Crazy Leveling System Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven

Chapter 93: Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven

Core Condensation level Snow Wolf appeared out of nowhere, which shocked a lot of people. Usually, the demon beast wont enter human territory. But this time it even brought along other Snow Wolf, which of course lower in cultivation.

Yi Tianyuns Snow Wolf swiftly defeat the enemies surrounding Jiu Lingyun, without showing any mercy, the enemies fall one by one.

The order from Yi Tianyun is very simple, kill those who are hostile toward Shi Xueyun and Jiu Lingyun


This Snow Wolf howled and countless Snow Wolf charge onwards! But none of them lay a hand on Jade Palaces disciple, they went straight for the enemies.

Shi Xueyun faced Old Ancestor Tian Feng, she has her hands full just from fending off his attack, when Shi Xueyun was knocked back, Old Ancestor Tian Feng quickly close the distance and about to deal the finishing blow when suddenly Yi Tianyuns Snow Wolf blocked his attack with its body, the furious Old Ancestor Tian Feng yelled in frustration Scram, weakling!

Old Ancestor Tian Feng slashed the Snow Wolf.

Dng as if cutting a hard iron block. Snow Wolf was pushed back, but the slash didnt even leave a scratch on its body. After reaching up to Core Condensation Level, the fur become much more solid and harder. Its body can withstand most incoming attacks, with exception of powerful martial arts.


Yi Tianyuns Snow Wolf stood in front of Shi Xueyun and just watch at the Old Ancestor Tian Feng whose hand felt numb after the impact of slashing Snow Wolfs fur.

So you still have other cards in your sleeve! Old Ancestor Tian Feng becomes even more furious.

Old Ancestor Tian Feng was shocked to know that a demon beast at Core Condensation level would protect Jade Palace, in particular Shi Xueyun and Jiu Lingyun.

Is this Tianyuns demon beast? Shi Xueyun was shocked.

Because she saw Snow Wolf just stand by her side, meanwhile other elder is having even harder time, but this Snow Wolf didnt care at all.

What? Elder Yis demon beast? Great Elder Mo Yu, who was knocked back, stand back and regain his fighting spirit, taming a demon beast is not an easy feat, and this Snow Wolfs cultivation level makes it even more unbelievable.

They didnt even know that this Snow Wolf initial cultivation is only Body Refinement, and now it has reached the Core Condensation. Ever since Yi Tianyuns return from Wind City, almost everytime he fight or hunt, he summoned the Snow Wolf beforehand so it gained exp as well.

This is just my hypothesis Shi Xueyun wanted to make sure, and immediately shout: Snow Wolf, go help others!

Snow Wolf is just stood in front of Shi Xueyun, it didnt heed her orders.

It only listens to Yi Tianyuns command, unless Yi Tianyun gave specific command to heed others command, it will not abide.

Hahaha, seems like you cant order it around. I dont know how this Snow Wolf is willing to help you, but even with this Snow Wolf, you wont be able to change the outcome! Old Ancestor Tian Feng looked down on Jade Palace.

Did you speak for yourself?

The familiar voice, the familiar figure appeared in the middle of the battlefield, with intense murderous aura just draw everyones attention to him.


When Shi Xueyun and everyone else saw Yi Tianyun, their hearts throb. Yi Tianyun has become the backbone of Jade Palace without him noticing. The entire Heavenly Jade Palace relied on him, thats why his appearance leaves a huge impact.

You are that brat, how did you get out of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins? I thought you are trapped inside! Old Ancestor Wen Tian was shocked.

Does that really matter right now? Yi Tianyun shouted to Snow Wolf: Give them hell, start from the weakest, go!


Yi Tianyuns Snow Wolf along with other snow wolves immediately charged toward the weakest enemy cultivator. Just one sentence, immediately changed all Snow Wolves fighting pattern, which confirmed that Snow Wolf is Yi Tianyuns demon beast!

I didnt expect you to be able to tame those Snow Wolves but even with you, the outcome is already decided! Old Ancestor Wen Tian looked at Yi Tianyun with a condescending manner, then signaled the two Old Ancestors tormenting Jade Palaces Elder to Kill Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun observed all enemies Old Ancestor with Appraisal Eye. Old Ancestor Wen Tian has the highest combat power among them, but its only 140.000 combat power. In his eyes, its not even worth mentioning!

Youre welcome to try

His eyes immediately emitted a divine light, Dragon God Secret Art is activated, and his body is instantly covered by a dragon scale, enhancing his combat power by a huge margin.

Activate Crazy Mode, 4 Times Damage, 4 Times experience!

Then he took double Exp Pill in addition.

With Dragon God Secret Art, Crazy Mode and the effect of Power accesories set combined, Yi Tianyuns Combat Power rise drastically from 60.000 into 210.000!

A terrifying aura eneveloped Yi Tianyun, and all of them, including Old Ancestor know what fear is like. They feel powerless before Yi Tianyun, even with their current strength they dont feel like they can win against him.

This is he a Spirit Core? Their legs are already shaking without them noticing, Yi Tianyun havent reached Spirit Core yet but because so many enhancement, and a total combat power of 210.000 no wonder they thought Yi Tianyun is at Spirit Core Realm.

Then Yi Tianyun took out a bloody long spear in his hand. This long spear is the Soul Tool that he got before. Red mist is emitted from that Blood Fiend Divine Spear, it continues to disperse into the air, and has the effect to corrupt ones mind when theyve been affected too long by this aura!

With Blood Fiend Divinse Spear, Yi Tianyuns combat power once again increased into 230.000!

Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven!

Yi Tianyun solidify the red mist around him shaping it into arrows.

He wanted to test this Soul Tool while hes at it, he aimed one of the nearest enemies cultivator and launch the arrow, Yi Tianyun kill him in one shot!

xi xi xi

He released the arrow one after another, the arrow is so fast that the target didnt even realize their chest has been pierced through

Boom Boom Boom!

After the arrow pierced their chest, these cultivators burst from inside, and more red mist comes out from the remaining of their bodies.

Yi Tianyun runs out of patience, hes going to kill all enemies, thats what he decided!

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