Crazy Leveling System Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Smelting Trial Stone Tablet

Chapter 79: Smelting Trial Stone Tablet

I thought youre the one who single handedly slaughtered the entire Wind Pavilion. Now you shrug it off by saying not interested? Coward! Liang Feng said coldly.

The coward here is none other than you! Qin Xue shouted at him: Stop talking like you know what happened in Wind Pavilion!

Yeah, how dare you say our Elder is a coward, to begin with those scoundrels from Wind Building are the one who brought about their own destruction!

The other discipline is also glaring at Liang Feng. Hes way out of the line, they wouldnt mind to fight here and now.

Shut the fuck up! Liang Feng yelled at them, at the same time unleash a powerful aura and that flinched them. Im asking him, not you! If you really are as strong as the rumors say. I challenge you to a duel for life and death.

He cant afford to attack him carelessly because Jade Palace is really a force to be reckoned with , but he wanted to avenge Liang Tiancheng, so he challenged him to a duel so other disciple wont be able to help Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun frowns, even though Liang Feng sincerely he asked for it, he doesnt have time for this.

Didnt you hear me earlier? I said not interested. Yi Tianyun didnt want to pay attention to him, he turned and wanted to leave.

Just admit it already! You are a coward! Everything is just a rumor. You single handedly slaughtered the entire Wind Pavilion? What happened is Jade Palace come to help you, probably something like that. You are nothing, you simply hide behind the women from Jade Palace. Coward, spineless bastard! At least the other rumor is correct. You have been relying on Shi Xueyuns influence as a Palace Lord to remain in Jade Palace, that must be reason you can come here as well! Even though youre powerless at least you have someone backing you up, if its me i couldve died from embarrassment! Liang Feng is so furious, he constantly provokes Yi Tianyun.

The other sects just watch from distance. This piqued their interest. They wanted to see how Yi Tianyun responds. Liang Fengs cultivation is considerably high. Hes ranked in top three in his sect.

Ok then, ill take your bait on purpose for your sake as well. You want a life or death duel? Then lets do it! Yi Tianyun coldly said.

After all these insults from him, if he doesnt fight, everyone will think he really is a coward.

Thats how its gotta be! Then without further ado Liang Feng was ecstatic, and quickly pulled out the sword. Killing intent filled his eyes: The battle of life and death, one on one, without any interference die!

He rushed toward Yi Tianyun with his sword ready to pierce through. Yi Tianyun didnt expect the moment he just came in, hes already in a life and death duel.

Die! Yi Tianyuns eyes were cold, he buried his feet to build momentum and wait for Liang Feng to get closer, when Liang Feng is within his attack range he released his foot and kick him on the face. its a really fast kick, like a lightning, Liang Feng couldnt even see it.


Liang Feng was smashed into the wall, shaking the wall, and thick dust fell on him, ant thats the end of it, just one kick.

[Killed Liang Fend. Obtains 9000 Exp, Jade Heaven Sword, 900 Crazy Point.]

Everyone else looked at Liang Feng lying down on the ground, and a disciple of Magnificent Sect quickly checked his condition. After checking Liang Feng he exclaimed: Dead, hes dead Senior Brother Liang Feng is dead!

Everyone else was stunned, because they barely saw the kick too, and hes dead with just one kick too! Liang Fengs cultivation is quite strong, hes at the Peak of Spirit Refinement, but hes dead from one kick!

You you actually killed Senior Brother Liang Feng, our Sect Master will not let you get away with this! The disciples of Magnificent Sect glared at Yi Tianyun.

You heard what he said right? He said its a duel of life and death. Youre gonna blame me for that?Yi Tianyun gave them a cold look : If you want to challenge me, or insult Jade Palace, I dont mind doing a life and death duel with you!

After saying this, Yi Tianyun turned and keep walking, he said to Qin Xue: Lets go, were just wasting our time here.

Qin Xue follow him with her eyes sparkling, this is Yi Tianyuns Power, the strength of their Elder!

There are time limits to stay in Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruin. The gate will be closed if the time limit is up. And it will take three years before it opened again.

Everyone else just stare at each other without saying anything. Is this Yi Tianyuns real strength?

Who said that Yi Tianyun is a coward, or a weakling that rely on Jade Palace? Just how strong is he to be capable of killing a Peak of Spirit Refinement cultivator with one kick ? is he at Core Condensation?

Theyre confused because cultivators within Core Condensation or above cant enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. But its just not possible to kill Liang Feng with one kick if Yi Tianyun is only at Peak of Spirit Refinement? This confused them all, but at the very least they know one thing, that Yi Tianyun is not a weakling whos hiding behind a woman

When hes about to leave, Qin Xue immediately said: Elder Yi, where are you going?

Theres nothing to do i guess ill walk around, Yi Tianyun said.

Im embarrassed to say that theres nothing here except for the previous Smelting Trial Stone Tablet, all the treasure is already taken. Qin Xue said with a sorry tone.

Yi Tianyun knew there is nothing here. He just wanted to confirm if there was anything out of ordinary here. After all, his objective is to complete his main quest.

I know, but lets just take a look around first.

Yi Tianyun proceeded further followed by Jade Palaces disciples. Further inside, he saw a huge Stone Tablet standing in the center, with a faint luster enveloping it. And someone was meditating next to it, shrouded in a light similar to the Stone Tablet, as if hes at the verge of grasping something improtant.

This is what they call the Smelting Trial Stone Tablet. One of the reasons people coming here is to learn martial art through meditation here.

They begin their meditation here, through Smelting Trial Stone Tablet they can learn a new Martial Art, according to their level of cultivation varies from Human Level Martial Arts to Earth Level Martial Arts!

Learning earth level Martial Arts here is equal to obtain a treasyre. Because second level faction didnt have that many earth level martial arts to begin with. Imagine how much you can contribute to your faction if you learn earth level martial arts here.

Go ahead and meditate, ill take a look around first Yi Tianyun said toward the disciples of Jade Palace.

They nodded and immediately sit down near the Smelting Trial Stone Tablet and meditated. While meditating, Smelting Trial Stone Tablet grant them protection from any damage.

Earth level martial arts perhaps it wont be completely useless, i can use it to increase mastery at the very least. Yi Tianyun faintly smiled, he decided to meditate later on and take a look around first.

When he was wandering through the ruin, the Magnificent Sect disciple, who followed him, looked at Yi Tianyun in horror, and they even avoided eye contact. If Yi Tianyun decided to make a move here, theres no doubt all of them will end up dead.

But, even though theyre afraid of him, they cant waste this opportunity, its once every three years Smelting Trial.

Yi Tianyun just glanced at them and went to other places. As long as they didnt provoke him, he wont cause any trouble. Although he can level up by killing them, that doesnt mean hell kill anyone he saw, hes not a demon.

This is how Yi Tianyun is, as long as they dont poke their nose where it doesnt belong, Yi Tianyun wont do anything to them.

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