The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008 Version Star

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Hila turned and looked at Han Xiao, wanting to say something, but in the end, she did not.

She did not expect these Beyond Grade As to gather and discuss such a major topic.

This meeting gradually headed in a magical direction. To Hila and the other new Beyond Grade As, the topic these Beyond Grade A bosses were talking about was way too vast. They could only listen and had no right to speak at all.

Will there be trouble discussing topics like this in our own territory? Hila was worried.

Noticing Hilas expression, Han Xiao gave her a look to not be worried at all.

Ames noticed that the two of them were giving each other looks, so she knocked on Han Xiao to make him look over and quietly said, "You actually had the same goal in mind when hosting this meeting, didnt you? Otherwise, you wouldnt have let Manison use your territory to say something this big."

"Everything is within my calculations." Han Xiao raised his brow.

After the people discussed for a while, someone finally made an important remark.

"Although we cant form an alliance, our circle indeed needs a closer relationship," Kant said with a deep voice. "The communication between us needs to be more frequent."

"The Flickering World will be a suitable reason for that," a neutral peak Beyond Grade A slowly said. "In the past, due to the limitations of factions and areas, the interactions between us were limited. Now, however, all our organizations will enter the Flickering World. This Star Field will become the platform for our communication so that the limit we had before is surpassed to a certain extent. Therefore, we need a bridge, a messenger."

Hearing what this person said, everyone subconsciously turned to look at Han Xiao.

In the known universe, Beyond Grade A organizations were not allowed to expand as much as they wanted to. They were restricted by the advanced civilizations and all kinds of rules. However, in the future, everyone would be able to enter the Flickering World, which had a very deep meaning. Even though the Beyond Grade A civilizations would only be building divisions there, they would have much easier access to one another to a certain extent. This would aid in the communication between all the Beyond Grade As and the unite of this circle, presenting an opportunity for everyones strength to be completely united.

This needed a bridge to act as the center of the transmission of information and resources for the Beyond Grade As in the Flickering World, putting everyone together like glue.

The one who could do this had to have a strong foundation in the Flickering World, and the Black Star Army was the largest force in the Flickering World other than the dynasty

The best candidate to build the bridge was none other than Black Star!

When more than seventy Beyond Grade As stared at one person, even though they had no hostility, the pressure was still quite terrifying. Han Xiao took a deep breath and smiled.

"If you guys need it, Im happy to do this."

In fact, this was one of Han Xiaos goals to begin with. Although the process was a little different, he still obtained what he wanted.

Part of the reason Han Xiao had been making the Black Star Army build such a strong foundation in the Flickering World was indeed to obtain this position.

Since he was an individual with peak strength, he had to face this problem. Although the butterfly effect he triggered changed the storyline, regardless of whether the World Tree War happened before or after the Calamity of the Supers, he had to make preparations for himself in advance.

If he could be the belt of the Calamity of the Supers, he would have more power.

As pinnacles of individual power, unless one was the ruler, there was no such thing as absolute loyalty to a collective power. Ever since the start, the relationship between these two sides had always been making use of each other. The Great Mechanic Han had never even thought of giving his all to an organization. Even kids knew that eggs should not be all placed in one basket. He had to prepare to ensure his own safety.

Interests between different levels of society could never be truly unified. Unless one was willing to be used like a chess piece, these complicated questions would never be simplified.

The relationship between friends and foes changed regularly; the interests shared within a level of society were the most reliable agreement.

"Your Excellency Black Star, you really are a responsible man."

Everyone nodded at Han Xiao and smiled.

"I want to achieve a kind of silent agreement between us all." Manison looked around and said seriously, "When that day really comes, as long as someone sends a signal, I hope everyone can respond to it."

"Thats reasonable," Kasuyi said calmly.

Everyone nodded and achieved an agreement.

They would not be forming an alliance. In usual times, they would still fight for their own factions. However, when the time came, they were willing to step up.

They then chatted about many things for a whole two days and two nights. Only then did the meeting officially end. The various Beyond Grade As took their leave and departed from the Black Star Army.

Manison walked with Kasuyi together toward the dock and chatted softly.

"The content of this meeting will definitely spread to the three Universal Civilizations, yet you didnt hide it at all. Arent you afraid of enraging the Federation of Light?" Kasuyi asked.

Manison smiled. "Even without this meeting, fear will still exist, so I might as well give them some pressure to add on to our chips With Black Star, the federation cant lose me, and vice versa. The difference between factions limits us, but it also restrains them."

"Everything is possible." Kasuyi shook his head. "When a tool starts to have other thoughts, no matter how useful it is, it might still be abandoned anytime."

