The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Rothschild

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With a huge sum of money in his wallet, Han Xiao could spend extravagantly. He purchased a new batch of mechanical parts from Fabian Company.

In one day, using the skills from his job advancement, Han Xiao upgraded all his equipment and made blueprints for new items.

The Electromagnetic Hover-boots looked like a pair of metal boots. The heels and soles had a special device that could utilize the electromagnetic field to reduce surface friction. The power for which was generated by the high-energy battery inside the boots. The user could glide and coast on any type of surface, as if ice-skating, at an extremely high speed that was comparable to that of a car. The battery could supply enough energy for the boots to run at maximum power output for twenty minutes.

Han Xiao then painted the boots in silver and black stripes, and they looked stylish. Also, he conveniently added breathable knitting, a spongy cushion, and leather exterior for the boots. The boots were now comfortable for every day wear. One did not need to change into them only during battles.

Soon, the Rothschilds' representative visited him.

In Hotel Victoria, Alphonsus was seated in the VIP lounge. He rested his hands on his knees while he waited for his guest to arrive.

As the door opened and Han Xiao walked in, Alphonsus got up and held out his hand elegantly as he said with a deep and magnetic voice, "I am Alphonsus from the Rothschild Family. I want to discuss some matters with you."

Han Xiao went on to shake his hand. He felt Alphonsus' thumb pressing firmly on the area between his thumb and index finger while he steadily shook for a moment. It was the type of handshake that was habitual for a person of authority, mostly used to exert dominance over the other person. This kind of handshake was easy to recognize for Han Xiao as his grandfather used to do it.

The principle was rather simple: just like how perverts would lightly scratch a girl's hand when they shook her hand, a person of different status, job, or identity would have different habits. Handshakes would differ greatly depending on the people executing and receiving it, such as a subordinate seeking a favor from his boss, a male trying to seduce a lady, a person meeting a stranger, or two people of high-status fighting against each other.

Alphonsus was clearly not just a simple envoy. Han Xiao could already guess at the Rothschild Family's purpose for meeting him.

As both were seated, Alphonsus said, "The assignment for Rose Militant has been on the list for nearly three years, and many assassins failed miserably. You, Mr. Black, actually completed it alone, much to my surprise."

"You flatter me. This was just a standard operation, nothing to praise."

Yet, your tone does not sound at all humble, Alphonsus quietly thought.

The two made some small talk before Han Xiao cut straight to the point. "Our relationship is only limited to that between a client and an assassin. Since the assignment is completed, we have no need for any further association. You clearly came to visit me for something else."

"You are right. I am here to ask you some questions." Alphonsus nodded. His body suddenly leaned forward, creating a hint of tension. He stared right at Han Xiao and said solemnly, "Did you visit an abandoned base in the Somar Desert?"

Alphonsus continuously observed Han Xiao's expression and eyes whilst he spoke. He would immediately know that Han Xiao was lying if he showed any hint of hesitation. The Rothschild Family knew about the research project from the experiment diary taken from the base, and they highly valued it. If they could obtain the Felonia serum, they might be able to produce unique items from it.

Much to his surprise, Han Xiao actually took out a tube of yellow-fluorescent blood serum and place directly on the table.

"Name your price," he said nonchalantly.

Alphonsus was startledhe did not expect Han Xiao to be so frank.

"This item is useless to me. Since you want it, you can pay to buy it."

Alphonsus glanced at the serum. He did not worry that Han Xiao was lying to himthose who dared to scam the Rothschild Family had all died.

"How much do you want?"

"It depends on your sincerity." Han Xiao grinned and looked unfathomable.

This attitude gave Alphonsus a headache. He had been hoping that Han Xiao did not know the value of the blood serum, but based on his behavior, it was unlikely. He hesitated for a long while before he made an honest offer, but it was not a high price considering the item's rarity.

"One million."

Every negotiator would always start low. Since they were all civilized gentleman, there was no such thing as killing and robbing; therefore, Alphonsus was ready to spend a fortune on it.

Han Xiao stared at Alphonsus for a moment before he slowly moved his lips. "This price you didn't show any sincerity at all."

Alphonsus was just about to prepare his negotiation speech.

"I accept."

"This blood serum has been kept for a few dozen years, and I don't even know if it still works. So, the value is greatly reduced, I"

"Hold on. You agree with this price" Alphonsus looked shocked.

Han Xiao pushed the blood serum toward Alphonsus and smiled. "This is for making a friend."

Alphonsus started to take a liking for Han Xiao as he had originally planned to spend a fortune on this.

He tucked away the serum and recollected himself. "The funds will be transferred to your account as soon as possible. Also, you will gain the friendship with Rothschild and myself personally."


You unlocked a new camp reputation!

Reputation with the Rothschild Family increased by 1,800 points

The Rothschild Family: Friendly (1,800/3,000)

Han Xiao smiled lightly; earning reputation points with the Rothschild Family by giving up some money was a very good deal for him. He could always earn money from other places, but the opportunity to unlock a new camp would be fleeting.

Some family conglomerates and corporations existed since the Old Age. After the baptism of war, some families died out while some became even more deep-rooted, for their influence could reach every aspect of their country, including the military, politics, economics, and mafias. Rothschild was one of such families, and Han Xiao knew that he could reap many benefits. To players, this was a support-type camp. They could buy rare items and services from such camps.

The Rothschilds were one of the Dark Net Organization's allies, and he could use their backing in the organization, which would yield him more advantages.

Without the gene-blending potion, the Felonia serum would not yield him benefits. So, he would rather sell it for some profits. Anyway, he held onto one last tube of the serum.

With another million dollars in his account, his current stash reached six million dollars. They might just be digits in his account, but to put them in context, LV 30 players in Version 1.0 were considered wealthy if they had more than twenty thousand dollars. Anything above a million dollar would be considered astronomical; only major guilds had that kind of money.

After the deal, the atmosphere became more harmonious.

"What exactly is Felonia?" Han Xiao was curious.

He was puzzled by the fact that a simple serum like this was eyed by so many different factions.

Alphonsus was in a happy mood, so he explained, "There was a country in the Somar Desert that was entangled in the wars of the Old Age. They initiated a large-scale research project called the Felonia Project. The name was taken from a legendary tale of the country, and the project involved building many military bases to conduct research in a dozen different branches of technological development. The serum was one of their research directions. "

"It turned out to be this. I really thought there was some sort of magical ruins." Han Xiao finally understood the whole thing.

Alphonsus chuckled. "There is no magic in this world. You thought too much."

Han Xiao laughed and touched his chin. Planet Aquamarine should not have any magic, but why do I have a weird feeling about this?

In a pitch-black cavern deep underneath the earth, fine sand dropped through the gaps of the rocks occasionally.

A gush of wind that came from nowhere echoed in the cavern, as if someone was exhaling it. Faint sounds of thunder-like thumps were heard in the background.

Suddenly, six large oval-shaped lamps lit up in the dark. They were golden in color and were divided into two neat and symmetrical rows. From the look of it, each lamp's radius was more than ten meters.

'Large lamps' started flashing rapidly, like eyes blinking.


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