The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046 Enemy Spotted

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The combat power was wholly dependent on the performance of the carrier, as well as its fusion rate with the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy. In simple terms, this situation was similar to that of EsGodan inherently strong host would allow the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy to burst forth with its fullest strength.

However, the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy’s main purpose was to provide energy, similar to a tool. It would be constrained within the carrier, and it would be the carrier itself or the artificial intelligence Sparta that controlled the body to fight instead.

Because this carrier was only the first prototype, there was still a lot of room for improvement, so Han Xiao did not turn it into an Apostle Weapon immediately.

“This model will be named [Mysterious Energy HostFirst Generation]. I’ll come out with a new code name when it becomes an Apostle Weapon.”

Han Xiao was quite satisfied. He had a lot of skills that could increase the upper limit of his mechanical skills, so he still had vacancies to create Apostle Weapons.

“Noted, hum The model name has been recorded, and its entry in the database is complete.”

Han Xiao nodded. He then sized up the carrier carefully before saying, “How do you feel?”

The next moment, a mental fluctuation was released, and the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy said, “It’s a little too cozy and uncomfortable. Give me a better carrier in the future.”

“Relax, the model has already been created, and optimization will be a simple process.” Han Xiao waved his hand casually.

“Humph, replace this carrier with a mechanical life form so that there will at least be someone to converse with me. Right now, I feel like I’m trapped within a prison.” The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy was grumbling nonstop.

Han Xiao suddenly recalled something and interrupted, “Oh yes, do you think it’s possible if I were to split you into eight equal pieces to create a team of Mysterious Energy Hosts?”

“Don’t even think about it!” The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy immediately lashed out. “I won’t allow you to mutilate my body! Ab! So! Lute! Ly! Not!”

“What an intense reaction. Is it unbearable for your senses?” Han Xiao was a little curious. He could not help but ask that upon thinking of EsGod.

“Humph, it’s equivalent to you dismembering a person and that person having to watch others use his body parts as weapons, playing with his body at will. Furthermore, the pain inflicted on the parts will still be transmitted back to the brain, so you tell me whether this is good or not,” the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy grumbled in dissatisfaction.

“Cough, treat it as I never mentioned it.”

Thinking about it, Han Xiao realized that the scene was a little gruesome and coughed to hide his embarrassment. He pretended that nothing of the sort had been spoken.

Next, he tested the combat power of the First Generation Mysterious Energy Host, applying many scenarios that would require the usage of Esper Abilities. The results only left him with satisfaction.

As a Super High Risk Esper Ability, the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy definitely had a plethora of abilities. It could strengthen itself, radiate the powerful dual attributes of psychic and spatial energies, and fly at high speed. It could even shuttle through secondary dimensions and extract energy directly from the planetary cores.

Since it had yet to receive the bonuses offered by a mechanical life form and Apostle Weapon, its combat power was far lower than a Beyond Grade A, but once the Mysterious Energy Host turned into an Apostle Weapon, it would likely become the most capable existence among the Apostle Weapons. Even Psionic Prime, who had been continuously evolving for many years, might not be its opponent.

“As long as the optimization is completed, the Mysterious Energy Host will become my top fighter and might even defeat ordinary Beyond Grade As.”

Obtaining another strong helper in battle left Han Xiao overjoyed.

At this moment, Phillip vibrated before saying, “Master, hum There’s news from Black Star Palace. A Beyond Grade A has come knocking.”

“Who is it?” Han Xiao’s eyes narrowed.

Since it was Black Star Palace, who would dare go and lay their hands on his home base?

This person’s courage was really too great. With the resources he had poured into Black Star Palace, alongside the troops stationed there, one would require two Beyond Grade As to attack it in order to pose a threat.

“Uh, it’s not an enemy. It’s an ally of the dynasty, Silver Shadow.”

Han Xiao immediately jerked to a stop, his expression a little puzzled.

Why did this guy come over to my base camp in secret to find me?

“Who’s receiving him now? Did he mention his intentions?”

“Ames has received him. He came here with a gift and would like to request for an opportunity to use the Evolution Cube.”

“So, that’s what this is” Han Xiao figured.

Previously, when he fought with Silver Shadow, he defeated him, thus robbing Silver Shadow of the chance to request to use the Evolution Cube. Thus, he had most likely been searching for bargaining chips that would allow him to do an exchange.

“What sort of presents did he bring for me?” Han Xiao was curious.

“It seems like he brought some rare blueprints and materials. I have no idea where he got them.”

“Blueprints that works.”

Han Xiao had already decided to properly befriend this Uber, so when he asked about the bargaining chips, he had set the bar low. As long as he showed a favorable attitude, then he would lend Silver Shadow the Evolution Cube. In this regard, Han Xiao’s style was to treat each individual differently. People like Heber who were always annoying him would not be able to borrow the Evolution Cube even if he gave the entire Bloodshed Land to him.

“What a coincidence, to come precisely when my true body is not in the base.” Han Xiao tapped Phillip’s round face with his finger. “So, where’s the Throne now?”

“Reporting, it has almost arrived at Black Star Palace. The ETA is in a few hours, hum” Phillip gurgled as he hugged Han Xiao’s finger.

“Then let him converse up with Ames for the time being. I’ll be there once the Throne has arrived.”

