen was the most speechless out of the everyone who saw the scene enveloped, he never thought that he had to pull out his Divine Tool for this fight, but even after using his Divine Tool, the enemy still overpowered him easily!

"Run!" Ming Chen said as he dragged Ba Long back to escape from Yi Tianyuns attack! He immediately realized that he wouldnt survive if he had to carry Ba Long with him, so he immediately threw Ba Long to the side!

"I will let you deal with it!" Ming Chen said to Ba Long nervously.

Ba Long was shocked at Ming Chens action, but as he wanted to run on his own, he was quickly engulfed by the ogres powerful lightning strike!

No one ever expected Ming Chen to sacrifice his trusted comrade to escape the enemy attack!

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