The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 Gauds Headache

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Han Xiao glanced at it with interest.

Primal Esper Ability Entities were strong, but they were not much to him now.

Using a certain comic that he had read in his previous life as reference, Primal Esper Ability Entities were like tailed beasts, praised by the writer as something almost unbeatable at the start, but to those characters in the later stages of the comic

What? Can this thing even kill anyone?

Similarly, the owner was like the Jinchuriki. If the Primal Esper Ability Entity met a powerful owner, it would have strong powers.

Looking at the mission reward, Han Xiao started planning.

In terms of this mission’s difficulty, it would require many Calamity Grades to form a team, so it’s considered a team mission for the later versions. Two Character Summon Cards, so probably the Character Summon Cards of the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy and Holy Light Particle.

To players, they basically cannot become the owners of Primal Esper Ability Entities, so Character Summon Cards are useful to them. To someone like me who can tame them, however, Character Summon Cards are just the cherry on top But this Milestone Mission seems quite interesting

Han Xiao had seen other special milestones in his previous life, which were usually all hidden missions. However, this was the first time he had seen this [Primal Esper Ability Collector] milestone. No one had ever triggered it in his previous life.

“Sounds exotic, but its effects are unknown. Maybe it’s more suitable for Espers.”

Han Xiao caressed his chin, thought about it for just a few seconds, and then put it aside.

No matter what this milestone was about, he was going to get the Holy Light Particle one way or another. He mainly wanted another Primal Esper Ability Entity, so the mission was just the icing on the cake. He would see about this special milestone when the time came; speculating would not lead to anything.

“I’ll agree to this then. Let’s make the Holy Light Particle come and accompany you.”

“So, when do we depart?”

The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy could not wait. It looked like it wanted to take revenge on its arch enemy, but according to what had happened in Han Xiao’s previous life, Han Xiao kept feeling like it was looking forward to seeing its old friend.

Hehe, Esper Abilities.

Han Xiao thought about it, shook his head, and said, “Not now, I have something to do. When the time comes, I’ll go find it.”

He still had some things to do. His priority was to build the King and Emperor’s Cape, the two pieces of gold equipment. Also, he had to invent and build a special host for the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy, the artificial mechanical owner.

This way, he would have a special mechanical guard that possessed a Super High Risk Esper Ability. Its Grade would be difficult to judge, as it would depend on the performance of the host. If he could turn it into a mechanical life, with the effect of the Esper Ability, it would have exceptional specifications.

Of course, there were precedents of this in the Mechanic class. The Beyond Grade As whom the Mechanic Emperor had captured were used as materials to make special mechanical puppets. Apostle Weapons were high-level soldiers provided by the class itself, but Mechanics could invent and create their own high-level soldiers.

On the other hand, the intelligence that Secret Master had given him made Han Xiao more certain that Hila was in a risky position. Therefore, his original body had to stay hidden in the Emerald Star Cluster and would only move when the opportunity came.

At the same time, players all over the universe were swarming toward the Flickering World. The World Server was forming very quickly. According to Han Xiao’s knowledge about the players, although he was having a great time harvesting leeks, due to how much the army players stood out, they might become the target of the players from the other factions. He had to stay there and see the direction of things. Due to the existence of the Black Star Army, the players in the Flickering World would, of course, take different actions compared to his previous life. Hence, he had to improvise and adapt.

Compared to the importance of these things, capturing the Holy Light Particle would have to be postpones. Not to mention the fact that he had to travel to a secondary dimension to carry out this mission, as well as find out which secondary dimension the Holy Light Particle was in.

“Alright, I’ll wait.”

The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy did not mind; it was not in a hurry. It understood that Black Star was its master, not an owner or tool like those before.

The only thing it was sad about was that it might be sealed in a lifeless mechanical body and not be able to communicate with anyone, which would be a lot less fun than playing with its owner.

“Sigh, I only found a perfect compatible owner not long ago. Sadly, I won’t be able to enter him.”

Han Xiao cut off the psionic link, put the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy into his pocket, and stood up. He stowed the Divine Mechanical Throne away, summoned his ride, and headed back with Psionic Prime and the others.

As dust settled around the ownership of the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy, all the participants who retreated did not keep it a secret. They quickly posted the recording of the event, which became the top news in just a few hours.

