Crazy Leveling System Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Fault Finding

Chapter 78: Fault Finding

Great elder was flinched upon seeing this scene, she even tried to go in and failed, but Yi Tianyun just leisurely walked in without any difficulties.

What? Whats going on? This is so strange! Great Elder wonders with shock all over her face.

Elder Yu, dont you know, that you cant go in with your level of cultivation? Sect Master Huan looks at great elder, clearly confused. Other people that saw the great elders action also looks at him weirdly. Clearly they thought that the great elder also tries to get in, as if she doesnt know about the rule of the ruin.

Many people thinks that Great Elder Yu, has somewhat forgotten about the rules, but thats just not possible.

Dont mind me, Im just experimenting on some theory.

Great Elder is still confused, but she tries to hide it, she doesnt want to say anything about Yi Tianyuns circumstance. She doesnt want to make a fuzz about it. Its clearly a good thing for Jade Palace, but it would be kind of unfair for other faction. But in reality, it doesnt matter even if Yi Tianyun enter the ruins, because in Great Elder Yus mind, Yi Tianyuns cultivation is already too high, there is not much he can do in there.

After she collected herself, she glanced at the other disciple and says You all should go in, follow Yi Tianyun, understand?


They all walked in one by one, a little shocked too, because they saw it as well. As a core disciple they already know about how high Yi Tianyuns cultivation was. So theyre a little bit excited as well, with Yi Tianyuns help inside, surely would be an advantage for them, and no one will mess with them.

One disciple who gave her token to Yi Tianyun feels a little bit discouraged. She missed her chance to enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.

Great elder Yu saw her and said Dont you worry, the palace would compensate you for this when we got back. Great Elder reached out and patted her shoulder, consoling her.

The disciple nodded, clearly understanding that even if she didnt get compensation she probably couldnt say anything about it, because its not her rights to begin with. In her mind Yi Tianyun deserves this chance more than her, he repelled three great factions by himself.

Inside Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.

When Yi Tianyun successfully enter the ruins, he got confused himself. What is going on?

Is this a bug? Or my main quest makes it possible override the rules? Yi Tianyun wonders, he thinks that, this two reasons is probably the only reason why he could enter the ruins.

After all, Main Quest is as the name suggest, a very important quest. There is no way he couldnt enter to finish it.

No matter what the reason is, now that hes already inside, all he needs to do is finish his quest.

Great, now I can finish my main quest! Yi Tianyun becomes excited for the prospect of finishing his main quest.

[Main Quest: Occupy Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins]

[Reward: 100.000 Exp, 10.000 Crazy Point, Sword of Endlessness (Holy Tool), Control of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins]

The reward he could get by finishing this quest is really tempting, especially the weapon and the right to control Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. Exp and the crazy point doesnt really matter at this point.

After regaining composure. He shifted his attention to his surroundings, and began to observe the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.

Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is, as its name suggests, a place with such heavy atmosphere like the ceiling is about to fall down on his head. There is a high pressure that comes from above ready to crush him. The surrounding buildings around him have dense cracks on them, and several stone columns already collapsed. Its clear that this place has already corroded by time. No matter how powerful ones ability is, clearly no one could stop the interference of time.

From the looks of things in here, hes pretty sure there is no treasure that worth spending time finding it. The ruins have a pillaged looks written on them.

A long time ago, this Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins does have many treasures, but as time passes, surely people who came here have found the treasure and took it for themselves one by one. But from the beginning his Yi Tianyuns objective here is not to find a treasure.

The spiritual power in this place is clearly concentrated, at least several times stronger than the outside. Its no wonder that this place becomes a perfect place for cultivation. The place must have some kind of mechanism to concentrate the spiritual power in this place.

This place has a very strong spiritual power compared to outside. One day of cultivation here is equal to one week of cultivation outside. Yi Tianyun nodded excitedly, he wonders the creator of this place surely would be very powerful to be able to create this kind of mechanism as well.

