The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Second-Generation Rover Robot

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Alphonsus passed his phone number to Han Xiao. "This is my number. If you need something, just give me a call."

Han Xiao knocked on the table for a few times before he said, "It just so happen that I have a question. I want to quickly raise my rank and authorization level in the Blood Pact Society. Do you have any good suggestions for me?"

Alphonsus pondered for a moment and decided to do Han Xiao a favor. He asked a sever to bring in the Blood Pact Society's laptop, and he opened a document to show to Han Xiao. The top of the document was clearly stamped with 'No Unauthorized Access'.

Han Xiao's brows furrowed as he read on.

"Internal Call-up (Not Public)

"Call-up Objective: Blood Pact Society Assassins (Dark-level and above), Contract Mercenaries (Two-star and above)

"Current Participants: 18 Assassins, 245 Mercenaries

"Assignment Location: East Stardragon, 20km North of Seagull City, River Valley Manor

"Assignment Details: Defend River Valley Manor, Protect (Redacted)"

"Internal call-up?" Han Xiao questioned.

"Only assassins of dark-level and above will receive this call-up. You are not supposed to participate in this assignment since you are only a scorpion-level assassin. However, I could give you backdoor access to this assignment, and upon completion of this assignment, you can immediately rise to dark-level. Once you arrive at the location, someone will brief you in more detail."

With so many participants, this assignment is definitely not a small-scale battle, Han Xiao thought silently to himself.

He remembered a reward-pool quest he could do in the Seagull city that was easy and yet could yield him high rewards. It was conveniently on the way.

I will go there and take a look first, Han Xiao decided. Can't believe I am going back to Stardragon so soon. Luckily, I will not be identified.

Han Xiao's brows knitted together. Although he left Division 13, the relationship status between Division 13 and him did not change on his Interface. This meant that Division 13 still did not treat him as an enemy.

There was still some time before heading off. He went back to the Fabian Company base and made some machinery that he had been planning to make for some time.


Second-Generation Rover (Combat)

Type: Robot

Grade: Dark Green

Basic Stats: 2,200/2,200, 37 Defense, 168 Power Output, 83 Max Speed, 640/640 Energy

Height: 2.1m

Weight: 300kg

Mode of Control: Low-Level Smart Chip (Programmed for automatic enemy identification)

Energy source: High-power energy pack (x4)

Energy Usage: 6/min (low output), 15/min (full output)

Power Capacity: 310/320 Ona

Brain Module: Intelligent Enemy-Seeking Firepower System (occupies 30 capacity units)

Eye Module: Electromagnetic Scanner-Scope, Obstacle-Penetrating Enemy Seeking-Vision (occupies 15 capacity units)

Arm Modules: Large-Caliber Triple-Barrel Machine Gun70-85 Damage, 3.5 Fire Rate, 30 Magazine Capacity (+60 Belt Capacity), 75 Power Output (occupies 80 capacity units)

Skeleton Module: K600-type Mechanical Skeletal System30 Strength (occupies 40 capacity units)

Legs Module: Triangular Wheel System and Shock-proof Suspension Framereduce impact of treacherous terrain, increase movement speed (occupies 15 capacity units)

Chest Module: Small-Scale Honeycomb Rocket Launcherequipped with small-scale rockets (180-230 Damage, induces additional explosion damage), 6-round capacity (occupies 110 capacity units)

Abdomen Module: Magazine Storagesmall-scale rockets x 12, additional magazine belt x 200 rounds (occupies 20 capacity units)


- Furious Fusillade

- Titanium Armor: Reduces physical damage taken by 11%

- Self-destruct: Self-destruct to inflict 340-510 explosion damage in a 40m radius.

Note: A human-shaped tank.

This Rover was made with much better technology; it was equipped with a smart chip, titanium armor, a high-power battery, and a firepower that was much more fearsome. Han Xiao was a lot richer compared to when he first entered the Western Capital, so he no longer needed to budget carefully. The cost of the second-generation Rover Robot was more than 20,000 dollaralready a discounted price with his more specialized skills in making machinery. It was a price that players of the same level could never afford. The second-generation Rover could be used as a mobile fort. However, it could not be used to work on an independent task as the processing chip did not possess the ability to make independent judgment and tactical analysis.

With such strong firepower, the combat Rover could provide firepower support and area strike. Even after the ammunitions were entirely consumed, the K600-type Mechanical Skeletal System would allow the Rover to have ample close-combat capability. It could charge at full speed to knock down enemies and had the ability to self-destruct.

