Crazy Leveling System Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Rebels

Chapter 91: Rebels

The dark cloud bringing forth a huge pressure gets closer and closer toward Jade Palace, Elite disciples from Jade Palace are ready for skirmish, the low cultivation disciples were ordered to quickly evacuate. They immediately noticed somethings wrong and immediately arranged to evacuate from the Jade Palace toward the snowy mountain. They would be able to evacuate smoothly unless they were completely surrounded.

After the evacuation began, someone came to report the situation.

Palace Lord There is an Expert guarding the snowy mountain, he blocked our evacuation route! Deacon, who hurried back.

This is getting out of hand

Shi Xueyun frowned, to think that this day actually came, although shes really confused at first because the one leading these masses are a group of old men. And its really old men, it wouldnt be a surprise if a month from now they would be dead.

A total of six men leading the attack, although theres no sign of youth left from them, the aura they emitted doesnt seem like thats the case, even from the aura, everyone already knows theyre not just an average old men.

The six of them are the three faction of Old Ancestor. They are at the Peak Core Condensation. Only a step away from the Spirit Core, but this step is proving to be the ultimate wall, as they cant breakthrough to Spirit Core.

Normally, even if their Sect Lord is killed they wouldnt care. Because they dont have that long anymore, it would be better for them to remain in slumber to prolong their life even if only a little bit. But since this is a somewhat special case, their Sect took a heavy blow, losing so many improtant figure including the Sect Lord to a faction full of woman, their pride cant allow that, thats why they march here for revenge

Even though they cant reach Spirit Core, its still amazing that they can reach the Peak of Core Condensation, At Core Condensation, ones life expectancy is up to four or five hundred years old. And from the looks of it they dont have that long. The most efficient way to prolong their life right now is breakthrough to Spirit Core Realm.

Spirit Core can live up to thousands of years, but even if they breakthrough to Spirit Core, at their age right now they wont be so formidable.

Palace Lord, what should we do now? Great Elder Mo Yu has returned, despite their dire situation and Yi Tianyun, Jade Palaces powerhouse right now is missing she tried to maintain his dignity.

I want to go to Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins to see whether i can do something to free Tianyun, but I didnt expect them to come so soon Shi Xueyun was very anxious when she found out Yi Tianyun was trapped inside Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, she was going to go to the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. But Jade Palace is in danger right now so she cant afford to do so.

Somehow as if they know Yi Tianyun is trapped inside the ruins, these Old Ancestors choose this exact moment to attack Jade Palace.

If Yi Tianyun is around, even those Old Ancestors will be having a hard time dealing with him as they dont know his real strength. Although theyre at Peak Core Condensation, theyre already so old that their strength is nowhere near in their prime, but its a fact that theyre at Peak Core Condensation so they cant be underestimated thats for sure.

Palace Lord, this is the worst timing they pick to attack Great Elder Mo Yu felt guilty.

Its not your fault, im pretty sure that brat will figure something out anyway Shi Xueyun said solemnly: Now lets focus fighting these Old Ancestors!

These six Old Ancestors walked toward Jade Palace, each of their step is really heavy, six Peak Core Condensation Expert along with their deacons, the aura enveloping these people combined is just crazy.

Jade Palace, could only watch from afar as these monsters getting even closer.

Been a while since i breathe some fresh air, so this is your sect at the Peak Core Condensation, it is Wing Sects Old Ancestor, Old Ancestor Wen Tian!

Killing so many of our disciple, theres no running away from us! at 9th Level of Core Condensation, it is Spirit Sects Old Ancestor, Old Ancestor Tian Feng!

Yes, just because we havent been actively involved you thought were already dead? Old Ancestor of Wind Pavilion is Old Ancestor Feng Yun, he is also at 9th Level of Core Condensation.

Among these six the lowest cultivation is at 9th level of Core Condensation, it really isnt an exaggeration to call them monsters. Those three are the representatives of their respective sects and are the oldest Old Ancestor.

As they get closer the aura they emitted is even more intense that it becomes so suffocating to breathe normally.

Yes, seems like you havent kicked the bucket yet, our Jade Palace is First Level Faction, but that doesnt mean we will yield to the likes of you!

Its the three Old Ancestor of Jade Palace. They are pretty much already an old hag, but theyre not the slightest bit fliched by this scene. They are the Old Ancestor who have been secluding themselves to cultivate. They are definitely needed now that Jade Palace is backed into a corner like this.

Their cultivation base is high but not as high as those six Old Ancestors, theyre only at 8th Level of Core Condensation. But even 8th level of Core Condensation is already considered formidable enough in this continent.

Seems like you havent kicked the bucked either, you really desperately hold on to that thin lifeline huh? Old Ancestor Wen Tian said with a sneer: I will say it now, since you killed so many of our people, ill give you two choices. Either form Dao Companion with our sect respectively, or drop like flies under our might!

Both choice ended in tragedy. Especially the first one, they keep their life but dead on the inside.

Normally to become Dao Companion both men and women need to love each other, but the first choice is more like slavery!

Wed rather perish here than become your slaves! Old Ancestor Bing Xin looked cold and absolutely disapprove their offer.

Alright then, as you wish you can die here with the whole Jade Palace, that is the price you have to pay! Old Ancestor Wen Tian said with a sneer: Do it!

But strangely none of them do anything just yet, but something happened at Jade Palaces crowd.

puff blood splattered from one of the disciples body, the same thing happened to another disciple, and then another one

The disciples were stabbed and died instantly, but the culprit is not from these three factions, its the traitors from Jade Palace!

You traitors! Shi Xueyuns eyes were cold, when Shi Xueyun is about to attack these traitors a figure jumped and intercept Shi Xueyuns attack, it is one of the enemys Old Ancestor.

Bang, he fended off Shi Xueyuns attack and send her flying.

There are only a few traitors, around 5 disciples! Their cultivation is not low, some even reach the Spirit Refinement, and even among them are the ones who entered Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins!

The disciple they helped to develop even further, turned out to be a traitor, thats unacceptable.

Haha, now that your precious brat is not here what can you do? I heard that brats cultivation has reached the level of Core Condensation, he really is something else. Old Ancestor Wen Tian said with a sneer : trapped inside Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. Hes pretty much dead dont you think?

No wonder they came at this exact moment, theres a traitor among them.

There are no such thing as impenetrable walls, especially now that there are traitors, the situation is even more serious than they thought. Shi Xueyun keep the matter about Yi Tianyun a secret, especially his achievement lately, but no wonder they worry about Yi Tianyuns existence, they already know about Yi Tianyun from these traitors.

Now with Yi Tianyuns absence, they have nothing to worry, and march straight here to exact their revenge.

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun, who was rushing back to Jade Palace, had a bad feeling.

I have a bad feeling I will return as fast as possible! Yi Tianyun looked worried and increase his pace.

He didnt mount his Snow Wolf, its faster to run normally in his state right now!

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