Elder Yi, how can you come in? Qin Xue asked Yi Tianyun as she enters the ruins, in fact, the other disciple comes in one by one, and after they saw Yi Tianyun, they couldnt help but looked at him weirdly.

Yi Tianyun shrugged his shoulders and say I dont know how myself, I just tried to walk in and here I am

He didnt say the real reason, and decided to make this look like a big coincidence.

You are Yi Tianyun? A man suddenly comes in and looks at Yi Tianyun curiously.

I dont know who you are talking about? Yi Tianyun also gave him a look. His cultivation is already very strong compared to other disciples, he already at the peak of Spirit Refinement realm. Its clear that with this kind of level, he should already be a deacon in his sect. it was not fair for him to also enter the ruins, but that is also applies to himself, so he choose to not spoke his mind.

Looking at his outfit, he should be from the same sect as Sect Master Huan, which is Magnificent Sect.

I feel like Ive seen you somewhere. Liang Feng observed Yi Tianyun a little bit more and was intrigued the moment he saw Yi Tianyuns chin.

I knew it, youre Yi Tianyun. I saw you from afar but im not sure. After closer looks there is no doubt that youre Yi Tianyun. That guy from the wanted list! There comes another cultivator that recognizes Yi Tianyun. This time a Ninth Level Spirit Refinement cultivator came over and he is Yong Cheng from Approaching Sect.

No wonder they recognized him immediately. Theyve seen Yi Tianyuns wanted list with a great reward that comes with it. But after Wind Pavilion suffered defeat, who will give the reward in their place? So that wanted poster is basically irrelevant now.

The Chief Pavilion Lord of Wind Pavilion is already killed too.

Even if I am, what do you want? Yi Tianyun looked at them disinterested.

Im just curious thats all. I just heard that you are very powerful. You made a big uproar in Wind Pavilion by killing Liang Tiancheng. It caused a lot of trouble, but it seems that finally Jade Palace helped you solve it. Liang Feng shook his head and returns his gaze to Yi Tianyun smirking You should rely on your own strength next time, stop standing behind a bunch of women to save your ass.

Liang Feng has always looked down on Yi Tianyun with disgust, he had a good relationship with Wind Pavilions Liang Tiancheng. He didnt expect Yi Tianyun could kill Liang Tiancheng, he wouldve slain Yi Tianyun right there if he Jade Palaces disciple is not around.

After Liang Feng harsh words at Yi Tianyun, Qin Xue cant help but getting angry in Yi Tianyuns placeWhat are you talking about? Yi Tianyun is already He didnt rely on women to solve his problems, stop talking nonsense! And Liang Tiancheng is dead because none other than his own stupidity, not only he is stupid, but also a disgusting pig as well! Qin Xue almost revealed Yi Tianyuns status. If people know that Yi Tianyun have become an elder in Jade Palace, things will get even more complicated.

With his favorability on Jade Palaces disciple is reasonably high, if someone badmouth him they would stand up for him.

Hey, you just let the woman spoke up for you, are you okay with that? you cant even speak for yourself? Liang Feng speak to Yi Tianyun with disdain, trying to provoke him even more.

Its not that Yi Tianyun doesnt want to respond to him, but more like he doesnt care about him.

In his opinion, Liang Feng is like a monkey, jumping around trying to get his attention. He clearly doesnt want to dirty his hands by stooping into Liang Fengs level. He just wants to explore this ruins and clear his main quest to begin with, so if he could, he wanted to finish it fast, and to do that he wants to avoid any kind of trouble, and especially not the trouble from this idiot.

Im not interested in you thats all Yi Tianyun didnt even look at Liang Feng as he speaks and continue to walk inside.

Hearing Yi Tianyuns statement Liang Feng is so humiliated, he didnt expect Yi Tianyun to not take his bait, Yi Tianyun doesnt even bat an eye for him. He looks at Yi Tianyun with a killing intent, but he doesnt want to confront Yi Tianyun with Jade palace all over him.

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