I can now scale up the production of the Rover, but I cannot carry them around, so I should find a secret base to hide them. Although this type of Rover has great firepower, it does not allow for a quick and rapid change of battlegrounds. I can only use it for stationary battles, so its function is rather singular. The problems lie in areas of movement, core power capacity, and chip processing. I need more advance knowledge, which I have no opportunity to obtain as of now. Hmm, I still have to fight as a sniper for now. I should perfect my sniping capabilities.

As Han Xiao lacked money and the necessary technology, the idea of a robot army could not be realized yet.

Han Xiao stored all his larger equipment in Fabian Company's warehouse to be transported by air. This time, he paid 50,000 dollars to use Fabian Company's aero-transport service again. He reckoned no one would spend money as extravagantly as him.

The Western Capital was the capital city of Stardragon, and Seagull City was an important city in East Stardragon. It had a large area, and historically, it encountered a beast tide and suffered a great loss as a result. However, it had the aid of the entire nation, which allowed it to rebuild into an important city in the East today.

A monument tens of meters high stood tall in the city center. It was engraved with the names of all those sacrificed in the battle against the beast tide.

In the battle of the Old Age, when Seagull City was met with numerous large-scale terrorist assaults by the Germinal Organization, it received assistance from everywhere again, which made it into an even more prosperous city. The phenomenon was rather peculiar; numerous misfortunes actually allowed the city to develop more rapidly. People in Stardragon believed it was a good omen because it meant that even if Stardragon faced setbacks, it would only bounce back stronger. 'The Seagull Spirit' was repeatedly mentioned in every year's national meetings and nationwide news.

The plane soon landed at the city's airport. Anyone going in and out of each city in Stardragon had to go through the respective checkpoint. Similarly, landing from air required a permission from the air-control tower in advance. Fabian Company's planes had private parking spots in the airports of the various cities in Stardragon, and thus, they were authorized to land in these airports. Players could also purchase such spots when their camp reputation was high enough.

"So, why did you follow me this time?" Han Xiao turned around and looked at Antonio at his side.

Antonio inhaled a puff of his cigar and chuckled. "Unfortunately, Fabian Company does not have any assets in Seagull City. We have no choice but to provide the cargo plane as your temporary workshop and warehouse."

"I see." Han Xiao understood. Suddenly, he became frustrated because he realized it meant that Fabian Company had no cars for him to borrow. He was tens of kilometers away from the River Valley Manor. Unless I should resort to some old tricks Puh, do I really have to do the immoral and forbidden act of stealing cars?

He still had his Thorns, but if he drove the car on the streets, a few dozen police cars and special-ops vehicles would follow him in less than ten minutes.

As the old saying goes, when you have a problem, look to the public for a solution.

Han Xiao soon 'borrowed' a car from a benevolent member of the public. After he passed through the checkpoint and left the city, he headed straight toward the manor.

It was a small forest with a river twenty kilometers north of Seagull City. Only mid to small size gentle wild animals resided in this forest, so it was not particularly dangerous. Han Xiao located the manor on his map. River Valley Manor was situated in the forest by a river.

It was afternoon when the car drove into the forest. The lazy afternoon sun shone its light through the gaps between the trees, painting the forest with a peaceful ambience. The engine sound scared away a few spotted deer that were asleep.

Han Xiao suddenly snorted through his nose. He detected a light pungent smell. After quickly filtering away the scents of decomposition and bird droppings in his memory, he arrived at his memory of a similar scent.

A light flashed in Han Xiao's eyes. This is the scent of gun powders. A battle occurred here not long ago.

To avoid a misunderstanding, Han Xiao parked his car and got out his equipment before he started walking toward the manor.

He appeared to be a depressed musician who was carrying a guitar case and wandering around, but in reality, his guitar case was storing his folded sniper rifle and lightweight mechanical arm. His Berserk Eagles and magazines were hidden inside his clothes, his magnetic-controlled armor around his body, his foldable machete under his shirt, the inactive thermo-electrical incisor gloves on his hands, and the silver Electromagnetic Hover-boots on his feet.

The boots looked like an ordinary pair of boots with its leather exteriorone would not discover the metal parts inside without pressing it with one's hand.

Although he was seemed armed to the teeth, he did not bring along his Wind-slicing blade, Thorns, or the second-generation Rover.

After walking for a while, obvious signs of battle appeared in Han Xiao's surroundings. There were explosion marks, empty cartridges, tire tracks, and even ashes of more than one burnt vehicle on the ground. It had been a devastating battle. Han Xiao could already see the manor.

Just as Han Xiao was ready to walk over, he suddenly halted.

At the next moment, a bullet hole appeared on the ground in front of himit was made by a sniper rifle. If he had stepped forward before this, it would have shot his legs.

It was a warning shot.

The shot had come from the direction of the manor.

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