The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071 The World Of Secondary Dimensions

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If the main universe could be described as the branches and roots of a tree, then the secondary dimensions would be the leaves and fruits, and there would be a nutrient connection with each otherenergy.

Researchers in the universe had created a world view model for the secondary dimensional space, which looked similar to a picture of countless bubbles stacked. Each bubble represented a secondary dimension, and the space wall of each bubble was much weaker compared to the main universe; one could jump and shuttle around frequently.

The advanced civilizations had always been keen to explore the secondary dimensions. Not only could they obtain certain resources, they could also develop new technology through studying the phenomena of the different secondary dimensions. The three Universal Civilizations had achieved a lot of results in this area, and to a certain extent, the strength of each civilization’s technology came from this area.

Thus, the three Universal Civilizations had a large number of outposts and research stations in the secondary dimension space, and they stationed different troops to protect scholars and workers. In most cases, they were dealing with the attacks of the secondary dimension creatures.

The outpost A0000 was the largest barracks of the dynasty in the secondary dimension. It was set up within a secondary dimension that was suitable for survival of creatures. The dynasty had completed the exploration of that entire secondary dimension and transformed it, hoarding all the troops here. The dynasty’s army was stationed in their base camp of the secondary dimension, which also served as the gateway for the dynasty to enter the secondary dimensions.

As soon as Clotti stepped into this place, a magnificent scene greeted him.

He saw a patch of endless reddish-brown land, stretching out of his line of sight. The dynasty’s base also sat there, seemingly endless, like a forest of steel.

There were no stars in the sky, only gradual color tones just like the bloody glow of the setting set. There were light rays that resembled the wind at one moment and clouds at another, flowing in the sky and scattering the fog-like scene. The sky at this place seemed to contain some kind of invisible light source, forming a Tyndall effect as it emitted a misty and dreamy path of light.

Clotti was familiar with this dreamy scene, but he had not seen it for so many years, so he could not help but stop and admire it.

At this moment, a thunderous laugh shook the air.

“Hahaha, Clotti, you finally got a holiday?”

Just as the voice fell, a bolt of turquoise lightning shot out from within the base. It stopped in front of Clotti in the blink of an eye, revealing a burly figure wearing the uniform of a Senior Dynasty General.

Seeing this man, the typically stoic Clotti could not help but smile.

“Guzar, it’s been a long time.”

“Haha, I didn’t expect you to look for me the moment you got a vacation. You’re indeed my good brother!” The burly figure laughed again.

The latter was a hybrid from the dynasty human race and the Silver race, but from his appearance, there was not much of the gracefulness that the Silver race was well known for. He had a rough and masculine appearance, with a wild beard and braids. If Han Xiao was there, he might have mistaken this guy for Zhang Fei [1. Zhang Fei is one of the major characters in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a general and the sworn brother of Liu Bei.].

‘Peals of Thunder’ Guzar was a Beyond Grade A from the direct line under the dynasty, and his Esper Ability involved the manipulation of plasma currents. He had served as the guardian of the secondary dimension for many years.

The qualifications of the two were similar, with the time difference between their enlistment only around five years. They had known each other since they were young and weak, and they had maintained a good relationship.

Clotti shook his head. “I didn’t come here for a holiday. I have a mission.”

“No wonder you temporarily resigned from your post.” Guzar nodded and curiously asked, “Is this a direct order from the Ruler? What does she want you to do?”

“Pursue and kill a Beyond Grade A. The target is hiding in the secondary dimensions, named Traveler. He is suspected of participating in the war within the Flickering World not too long ago. Do you know about that matter?”

“Haha, I’m of course aware of this. There’s no entertainment here, so I can only watch the news all the time. I heard that Black Star repelled twelve Beyond Grade As in total, including Kasuyi and Sierron. This is really amazing and makes me want to spar with him a bit. Unfortunately, I cannot even meet him personally.”

Guzar’s tone was laced with regret. Guarding the secondary dimension, he had no chance to leave his post.

“There’ll be a chance in the future,” Clotti reassured him.

Guzar did not linger in the topic, smiling as he said, “I think that this Black Star is a good kid. When you officially retire, he’ll probably be the one to replace you in threatening the rest of the universe.”

“It’s a pity that he’s not of direct lineage to the dynasty.” Clotti did not agree with him or say otherwise, only changing the topic. “The secondary dimension is your territory. I will need your help in pursuing Traveler.”

