The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056 The Roo

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"Such powerful energy, what is that? It seems to be coming for me?" Gorutan was shocked.

This silver meteor clearly did not come with friendly intentions.

Gorutans expression changed slightly. He did not want to allow this strange object to get close to him. While dealing with the Mechanic Emperors mechanical army, he was able to send a dark brown Shockwave Blast toward the silver meteor.

However, this silver meteor dodged the shockwave easily using its speed advantage like a race car with a professional driver.

Seeing that ranged attacks did nothing to this silver meteor and that it was still locked onto him, Gorutan suddenly released energy around him, blowing the Apostle Weapons around him away. He then compressed his Pugilist flames to increase his strength and charged toward that silver meteor.

Two meteors with different colors got closer at an extremely high speed, colliding.

In that instant, the radars on all the Beast Ancestors spaceships reacted to it, showing that the energy impact had exceeded the peak!

At the location where these two clashed, a blinding light appeared like a flickering sun.

The thick, dark-brown Pugilist flames suddenly exploded like a rock that was shattered by a hammer.

Gorutans body then flew out, spinning like a gyroscope. The blood he spat out was evaporated by the energy aftershock created from the clash.

The moment of the clash, Gorutans mind seemed to have stopped working for an instant. All he could feel was a blinding light, and when he regained focus, he realized that his body was being pushed out uncontrollably.

Ever since he became a peak Beyond Grade A, he had rarely come across anything that he could not stop. However, the terrifying kinetic in this silver meteor made him feel as if he was an ordinary man trying to stop a train.

Pugilists were used to enduring direct hits, but the power of this clash still exceeded Gorutans expectations. He could feel every nerve in his body trembling and sending the signal of pain to his brain. He was appalled.

Such terrifying strength!

"Who is this guy"

Gorutan had no idea. After flying quite far, he finally stabilized himself and quickly checked his condition. He realized that this clash had dealt him some damage, which made him very serious and cautious.

As he looked over and finally saw the appearance of the silver meteor after it stopped, his expression changed drastically.

"Black Star"

After ramming Gorutan away, Han Xiao had stepped on the breaks and told Silver Shadow to open the car windows to show his handsome face. He was coldly looking at Gorutans astounded expression.

"We meet again, Beast Ancestor."

"How can you be here? Arent you in Black Star Palace?"

All kinds of possibilities flashed through Gorutans mind. Could it be that something happened to the mission targeting Hila?

Seeing Han Xiaos strange silver shell, Gorutan was filled with questions. The progress of the matter seemed to have deviated from his expectations. He was dying to know what had actually happened.

Whats Sorokin doing? Why has he still not notified me of what happened?

"I know what youve done," Han Xiao said slowly. "Hila is safe now, and your plan has failed. Stop fantasizing about it."

Gorutan frowned.

Although he had no idea how Hila had managed to survive, Black Star had no need to lie to him about something like this. Plus, seeing how calm Black Star was, he knew that this was most likely true.

Gorutan instantly became unhappy. Knowing that Hila was not dead, he was disappointed.

"So, you came just for me?"

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes. "Back then, you provoked us to start a fight. Then after you realized your life span was reduced, you leaked this information to the federation and the church, hoping to borrow their power to aid in your goal. Now that this is exposed you know whats going to happen, dont you?"

Gorutan frowned.

His secret plan did not succeed, and now he had been completely exposed. Even though he saw Han Xiao as an enemy, he still felt embarrassed.

Gorutan was not one to explain. Since the enemy had found out, he did not plan to hide it any longer. He suppressed his emotions and snorted. "What, have you come to make me pay?"

"Like I said, if you want to play, Ill play with you all you like. You dont look like someone who doesnt have the balls to play, so theres only one way to solve this problem, and Im sure you know what it is." Han Xiaos tone was calm.

"Humph, so it still ends up being a conversation with fists."

Gorutan knew that a fight was unavoidable, and flames appeared once again on his body.

In the end, conspiracies and plots just arent my thing as I expected. Fighting enemies head-on is still the best.

Although he had taken some damage earlier, Gorutan was not afraid at all. They were both peak Beyond Grade As. They all hand trump cards, so there was no reason for him to be scared.

He took a deep breath and used his energy to enhance the production of cells, quickly healing his wounds. Pugilists had extreme control over their bodies, and when they reached the peak Beyond Grade A level, their regenerative ability could not possibly be horrible.

"I did not fight you last time. Today, I can make up for it. What youve done has spread throughout the universe. Now, show me what youre really capable of." Gorutans eyes were glowing as he spoke in a tone that was overflowing with his will to battle.

He still did not know about how Hila was rescued and had no idea of what Han Xiao had just been able to achieve, so his impression of Han Xiao remained as Han Xiaos strength in the past.

This time, Gorutan suddenly recalled Manison, who was at the side, and his heart sank a little.

