The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Ahead of Us

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The monster raised it muscular arm and slammed his hand down at Han Xiao as if he were a fly. There was a change in the air pressure from the immense force exerted by the hand, suffocating Han Xiao.

As the rotting stench filled his nostrils, Han Xiao quickly slid to dodge the attack like a mudskipper. The monster's strike missed him by a few millimeters, the strong wind blowing his hair into a mess.

When the monster's palm hit the ground, there was a huge boom. A dent was created in the ground, and dust could also be seen rising into the air. Han Xiao immediately held his breath and squinted to prevent the dust from entering his body.

He fired the Berserk Eagles violently at the rotting flesh of the monster, sending smelly puss spurting into the air.


You dealt 57 points of damage to Subject 002!

You have entered combat mode. Based on your current level, you will have access to the following information:

Subject 002:

Level: 42

Main Class: Low-level mutated organism (Endurance to HP conversion ratio is at 1:100)

Attributes: 65 STR, 20 DEX, 60 (90) END, 1 INT, ? MYS, ? CHA, ? LUK

Energy: 0

Energy Rank: 0

Health: 1854/7800 (Constant decomposition)

Status: Intense decompositionDefense -25, Endurance -30All traits are in serious decline.


- Physical Improvement: Strength +5, Endurance +10

- Mid-level HP Boost: Additional increase in HP from the conversion of endurance. The ration is 1:30.

- ???


- Silent Movement LV 12

- Heavy Smash LV 8

- Collide LV 5

- ???

Although for normal players, the professional level was usually capped at LV 10, there were some professions that allowed for higher levels. Low-level mutated organism was one of such special cases.

As Han Xiao fired both his pistols continuously at the target, the large diameter bullets slammed into the body of Subject 002, forming holes in the monster's body.

With every shot, a bang resounded through the base.

The commotion is too much for me to handle. I need to end the battle fast. Han Xiao had a heavy heart. Luckily, Subject 002 was in a rather poor physical state. If the monster had full HP, it would have been tough for him to escape.

Subject 002 seemed to be unable to feel pain. It lowered its head and barged toward the target. Han Xiao felt like a steam train was barging at him!

Swiftly stowing his pistols, he took out his blade. He slashed the retractable machete hard at the skull of the monster. With a 'Dang', the blade pierced hard into the skull. Puss spilled out from the monster's head. Han Xiao was also hit by the monster's charge. He only had the time to put his hands before him, and it felt like he was facing a wild rhinoceros. He was unable to keep his balance and moved backward. While moving back, he crashed into two experiment platforms and could feel a sharp pain in his hip bone. There was also an acute pain in his chest that made him short of breath.

Multiple injuries suffered by Han Xiao flashed on the screen of the interface.

Han Xiao's blade was still stuck in the bones and flesh of Subject 002. The yellowish puss was flowing out of the wound seamlessly. The monster attempted to growl in anger, but it could only make shrieks since its vocal chords were also decomposing. The monster's fists fired out rapidly, creating strong gusts of wind that brought the dust along. However, the motion of the punches thrown by the monster was easily discernable for Han Xiao.

The collision he had experienced previously was definitely a skill of the monster that could not be used repeatedly. Han Xiao also wanted to observe if the enemy had any specific weaknesses. The conclusion was clear. The monster really did not have a brain and could move its body even when its brain was being hacked.

Han Xiao dodged the fists of the monster. He quickly moved to the back of Subject 002 and activated the thermo-electrical incisor gloves. He pressed the gloves hard on the enemy, and a glaring pale-blue light was released in the darkness. The gloves were scorching, and the heat burnt through the rotten muscle tissues of the monster. There was an intense charred smell in the air.

Han Xiao managed to grab a sticky internal organ of the monster. He tried to rip it hard with his hands, and white smoke emerged in the air. Subject 002 was constantly trying to wave its hands and attack Han Xiao, but Han Xiao managed to evade the attacks.

The thermo-electrical incisor gloves were able to cause high damage to the enemy continuously. In less than ten seconds, it inflicted a total damage of around 800 HP. The heat from the gloves managed to scorch the body of the monster.

After flashing for a few times, the light from the gloves disappeared, indicating that the battery providing power to the gloves had been depleted. The battery powering the gloves could only sustain the gloves' activities for a few minutes. Su Li had used the gloves before Han Xiao snatched them from her, and Han Xiao had managed to deplete the last bit of energy left in the gloves' battery.

Han Xiao retreated quickly, and by utilizing his nimbleness and agility, he managed to evade the attacks of the monster. The monster was like a low-level creature with almost zero intelligence. Although it was physically strong, it was no match of Han Xiao's quickness and intelligence. Only the monster's charges were considered threatening.

Han Xiao made good use of the terrain and obstacles around to evade the monster's attacks and finally defeated the monster with his never-ending gunshots.

