Crazy Leveling System Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Persecution

Chapter 63: Persecution

Yi Tianyun made his entrance, everyones stunned, especially to come at this exact moment, three factions surrounding them, two of them have grudges against him even goes as far as distributing a wanted poster, is he a fool?

As for Spirit Sect, even though its just an obligation for them. They must consider Yi Tianyun as enemy.

Haha, I didnt expect you to come. I have been looking for you the whole time. I didnt expect you to come to me through the front door, is it bravery or stupidity? Qing Yuncheng looked at Yi Tianyun laughing. But his eyes are full of killing intent.

He did not expect that Yi Tianyun would come out of his own volition. It really made him so happy!

Im pretty sure this is bravery, on the contrary yours is stupidity, because of your stupidity, you want to marry our Palace Lord, you are delusional! Yi Tianyun smiled coldly, hearing that kind of news the moment he came back just flip his switch.

Wishful think, do you think that our strength is still delusional too? Qing Yuncheng looked at him coldly and smiled: Will you believe if I say that I can crush you with one finger?

This is not a bluff, if Yi Tianyun is only a Spirit Refinement cultivator he can actually do that.

I dare you to try! Shi Xueyun looked at him full of killing intent. Everyone in the vicinity felt chill down their spine, she fully released the aura of Seventh Level Core Condensation!

Three sect masters face changed, and they couldnt help but take their stance. They cant help but admit that Shi Xueyun is really talented. Reaching this level at such a young age. She will have no problem to breakthrough to Spirit Core in the near future.

Palace Lord Shi, I admit that youre pretty strong, but can you fight three of us at the same time? Qing Yuncheng is not afraid of her, and turned to the elders and said: get him!

Dont you dare! Shi Xueyun draw her sword, and rushed straight ahead, but Xiang Tianya and Jia Zhiyun intercepted her swiftly.


All three of them was forced back due to the impact, but apparently Shi Xueyun is forced back even further. One versus two, shes clearly at disadvantage.

Palace Lord!

The disciples ran toward Shi Xueyun, the three elders seems pissed. Their demands are getting more and more unreasonable. First, all the places must be followed, and let their Palace Lord marry Qing Yuncheng! Even if Yi Tianyun is wrong, killing him will do, but making such a request is too rude!

Im fine, save Tianyun! Shi Xueyun is worried about Yi Tianyun, she is afraid that Yi Tianyun will be caught.

Its too late!

Meanwhile two elders, surrounding Yi Tianyun and stared at him. Shi Xueyuns attempt was interrupted, and there is no way to rescue him now. Its not that far, but there are three sect masters blocking her way.

Its no use even if the three elders help him out. They also have their own elders, and their cultivation is about the same level. There is no way to break through unless theres a miracle.

Tianyun! Shi Xueyuns eyes are teary, she wanted to rush to Yi Tianyun as fast as possible but its too late.

Palace Lord Shi, you still want to try? I cant guarantee Yi Tianyuns safety, who knows what those two elders will do to him. Qing Yuncheng smiled: Let me give you another chance, give all your share of quota for Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, plus you must marry me…but this time you have to add one of Jade Palaces treasure, otherwise I cant guarantee what will happen to that kid. Of course, even if you dont agree, we will take it ourselves.

So this is your plan all along! Great Elder gritted her teeth, and this time they finally understood what was going on.

Yi Tianyun is just a scapegoat, their true objective is the treasures of their Jade Palace!

So, have you made your choice? Now that you cant rely on Azure Mansions support what else are you waiting for? If you refuse our demand, not only hell die, well bury Jade Palace along with that kid! Qing Yuncheng laughed, the situation is completely on his favor, nothing could go wrong.

Shi Xueyun bit her lips, looking at the surrounded Yi Tianyun, and immediately put down her spirit sword, and said in cold voice: Okay! I will fulfill your demand, as long as you let go of Tianyun!

You are really blessed kid. Palace Lord Shi is willing to sacrifice so much for you. In order to save you, she even gave up Jade Palaces treasure. It is really enviable… Qing Yuncheng did not expect that Shi Xueyun would even go this far.

Yi Tianyun, who was surrounded by two elders, looked at Shi Xueyun in a complicated way. Hes about to begin his counterattack, but suddenly Shi Xueyun said this, and he was moved. He didnt know what treasures they wanted, but to make these three faction band together like this to get that treasure, it must be something amazing.

As for the quota for Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, thats just an addition. The most important thing is the treasure!

Of course, because she is my dearest aunt… No, my dearest sister, sister worthy of my protection…

Crazy Mode!

Ten Times Exp Card!

Double Crazy PointCard!

Double Master Card!

5 Double Exp Pill!

Luck Aura!

He used everything he can use in his arsenal!

Then, Yi Tianyun equipped Wind Chasing Blade, and the two elders next to him attack him, but he is too fast, like a flash of lightning, the two elders were cut into two pieces, and their eyes widened, they fell to the ground, and died!

Its more like they dont even know what happen, because Yi Tianyun is too fast, and they cant see anything untill they were cut into two. More, they still didnt expect Yi Tianyun to attack so suddenly, and couldnt respond in time.

[Ding, successfully killed Wing Sect Elder, obtains 130.000 exp, 500 Blacksmith Mastery, Wind Cut, Rushing Thunder Step, 2000 Crazy Point!]

[Ding, successfully killed Wing Sect Elder, obtains 120.000 exp, 500 Blacksmith Mastery, 2000 Crazy Point!]

Did not expect even killing them would increase blacksmith mastery, presumably because they are blacksmith! However, he did not care about this detail at all, his eyes were cold and full of killing intent.

I dare you touch a single hair of my sister, or harass our Jade Palace, not to mention treasures, I wont even let you take a single grass from here let alone treasures! Yi Tianyun took an aggressive stance with Wind Chasing Sword on his hand.

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