Gorutan was not afraid if the enemy was just Black Star, but if the Mechanic Emperor participated too, it would not be good for him at all.

He uncontrollably looked over and was glad to see that Manisons troops were retreating, clearly expressing he had no intention to interfere with this battle.

Han Xiao also looked at the Mechanic Emperors army that was gradually leaving and murmured in his mind, "This Manison sent me Gorutans coordinates but didnt pick up my call. Is he trying to show a friendly gesture while at the same time letting me deal with Gorutan for him so that he can remain uninvolved in all this?"

Han Xiao shook his head. It did not matter what Director Manison planned to do. He had to fight this battle. There was no way he would let the root cause of all this off easy.

The effects of the Character Summon Cards could still last for quite some time, so he should be able to deal with Gorutan in his current state.


As the secondary dimensional army box opened, the sea-like mechanical army swarmed out.

Gorutan was fearless as he charged into the endless mechanical army.

As soon as the battle started and the overwhelming pressure came, Gorutan immediately felt that something was wrong.

"Wait, why is your army"

Gorutans eyes opened wide with surprise.

He had once felt Black Stars energy level personally and had a rough estimate of Han Xiaos strength. Now, however, the actual strength Han Xiao was displaying far exceeded his estimate and shocked him.

How can this be? How has Black Star become this much stronger in just one or two months

At this time, Han Xiaos main body advanced instead of backing off and went into melee combat range.

Fists clashed with each other, and a powerful force was transmitted through Gorutans arm. Feeling the energy that was almost as strong as his, Gorutan was even more shocked.

"Why is your strength also"

"You have too many questions!"

Han Xiaos movements were so fast, as if he had become a phantom. While Gorutan was shocked, he whipped his leg and kicked Gorutan, sending him flying.

Just as riders could become stronger using their horses, Han Xiao also received attribute bonuses while riding Silver Shadow.

Silver Shadow was a Pugilist, so both his Strength and Dexterity were high. He also had a special defensive advantage.

Boundless power came from Silver Shadows body. Han Xiaos main body temporarily received attribute bonuses that were comparable to a Pugilist. In addition to his own attributes, his melee combat capabilities were dramatically enhanced. Although still not as strong as a peak Beyond Grade A Pugilist, it was more than enough.

In his previous life, Pugilists like Karlot became much stronger when using Silver Shadow, while he used Silver Shadow to enhance his speed and defenses. Melee-range combat was not the main damage method of his main body.

At the same time, the dynastys reinforcement fleet flew out from a stargate station at another location.

"Weve finally arrived near Black Stars stronghold. We have to hurry. Every second we waste puts Hilas life in more danger. " Ravenlaude hurried the others.

This time, Kant closed his eyes as if he had received a message. He then opened his eyes with a strange expression and said, "We dont have to hurry there anymore. Black Star has solved the problem."

Hearing this, Ravenlaude was stunned.

"Impossible, how did he solve such a dangerous situation?"

"There. This is the intelligence the Black Star Army sent." Kant displayed the information he had received, which recorded the battle process.

After finishing looking at the intelligence, Beyoni was filled with shock.

"To think that Black Star actually had such a powerful trump card that allowed him to fight more than ten Beyond Grade As at once. Its unbelievable!"

"Its mainly because the federation and the church had no choice but to escape while dragging each other back, which gave Black Star an opportunity to defeat them one by one Nonetheless, this achievement is indeed way too horrifying."

Kant sighed. "But burning his potential is not worth it for someone like him with such a bright future. This will definitely affect his growth. Alas the dynasty will compensate Black Star for the loss he has suffered this time."

This time, Beyoni was reminded of the joke Kant made earlier.

On the way, Kant had said that he would be able to fight all the enemies alone. That was supposedly a joke, but Black Star had done just that.

"Incredible" Beyoni respected Black Star from the bottom of his heart.

On the other side, when Ravenlaude saw this news, his entire body stiffened.

He initially wanted to turn the tables when he arrived and make Black Star owe him a favor, but to his absolute shock, Black Star solved an almost certainly lethal situation like this all by himself.

Doesnt this mean Ive wasted another trip and got nothing for it?

Ravenlaude lost all motivation instantly. All he wanted to do was turn into a slime and cower in the corner till the end of the world.

"Since the matter is already solved, what should we do now? Shall we go take a look at Black Stars stronghold or return right away?" Kohler asked.

Kant shook his head. "Neither. Black Star seems to be fighting Gorutan now. Since were here, lets go and see if we can be of any use."

Inside Beast Ancestors stronghold palace, Sorokins manifestation held a communicator in his hands and walked back and forth while mumbling.

"Weird, weird, why hasnt Gorutan replied to my messages? Did something happen?"

Sorokin suddenly had a bad feeling about Gorutans situation.

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