Crazy Leveling System Chapter 67

Chapter 67 Dragon God Secret Art

Chapter 67: Dragon God Secret Art

At least you understand it doesnt work against me young man! Qing Tianlong sneered and wave his hand and releasing blood mist to control the crowds bloodthirst again, fortunately other disciples of Jade Palace, who has low cultivation, have quickly withdrawn from the area, otherwise they will definitely be affected by this bloodthirst.

Those who are affected immediately undergo changes. The most obvious are the three elders, who are relatively low in their cultivation, and their bloodthirst is visible from their eyes.

They looked around, and they bare their fangs toward anyone they saw!

The most horrible thing about that technique is it can turn them against each other and kill one another. If they have stronger willpower, they can nullify the effect.

Yes, then I would like to see, how do you stop this technique!

Yi Tianyun focuses his mind and body, and the blood in his body flows faster than usual, ready to unleash his full power. Shi Xueyun jumped over and landed beside him. Her presence ease Yi Tianyun so he wont be affected by Qing Tianlongs bloodthirst technique.

Tianyun, I will fight him, you back me up. Shi Xueyun staring coldly toward Qing Tianlong, facing such a strong enemy, she has to do everything she can.

Aunt, I will fight him, ill manage. Yi Tianyun knows why Shi Xueyun jumped to his side, she wanted to prevent him from fighting Qing Tianlong, shes afraid Yi Tianyun will be injured.

His cultivation is very strong, this wont be as easy as you think, ill do it ins

Before Shi Xueyun can even finish her sentence, Yi Tianyun gently dragged her slender arm backwards into his own arm.

Aunt, please have faith in me I am not a little brother you used to protect anymore, but a little brother who can protect my sister This is my turn to protect you and protect the entire Jade Palace! Yi Tianyuns eyes are full of conviction, not showing the slightest hesitation at all.

Shi Xueyun blushed, all of a sudden the boy he used to protect already became a full fledged man. Her eyes were slightly red, and she opened her mouth and said, When you come back

Yi Tianyun smiled and nodded, and turned toward the enemy. Shi Xueyun saw Yi Tianyuns back, its somehow bigger and broader than usual, as if to take on all the responsibilities and all the burdens.

Immediately, Shi Xueyun retreated and fought against other cultivator affected by Qing Tianlongs technique with the three elders to avoid entering the interior of Jade Palace.

Palace Lord Shi is it okay to let him go by himself? Great Elder know that Yi Tianyun is not weak, but there is still a big gap between him and Qing Tianlong.

Lets believe in him Shi Xueyun gently said, she believes in Yi Tianyun.

Qing Yuncheng looked at the approaching Yi Tianyun and looked at him with a descending look: What an arrogant brat. You think youre a hero? . Without your foul martial arts, you are nothing! Old ancestor please kill him!

Qing Tianlong sneered: This kid has killed so many elders, I will send you and the entire Jade Palace meet them in the afterworld!

Most elders and deacons of Wing Sect have died. The rest are normal disciples, theres no use of them other than to be controlled by Qing Tianlong!

Yes, I guess that makes me one, then can you handle this?

Dragon God Secret Art!

Yi Tianyun roared like a dragon, and the blood in his body was instantly stimulated. In the next moment, a piece of golden dragon scale emerged from the surface of his body. In the blink of an eye, the whole body was covered with a thick layer of dragon scales, and the body became bigger and stronger.

The power of terror is emitted from his strong body, standing like a dragon! It is only a layer of dragon scales covering the whole body, but its as if theres a real dragon before them!

As his body undergo this transformation, he can sense as his power increased!





The instantaneous combat power is the same as that of the Qing Tianlong. Powerful dragon aura is emitted from his body and make him look even stronger!

After Yi Tianyun finished his transformation everyone is dumbfounded. It looks like a dragon but its not one? But they never saw this level of power before thats for certain.

This is the power of Tianyun Shi Xueyun is shocked to see Yi Tianyuns transformation and she could tell that the way he is now, he is way stronger than her.

He really has become the man who can protect himself, not a boy who used to be protected by her.

Is this a dragon? Qing Tianlong was shocked. His name has a dragon character, but that does not mean that he will have dragon blood in his body.

After fully transformed, Yi Tianyun direct his cold gaze toward Qing Tianlong, and immediately slammed the ground, causing a shock wave on the ground heading straight to Qing Tianlong. He did not use anything except his Frost Fist, then he rushed straight aiming his punch toward Qing Tianlong!


Qing Tianlongs face changed, and he quickly waved his hand and blood mist once again released. Blood mist heads toward Yi Tianyun if he came in contact with it he could go berserk as well.

Dragon God Secret Art, First Style, Dragon Soul Flash!

In an instant, Yi Tianyun released dragon aura shrouding his body protecting him from the blood mist, then he clears the blood mist with his hand.


The force is enough to crack the space around his hand and of course enough to disperse the blood mist. This blood mist wont have effect on him since he got dragon aura protecting him.

Dragon aura is absolute!

In the blink of an eye, Yi Tianyun is already in front of Qing Tianlong, he is already in motion to punch him.

This punch is for my aunt!

He roared, and his fists were like a huge dragon claw. He grabbed Qing Tianlong.

Not good!

Qing Tianlongs startled, and quickly used his blood mist again, even though it wont affect Yi Tianyun he used it defensively this time by solidify the mist.


Despite his defensive attempt hes still knocked back for several meters and the solidified red mist in his hand is shattered to pieces.

Such an amazing power!

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