Crazy Leveling System Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Purple Fire Holy Furnace

Chapter 56: Purple Fire Holy Furnace

Yi Tianyun did not expect that Yan Familys Head will give him an alchemy furnace, moreover its a holy level too. If he sell it, undoubtedly hell receive abundant amount of gold. As the price itself is considered to be around 2 million gold.

Of course thats just an estimation, considering the furnace of this level cant be sold by gold, its really hard to determine its value.

Yan Familys Head gave it to him might be because Yi Tianyun doesnt have an alchemy furnace he could personally use. The effect and the success rate for his refinement would increase tremendously.

He can refine without the use of one, like he did a moment ago, but to refine high quality pill, it is necessary to use alchemy furnaces. Not only it can provide a better success rate, but also assisting to control the fire. Without alchemy furnace, refining high quality pills will fail unless he has a skill to back-up his confidence.

This is a holy spirit tool, its too expensive for me. Yi Tianyun frowned. Although he felt honored to receive such a great reward, he feels that he doesnt deserve such reward. Today is his first time using alchemy, although he did a good job at that too.

However, with the system he had, Yi Tianyun was very sure he would not fail.

Its not expensive at all, this is the only reward we can give to you. Our family doesnt have an alchemist. This Purple Fire Holy Furnace is wasted here, its only natural to give it to a talented young man like you. Yan Family Head insisted.

Yeah, Young Master Yi, its for you. We Yan Family is not a family of alchemist. I wanted to search for an alchemist in the future, to whom we can entrust this tool. I didnt expect to meet you. Yan Lingxue sighed, Yan Family has a small background, limited resources, and no high level cultivator, its hard to raise a young alchemist on their own.

But this is a holy level tool, with this alone I can buy a city! To be honest, I am surprised that you can keep an item like this for so long. If somebody else knows about this, it could be disastrous. Yi Tianyun said with an honest opinion.

Yan Family cant keep this holy tool by themselves, this only will lead to a disaster for them. Yan Familys strongest cultivation is Yan Familys Head, but his cultivation is only at Tenth Level Spirit Refinement, not even in a Core Condensation. In order to breakthrough toCore Condensation, he forces himself and finally fell victim to cultivation deviation.

Yeah, so I think Brother Yi is very suitable to receive this, I will give this to you as you surely can put it to a good use. Yan Family Head smiled.

Yi Tianyun was silent for a while and said: I will accept this alchemy furnace, but, as this thing is very expensive, I cant just accept it, I will surely return the favors.

He said that and he brings out all the gold that he has, and the room they are on, is full with gold. Looking at the mountain of gold in front of them, the Yan Family member is all stunned.

This is all the gold he gets along his journey, especially when he got surrounded by all the cultivator at the entrance of the Dragon God Palace and killing all the mountain beasts after that.

Young Master Yi, I didnt expect you to have this much money Yan Lingxue took a sigh of relief. She thought that she can reward Yi Tianyun with gold, turned out she was wrong all along.

This is for your familys growth. I will be staying here for a while if you dont mind. You can buy alchemy materials and forging materials with this gold,then I will refine all the materials into pills and some spirit tools to strengthen Yan Family. This is all I can do in exchange of this tool

Due to Yan Familys head generosity he intend to stay here for a while and help them with refinement. Of course, its not like he didnt gain anything in return, not only hell gain experience and mastery but also a place to stay.

Young Master Yi, you even helped us refining? Yan Lingxue is shocked by Yi Tianyuns generosity, in fact, they were all shocked, they thought they misheard him.

Yes, I can refine top quality spirit pill for you. Use this gold to buy materials. Yi Tianyun smiled and said: can you prepare a room as soon as possible? Because I cant stay for too long.

No, no problems at all! Yan Lingxue immediately react, this is a big opportunity for her family.

They cant use the Purple Fire Holy Furnace, they can only give it to Yi Tianyun, they dont expect that Yi Tianyun would refine pills for them, but its an undeniable fact that they need it. They dont need the alchemy furnace as they are in dire need of resources to grow their family.

After arranging the room for Yi Tianyun, Yan Lingxue returned to the room they all gathered before and becomes excited: Father, that is a wise move you have done there. He is a genius!

You figured out that I fancy him dont you? Yan Family Lord smiled lightly: I observed him carefully, he already becomes an alchemist in such a young age, that is maybe because of his background status or his talent is extremely high. In any case, it is most important to befriend such talented individual. He doesnt ask anything in return, already proving that he is not a greedy person and that is a quality a good person has, that makes it worthwhile to befriends such person! He is worth more than the holy tools we gave him, if we becomes a good friend with him, surely he can help us again in the future if we need him

If they sell the Purple Fire Holy Furnace, they could receive a great amount of money too, but then again the money surely would diminish over time, but to make acquaintance of a genius surely would worth more!

What he is looking at is Yi Tianyuns empathy and righteousness. He even thought to marry Yi Tianyun to his daughter.

Father, are you worried about Wang Family and Zeng Family? Yan Lingxue asked with a bit of hatred in her voice

Yes, I will definitely do so until the end of my life, but sooner or later they would force us to submit to them. But now that Brother Yi is here, I hope he can help us refine pills and weapons, so that we can strengthen our Yan Family and hold our ground against them. Yan Familys Head sighed, because he didnt manage to breakthrough to Core Condensation Realm, it will be more difficult to protect his family.

Yan Lingxue nod lightly to her fathers words and immediately goes out to buy materials. Since Yi Tianyun already said he would do it, it wouldnt be polite to make him wait for so long.

Soon she purchased a variety of materials and brought them back to Yi Tianyun. With the help of the alchemy furnace, he refined countless medicinal consumables, and various medicinal herbs and healing remedies were used. The same is true for the forging process too. A good amount of spirit tools is being refined. After his prestige points increased, as of now the success rate is at 90%. This fact alone is great for him, as of now he didnt need to use extra amount of crazy points to use lucky aura.

In this state, his experience and proficiency in general is rising exponently!

[Ding, successfully broke through to Fourth Level Core Condensation!]

Eh, I leveled up? how much have I refined already? Yi Tianyun did not know how much he refined already as he lost track of time, just focusing on refining al the materials he gets. All of a sudded, he leveled up!

This breakthrough is really is too fast, he keeps thinking about Yan Family head, he got an illness due to excessive cultivating, and he still didnt get to break through to core condensation level, yet here he is already leveled up this far without breaking a sweat.

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