“The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy Appeared, Fell into Black Star’s Hands!”

The changes in the Flickering World affected the entire universe. The news about the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy appearing in the free competition zone and falling into Black Star’s hands quickly spread across the various Star Fields.

The galactic residents did not know much about Primal Esper Ability Entities, but the Super High Risk Esper Ability List was famous. Furthermore, the news mentioned the two popular terms ‘Flickering World’ and ‘Black Star’. There was even the recording of the battle venue. Hence, this news becoming a hot topic at countless dinner tables was not uncommon.

A few hours after this news, the production company of Wayne Cards made an announcement, expressing that they would be making the new Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy card and potentially adding it to the Black Star Army’s faction card set. Furthermore, they would be considering introducing the ‘Primal Esper Ability Entity’ set card. The way they rode the hype train was astonishing.

The players who liked to surf the internet saw this news too. While shocked, they learned the new concept of ‘Primal Esper Ability Entities’.

However, the popularity of this news mainly revolved around the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy. Black Star had done way too many astonishing things. Compared to the major events in the past, this was not that big a deal. The countless galactic residents and players were used to it.

We knew how incredible Black Star is long ago. This is just a basic occurrence, so sit down.

At a certain military base of the dynasty, in a very crowded and noisy bar that was filled with loud laughter and cheers, the atmosphere was joyous. All the guests there were soldiers and officers wearing the dynasty’s uniform.

This military base mainly functioned as a training ground. Many dynasty soldiers accepted training there. As it was a half-closed base, it had internal entertainment venues, mainly bars. In the current era, the civilizations would not be too strict with the Super soldiers. They had quite good privileges and benefits. Even when training in an isolated base, they could still enjoy life to a certain extent.

Many Super key training camps were training there too, which consisted of those who were on the list of people the dynasty wanted to focus on training. Gaud was one of them.

A group of key training students were sitting at the bar. They were all Calamity Grades. They drank joyfully and chattered with each other.

Gaud was among them. He held his glass with a calm smile on his face, occasionally saying a few words, looking like he was quite sociable. It was a friendly atmosphere.

He got the most attention among all the training students. The Esper Ability he possessed had an extremely bright future. Hence, he had always been famous in the training camp.

Someone shook his head and said with a smile, “Among us, the one who has the highest chance of breaking through the Beyond Grade A limit is you, Gaud. It’s so hard to compete. Maybe we will all become your subordinates in the future. We’ll need you to take care of us then.”

“By the way, if you become a Beyond Grade A, what position do you plan to take on? You probably won’t make it as the Ruler’s guard, and the dynasty most likely won’t send you out, so you’ll probably be the commander of a certain army,” someone else said.

“It’s whatever for me.” Gaud smiled. His identity would be a direct Beyond Grade A of the dynasty, so his development direction would be different from the allies. He could be a part of the dynasty’s core authority like Clotti.

Someone laughed and jokingly said, “According to past conventions, we’ll likely join your team Sigh, we might as well cheer for our future boss. You’re not going anywhere today before you get drunk.”

Gaud smiled and accepted the passion of his comrades.

While the atmosphere was exciting, Gaud suddenly caught a glimpse of the news that was playing on the virtual screen on the bar’s war. His face quickly stiffened, and his smile disappeared.

His abnormal response surprised his comrades. They looked over following his sight and saw that the screen was playing the news about the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy being snatched away by Black Star.

“Yo, Black Star did something again.”

“Incredible, no wonder he’s the next pillar the dynasty has chosen.”

“A few years ago, when I accepted the changes of the Evolution Cube, I met him up close and almost could not stop myself from wanting to ask him for an autograph.”

“Luckily, he’s the dynasty’s ally instead of the federation or the church. It’s a blessing for the dynasty.”

The others could not help but start chatting about this topic. Everyone there admired the strong. Many of them were fans of the various Beyond Grade A dynasty allies, and a number of them were Black Star’s fans.

At this time, Gaud put down his glass, stood up with a poker face, and coldly said, “I have something to attend to. I’m heading off.”

Without waiting for the others to respond, he passed through the crowd and left the bar, leaving his many comrades confused and exchanging looks.

What’s going on? What happened?

Gaud left the bar, quickly returned to his room, took out his communicator, and contacted Bekorodi.