With the King already crafted, Han Xiao had gotten his mechanical army to secretly transport the warp point ‘Throne’ as well as Evans back to their main camp, Black Star Palace. It had already been some time since they did so, and with the exclusive stargate passage of the Black Star Army, they took many shortcuts. They were already nearing Black Star Palace.

The moment the Throne arrived in his palace, he would be able to utilize the King to warp directly there. As long as he did not stay longer than three minutes, he would be able to re-activate the charge and return to his original position before the cooldown began.

At the same time, in the Army Commander’s reception room in Black Star Palace, Silver Shadow placed both hands on his knees, sitting up straight, appearing cautious and polite.

And opposite him, Ames was seated on the main seat, one hand supporting her chin, while the other telekinetically brought three wine glasses to the table. She smiled. “No need to be polite. Let’s have something to drink first.”

By the side, Feidin smiled lightly. “Your Excellency Silver Shadow, the Army Commander has just gone to inspect the territories and will be back in a few hours. Please wait for a moment.”

“Alright.” Silver Shadow nodded before lifting the glass and emptying it.

Ames sized up Silver Shadow’s gleaming body with some interest. “I heard from Black Star that you have good strength, and he’s very optimistic about your potential.”

“Thank you. I’m also deeply respectful of His Excellency Black Star.” Silver Shadow hesitated for a while before continuing. “Actually, I have a question to ask”

“What is it?” Ames lightly smiled as she lifted the glass to sip at her wine.

“Black Star is not here, but why is it you that is welcoming me?” Silver Shadow was a little hesitant as he spoke.

In his opinion, while the Black Star Army and Floating Dragon Island were allies, there was no need for them to replace each other to meet other Beyond Grade As. After all, the officers of the army were present, and the Dragon Emperor should be a guest. However, it seemed like she was treating this place like her house.

Unless the rumors were true, that Black Star and the Dragon Emperor had that sort of relationship?

“How is that surprising?” Ames raised a brow. “Black Star told me to come over to meet him, but he ended up going away, so of course I’m the one to welcome the Beyond Grade A guests instead.”

Hearing this, Silver Shadow felt that there were a lot of hidden meanings within.

Such a natural tone ha, the rumors were indeed true!

He had actually felt it strange at the start. Why would Ames come all the way from afar to visit Black Star Palace? But now it was all clear. If they really had such a relationship, it was no big deal for Black Star to call the Dragon Emperor over to spend some long and sleepless nights together.

Thinking about this made Silver Shadow subconsciously display an even more respectful attitude. While he was someone who did not enjoy small talk, he tried his best to accommodate Ames’ requests.

After all, he had a request to ask of Black Star, and since a ‘family member’ had come out to greet him, it would be rude for him to snub them.

At the same time, in the Emerald Star Cluster, a spaceship flew over from the distance, slowly approaching the entrance of the Black Star Army’s stronghold.

Seeing this, the defense force in outer space immediately separated two battleships, intercepting the ship and issuing a warning on the wide area channel.

“Visitor, please stop advancing and identify yourself!”

After the message was sent, the strange spaceship slowly switched off, hovering in outer space.

But the next moment, a tyrannical energy fluctuation burst out, and all energy detection radars in the entire stronghold instantly rang, sending out endless warning alarms.


“Alert! Alert! High-energy fluctuations detected. The model is being matched Match found. The source is determined to be an energy release from a Beyond Grade A!”


A commotion erupted throughout the stronghold, and the fleet in outer space immediately gathered. The cannons on the ground also raised their muzzles toward the air, locking onto the spaceship, and a large number of battleships rose into the air. The stronghold instantly entered a state of combat.

The next moment, the figure of Tolaen appeared on the wide area channel, laughing arrogantly as his entire body blazed with Demonfire.

“Ahahahaha Hila! I’m here to get my revenge! Last time, I was beaten by you, but today, I shall wash away my humiliation. Do you dare fight me once more!”

As he spoke, his Beyond Grade A aura slammed against the stronghold.

In the training room, Hila suddenly opened her eyes, her gaze cold.

The warning from Han Xiao a while ago reappeared on her mind, which made her more cautious in dealing with matters.

Seeing that the defeated person had actually come looking for another battle with her, she thought to herself, What a fraud does he really take me for a fighting idiot?

At this moment, the Vice Commander contacted her.

“Your Excellency Hila, he’s challenging you. What should we do?”

Hila had an indifferent expression, blandly replying, “What does the army manual say about how to deal with an enemy that’s close to the stronghold? Do I still need to teach you? Just because the other party is a Beyond Grade A, you suddenly do not know what to do. What’s the use of having you around?”

The Vice Commander shrank his neck. “I I understand.”

Being surrounded in the starry sky by battleships, Tolaen patiently waited after sending out his battle request. He sneered to himself. With Hila’s character as a fighting nut, there’s a high probability she will agree. Kasuyi and the rest are hiding in the vicinity. As long as I lead her over whilst pretending to fight with her, we can complete this ambush.

Just as he was planning his movements, he found out that his vision was gradually brightening.

Tolaen looked up in a hurry, only to see that the Black Star Army fleet surrounding him had begun to open fire without any greetings.

The light of countless energy cannons filled his vision!

Tolaen’s expression paled.

F*ck me, you’re not following the script at all!

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