"Were no tools." Manisons tone was calm. "Remember this, we represent the peak power an individual can achieve. Every single one of us is a treasure of this universe. Not only are we entities of violence, were also precious special gene data banks. We represent the infinite possibilities of evolution itself, and we are never to be controlled or toyed with. If they want to abandon us, there will always be a price to pay."

"I got it. This is why youre in such a hurry, to protect yourself." Kasuyi glanced at him. "Have you finally realized that your forces are too strong?"

Manison did not reply. He paused before sighing. "Sadly EsGod is no more. Although he isnt the same as us, he was still somewhat useful. If he doesnt stand against the three Universal Civilizations, God knows how much help he is to us."

Kasuyis tone was strange. "You know his life span was already not long, dont you?"

"What are you trying to say?"

"Hehe, nothing. Its just he definitely knows about his life span more than anymore." Kasuyi smiled.

After the meeting ended, days passed one after another. The outside world gradually noticed a very strange phenomenon. All the Beyond Grade As who attended the meeting were keeping a shockingly low profile and did not have any conflict with each other.

Initially, with so many Beyond Grade As gathered, instability seemed inevitable. Everyone expected this to affect the order of the Star Field and thought that there would be some Beyond Grade As fighting once in a while. However, they controlled themselves and made sure the Shattered Star Ring remained orderly.

The entire universe was shocked, triggering a wave of speculation.

The reason behind this definitely lay in the meeting that Black Star hosted.

What did Black Star say to make this many Beyond Grade As so disciplined

The rumors kept spreading. Finally, Han Xiao arranged to have someone leak some inside information. Black Star gathered all the Beyond Grade As, representing the Shattered Star Ring, and asked all of them not to cause trouble in order to maintain the order of the Star Field.

As soon as the information was out, the entire Shattered Star Ring was amazed!

The countless local galactic residents felt touched!

Look, how responsible is Black Star? In order to maintain order, he took the risk of gathering this many Beyond Grade As in his very own territory. Hes basically the agent of peace with great love in his heart!

A Beyond Grade A whos willing to speak for us, what a responsible man!

Furthermore, Black Stars action was clearly extremely effective. All the Beyond Grade As were somehow convinced and did not cause trouble, which clearly proved that Black Stars influence was extremely strong.

To have someone like this in our Star Field, its a blessing for us!

With this, Han Xiaos reputation in the Shattered Star Ring rocketed in a short period of time.

Having done something like this, the countless galactic residents did not mind having Black Star speak for the entire Shattered Star Ring at all.

The power and position as the leader of the Star Field was now finally approved by even the galactic residents.

To the Black Star Army, this meeting was like a promotion event which increased their fame.

This meeting itself was also a noteworthy event more than enough to be written into the history books.

On the internet, more and more people felt that this was a signature event before the opening of the Flickering World, and they gave it a nickname [Meeting of the Gods]


You have received 2 Universe Legendary Points.

Universe Legendary Point: Representative of the Shattered Star RingYou have been recognized by this Star Field. In the future, you have the right to represent the Shattered Star Ring!

Universe Legendary Point: Initiator of the Meeting of the GodsAfter many years, the many Beyond Grade As have gathered once again. As the initiator of this event, youve been written into the history books!


"Meeting of the Gods? How about just calling it Martial Arts Tournament?"

In the headquarters of the Black Star Army, Han Xiao could not help but snidely comment on that name after looking at the notification on the interface.

Other than the name, he was quite satisfied with everything else. Two Legendary Points was quite a good reward.

The mission given by the Crimson Dynasty to maintain the order of the Star Field was also completed, giving him a few billion EXP, as well as a decent amount of the Crimson Dynasty Contribution Points.

Now that Hila had become a Beyond Grade A, he had reasons to purchase Ultimate Knowledges of the Esper class from the dynasty, so he had new ways to spend the Contribution Points. The more Hila owed him, the easier he could keep Hila in the army.

After the dynastys mission was completed, Urranrell personally made a call to compliment him but refused to speak about the other matter Nonetheless, no one intended to hide it.

Of course, the three Universal Civilizations knew about this. Since she did not say anything, Han Xiao understood the dynastys stance on this. They knew that questioning their allies would do nothing, so they had an understanding with each other.

"There wont be any problems over here in the Shattered Star Ring now" Han Xiao played around with a palm sized pet robot. "Now Ill just have to wait for the dynasty to blow the horn of the new era."

With so many Beyond Grade As already making a stand, the other organizations did not cause trouble either. Everyone waited patiently and peacefully for the Flickering World to open.

What Han Xiao did was make the Star Field stable. Everyone focused on making preparations as days passed.

After a few months, the day finally came.

On this day, the dynasty officially announced the opening of the Flickering World. The Inter-Star Field Stargates leading to the Flickering World were all activated!

At the same time, a notification about the start of the new version popped up on Han Xiaos interface as wellthe players had finally come online!

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