The monster swirled unsteadily on the spot like it was drunk before collapsing to the ground. The monster stopped breathing, and the puss flowed out of the monster's gunshot wounds.


You killed Subject 002 (LV 42).

You gained 32,000 EXP.


As you killed an enemy that is ten levels higher, there will be an addition gain of experience by 280%. The total experience gained will be 89,600. Your rate of contribution: 23.7%

You gained an additional 21,235 (23.7%) experience points.

A shuffling sound could be heard. It grew louder. The sound surrounded the entire area. Limbs started to protrude out of the cracks in the metallic flooring.

Han Xiao realized that something was wrong. His expression changed drastically, and he started fleeing toward where he had come from.

There was a huge boom from afar that sounded like the collision between metallic objects. There were also roars from a beast, and they sounded as if they were heading in Han Xiao's direction.

All signs indicated that although he had successfully wiped out Subject 002, he had triggered the activity of something else.

Han Xiao had managed to kill Subject 002. However, as recorded by the diary, the last subject of the series of experiments was Subject 008, and that meant that there were a couple more monsters like Subject 002. Perhaps, these monsters were even stronger and wandering about the various corners of the base. Since Han Xiao had already obtained what he wanted, it was time for him to flee.

Ignoring all sorts of creepy sounds, Han Xiao fled the base at the speed of light. He managed to leave the area safely and started crawling back up the cliff. The light from the sun hit his body, and he could finally relax his senses. The abandoned facility had an atmosphere that was too creepy. It was as if danger was everywhere. He had felt like he was walking along a tightrope in midair.

Fortunately, he had managed to obtain the three tubes of Felonia Serum, and Han Xiao could not imagine the value of these serums. However, he had no time to check out his loot. The different military groups in the Somar desert would quickly arrive after discovering the events that had occurred in the area.

With that thought in mind, Han Xiao left the area on his jeep.

About an hour after Han Xiao left the scene, the fleets of vehicles arrived at the entrance to Felonia. They all looked at the entrance of the cave in shock. They subsequently informed their wealthy sponsors about their discovery. The different military groups were all eyeing the hidden treasure of Felonia, and they were willing to fight it out to achieve their goal.

The leaders of these militias sent out orders for their troops to explore the facility.

The militants eventually put their battles on hold and sent reconnaissance groups into the facility. The huge amount of people entering the facility made it seem less creepy and frightening.

"There are Desert Necro-worms in the basement."

"Tell someone up top to bring the flame-throwers down."

The flamethrowers started spitting fire through the metallic flooring into the basement compartment where the worms were active. The worms squealed as they were engulfed in the flames. The mixture of the smell of the burnt worms and the rotting stench of the facility was nauseating.

The Desert Necro-worms were relatively short, less than ten centimeters, and they looked like centipedes with beetle-like shells. There were antennae on the worms' heads, and their red eyes could also be seen. They had pincers that could slice one's bones and could also be used for the ingestion of their prey.

There were tens of thousands of such worms in the facility, and the waves of worms started to retaliate. The worms crawled up and approached the militants from two directions. The various militias decided to team up in a defense against these worms. They used their flame-throwers and bullets to push back the waves of worms.

Just as the situation stabilized, the worms suddenly dispersed, and a few rotting creatures barged out. They did not care about the bullets or flames and penetrated the formation set up by the troops.

The militants were all astonished.

"What's that? They look so fucking disgusting!"

"Maintain formation."

"Fuck, the worms are invading our positions!"

"Kill the monster first wait, there are three monsters!"

"We need back up. I repeat, we need back up!"

The gunshots went on for a while before the scene fell silent.

There were burnt worms and their shells everywhere. The monsters had been battered to death by the bullets and embers. The militants had also suffered substantial losses. The only consolation was that they had won the battle.

Couton kicked the corpse of the dead monster and muttered, "They look like experimental subjects of a series of biochemical experiments."

The troops started clearing the battlefield. They ventured up and down the base to explore the area. They blew up the gates to check out the locked rooms but unfortunately did not find anything. There was only rusty equipment and a couple of documents in the facility that the troops found valuable and kept.

The most valuable discovery were the last dregs of the dried-up neon-colored serum left in the experimental pod and the dead body of the experiment subject. These items led to the secret that the leaders of these militant groups were looking for. Perhaps they could test the effects of the serum in their own labs. However, looking at the monsters that the experimental subjects had turned into, it seemed that the serum was not yet complete.

The militants went into the lab that Han Xiao had discovered no long ago, and they found another dead experimental subjectSubject 002with fresh wounds.

"Someone came ahead of us!"

Couton looked into the case that housed the three tubes of serum, and it was empty. There were signs that someone had tampered with the case.

His eyes instantly lit up.

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