Crazy Leveling System Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Spirit King Xuan Tian

Chapter 81: Spirit King Xuan Tian

Yi Tianyun looks around him, theres nothing but flowers and trees. However, a path opened in front of him. He followed the path and walked for quite a while until he saw a plain courtyard.

He knew this is an illusion, basically theres nothing else here.

Despite being the only thing out of the ordinary in this realm, its such a plain courtyard with a small house inside standing in front of Yi Tianyun.

But thats exactly why Yi Tianyun is really cautious here, if this place is somehow luxurious, he can conclude this places owner is definitely nothing special.

He walked to the front door and knock. Dong Dong Dong sounded a few times, and it was particularly loud in this quiet courtyard.

Come in. The low voice came from inside.

Yi Tianyun was shocked. He didnt expect theres actually someone inside, he knocked the door thinking there wouldnt be anyone inside.

He gently opened the door, and it was a courtyard full of flowers and plants. An old man sat leisurely in the middle of the courtyard.

Pleased to meet you! Yi Tianyun walked in and bow to the old man.

An expert capable of creating something as grand as Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is definitely not just an average cultivator, so he Yi Tianyun must show some respect.

No need to be so formal, I am not the owner here. The old man smiled and stood up.

You are not the owner here? Yi Tianyun is startled, even though hes living here, hes not the owner?

Yes, this old man is just a keeper of this place, call me Old Xuan. Fated person, please come with me. Old Xuan signaled him to go inside.

Yi Tianyun nodded, and walked into the house with Old Xuan. There was no treasure in the house. Instead, there was a tombstone inside, which clearly read Spirit King Xuan Tian. The owner is Spirit King Xuan Tian!

The owner is a Spirit King!

Yi Tianyun is shocked, and Spirit King is a really high cultivation realm, its a cultivation realm before Saint King. Thats the highest level of cultivation in this continent. No wonder he can create such a large ancient ruins .

This is the masters spiritual position. Old Xuan sighed.

Spirit King Xuan Tian, hes already Yi Tianyun startled, Spirit King has passed away?

Yes, even if he is Spirit King, he still cannot escape from fate. Old Xuan sighed.

Yi Tianyuns expression is solemn and respectful: Let me pay my respect, ill burn an incense.

Old Xuan waved his hand and an incense appeared in his hand and handed it to Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun took the incense and came to the front of this spiritual position. He bowed three times, and paid his respect. Deep in his heart he thought how unfortunate to lose such talented cultivator.

After three bows, he took the incense stick and walked over and inserted it on the incense burner.

Old Xuan watch Yi Tianyun and nodded with satisfaction, and immediately said: I see youre quite well-mannered, and your attitudes, id say you qualified to be the owners inheritance disciple!

Yi Tianyun startled, all he did is just burn an incense stick, suddenly he qualified to become an inheritance disciple?

You dont have to be so surprised, qualified means youre eligible to participate in a test but not just anyone can even qualify. Old Xuan coldly said: Theyre polite but theyre not sincere, they had ulterior motives! Untrusted cultivators that simply wanted an inheritance!

So there are other people coming here prior to this, but in the end, because of attitude problem, they didnt get this inheritance? Yi Tianyun wondered.

Not only they didnt get the inheritance, I also punished them! Old Xuan said solemnly: Im the keeper of this place, i can tell anyone whos sincere and respectful to the owner. If thats not the case, then theyre not qualified!

Immediately, Old Xuan rushed him with a smile: No need to worry, i can tell youre a good person, the master always welcomes people like you to take our test.

Yi Tianyun couldnt help but breathe a sigh of relief, he corrected his attitude the moment he entered this place fortunately, or he couldve just ended up dying here. Although he doesnt know what punishment Old Xuan talked about, hes too afraid to imagine anyway.

The soul of people entering this place is connected to the Smelting Trial Stone Tablet, if something happened to the soul here, even if they dont die, their inner soul will be affected, they couldve become disabled for life.

It seems that sometimes paying attention to etiquette is very important. A lot of cultivators came here thinking they could just waltz in and bring back a treasure, little do they know theyre being tested the moment they enter

A test? May i know what test? Yi Tianyun asked.

Next is the test of strength, theres no point to inherit Spirit Kings treasure if you lack strength. Old Xuan smiled. Despite what he said, he believes Yi Tianyuns abilities: The test is pretty straightforward, defeat the master!

Defeat the owner? Yi Tianyun said: But Spirit King Xuan Tian is already Is it possible to fight him?

The one you will fight is not the real master, but the Divine Sense left by the master. You can qualify for inheritance by defeating this Divine Sense! Old Xuan said solemnly: If you fail, I will alter your memory for a little bit, just removing about you memories here and ill send your conciousness back.

Although Old Xuan welcomed cultivators to earn this inheritance, everything depends on their strength.

No problem. Yi Tianyun nodded. He had complete confindence for this, if he cant do this who else can?

Because the limit to enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is Spirit Refinement Realm meanwhile he is a Core Condensation. Thats why Yi Tianyun is so confident.

Thats good, are you ready now? Old Xuan asked.

Yes, said Yi Tianyun.

Old Xuan nodded, after waving his hand, the courtyard disappeared, it turned into an arena.

Along with a boy who appeared out of nowhere in front of Yi Tianyun!

The moment Yi Tianyun lay his eyes on this young boy, he felt as if this boy has seen through him. This young boy in front of him is undoubtedly the Spirit King in his youth. He even used Appraisal eye to make sure. Even if it seems to be the Spirit King in his youth, he is still looks formidable.

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