After it rang for quite a while, the other side finally picked up. Gaud instantly questioned, “You told me to wait for the good newsis this the good news you spoke of?”

Bekorodi stayed silent for a few seconds before finally slowly replying. “Black Star’s interference was unexpected. The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy is indeed in his hands now.”

“So, what do you plan to do?” Gaud was expressionless.

“I’ll try to save this, see if we can exchange something for the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy.”

Gaud stayed silent and did not ask what was going to happen if that did not work.

The dynasty was willing to give the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy to him for him to make full use of his Esper Ability and help him become a Beyond Grade A sooner. Then, he would be able to analyze the principles of the Evolution Energy. Without the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy, the dynasty would still wait for him to slowly grow.

However, to Gaud, this meant that he had lost a powerful source of strength. Without the various special abilities of the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy, the specialized plan he had made for himself would be severely messed up, and he would not reach his strongest form.

This meant that his future maximum strength was directly reduced!

“Black Star won’t be able to use the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy himself. As long as we take out enough chips, he’ll be willing to exchange it. It’s not impossible. I”

Bekorodi was still analyzing the situation when Gaud spoke and interrupted him.

“Let’s keep to that then. Notify me when there’s any progress.”

Then, Gaud hung up the call and frowned slightly.

He was in an extremely bad mood and did not bother wasting his time with Bekorodi. He knew that the chance of regaining the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy was thin.

The dynasty would not overpay for a Primal Esper Ability Entity that was not completely necessary, and Black Star was a piece of sh*t who would never make a losing deal. From what he knew about these two sides, the odds of making the deal were infinitely close to zero.

Gaud shook his head and crossed out the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy in his mind.

With the power he had now, he had absolutely no way to interfere with the fight for the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy. The only way was to borrow the dynasty’s forces, and the dynasty had failed. Hence, he had no other options, and there was nothing he could do about it.

He had yet to fulfil his potential, while Black Star’s forces became stronger and stronger. Since the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy was gone, he could only let it be. It was far from time to mess with Black Star.

“I thought that with the dynasty taking part, this would be in the bag, but you ruined it. Now, I have to adjust my growth plan Tsk, Black Star, oh Black Star, you really give me a lot of trouble.”

Gaud was in a very bad mood.

Outside the remote communication room of the Modo Civilization’s Emerald Star Cluster stronghold, two soldiers who were stationed there were whispering.

“How long has it been since the commander and the inspector went in?”

“Probably almost an hour.”

“Looks like the Three Kings have summoned them. I wonder when they will come out”

“Hey, the gate’s opening. Stand properly.”

The gate of the room slid open, the two guards quickly stood straight, stopped talking, and looked straight forward, acting diligent. However, their eyes uncontrollably shifted to glance at Commander Roddick and Inspector Lagos.

Roddick’s face looked like he was on the verge of exploding, while Lagos looked borderline depressed.

As the sacrifice of tens of Calamity Grade elites was completely meaningless, they had earned a thunderous scolding from the Three Kings of Modo, as well as their direct bosses. Their image among the upper echelons fell to rock-bottom.

Although he was just executing the mission given by the people above and the death of tens of Calamity Grades was not his fault, he could do nothing but take the blame. He was so furious that he had almost exploded.

Lagos had no way of comforting him. He asked hesitantly, “Our high-level combatants have suffered heavy losses. Like the Three Kings said earlier, that cannot occur. What do you plan to do?”

“It’s all because of Black Star!” Roddick clenched his fists tightly and said with rage, “If we continue to be this passive, Black Star will ruthlessly bite off our forces. Without solving this problem once and for all, similar things will keep happening.”

If we could stop Black Star, we would have Lagos smiled bitterly with resignation and asked, “So, what idea do you have?”

“If we could kill Black Star” Roddick was murmuring. He then turned around and immediately saw Lagos’s unamused expression, so he swallowed what he was going to say next. He thought about it and said, “By ourselves, there’s no way we can fight Black Star, so we can only borrow external forces. If we cause the Black Star Army a lot of trouble and make them have no time to deal with us, maybe we can mitigate the current situation.”

“For example?”

Roddick opened his mouth and felt helpless.

If something like this was so easy to think of, how could they have ended up in this situation? If they did not make some gigantic contributions, their promotion would probably never come.

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