“No problem.” A cold arc of lightning shot through Guzar’s pupils. “These last few years, the rats hiding in here have been rapidly increasing. It’s time to teach them a lesson.”

Somewhere within the secondary dimension, Traveler was wrapped in magic, flying forward like a comet.

Suddenly, he paused, and a hesitant look crossed his face.

“Strange, why do I feel so restless?”

As a mage, he would never ignore his intuition, so Traveler stopped and took out a crystal ball, activating his divination spell.

Holding the crystal ball with both hands, a little bit of light floated from his palm to merge with the ball. Soon, the crystal ball rippled, showing a mirror image, similar to looking at a calm lake.

Clotti’s face flashed briefly before dissipating.

“Dark Lord? What relationship does he have with me?”

Traveler’s expression changed.

His role during the attack on Hila was just to pretend to go to Black Star for a spar. He did not participate directly in the battle.

In his opinion, even if the Black Star Army was suspicious of him, as long as he took refuge within the secondary dimensions, the other party would not waste energy to look for him to fight, but he did not expect the dynasty to sacrifice so much and send a huge killer weapon over to him. It felt like killing a chicken with a sledgehammer In front of the Dark Lord, he could only admit that he was no better than a chicken.

“If I meet against the Dark Lord, I definitely won’t be his match.”

Traveler felt depressed. Even if he managed to master his Evil Convergence skill, he did not feel that it would be enough for him to stand against the Dark Lord. The latter was someone who had reached the pinnacle of dark energy and dark matter. Even ‘Golden Ring’ Oulou, who had reached a similar level to the Dark Lord, still ultimately lost to him in the secondary dimensions. Traveler did not think that he could surpass Oulou at his current level.

After thinking about it, Traveler’s eyes lit up.

“I showed off the Evil Convergence, so the Dark Lord will definitely use this as a clue to pursue me. If I don’t appear, they will definitely do something with the Evil Convergence dimension It seems like I can only seek helpers to ambush the Dark Lord.”

The time he had spent in the secondary dimensions was not for nothing. Not only did he develop good relations with a bunch of strong biological creatures, he had also gotten to know a bunch of Beyond Grade As who lived within the secondary dimensions

Some of them were not even recorded within the list of known Beyond Grade As in the universe!

In a hidden secondary dimension, a portal suddenly appeared, and several small battleships flew out. Their outer armor showed no insignias, and the model of the battleships was top of the line, even equipped with navigation for secondary dimensions. Due to their additional components, the overall appearance looked heavy and bloated.

In the command room of the flagship, many of the operators bustled about in their positions. Everyone wore a full mechanical suit set, covering their appearance.

Standing in front at the porthole were two figures, wearing masked hoods and robes. Both had special equipment to hide their appearances, and only their height difference could be seen. One was short and stocky while the other tall and slender.

They were the leaders of this trip and belonged to the same organization. They were on a special mission.

One of the operators, who looked like the overall commander, reported to the both of them. “Your Excellency Law, Your Excellency Fay, we’ve already arrived at our destination. Please instruct us on our next step.”

The duo were known as ‘Law’ and ‘Fay’. Those were not their real names but codenames in their organization.

The short and stocky person was named Law. He nodded as he spoke in a deep baritone. “According to the plan, the divination shows that Black Star will enter the secondary dimensions with the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy in the near future. Activate the detection radars for all biological creatures to the maximum range and set the target life strength to the pinnacle Beyond Grade A level.”

The cold and clear voice of Fay rang out as she said, “The secondary dimension is our home field, and our mission is to seize the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy. Black Star has powerful combat abilities, and we need to avoid any sort of frontal conflict. The leader has allowed us to have many technological weapons that can be used to temporarily trap Black Star.”

She paused for a while before adding, “If conventional methods cannot reveal him, the leader will allow us to use the Esper Ability of Destiny’s Child once.”

In Black Star Palace, Han Xiao called Ames over to the live combat training room.

“Busy guy, you finally have time for me?” Ames raised a brow, her tone joking.

“Official duties, I cannot escape from them.” Han Xiao joked back before taking out a compressed orb and lobbing it over. He explained, “This is a special mechanical suit designed for survival in the secondary dimension. I built it myself. Try it out.”


With a spark of Mechanical Force, the compressed orb transformed into a jet-black mechanical suit, covering Ames’ body in a snug manner.

She moved around a bit, searching for any lag or discomfort, before clicking her tongue as she commented, “Very fitting. It seems like you know my body measurements very well. Good observation skills.”

That’s because I touched it before Han Xiao coughed to hide his embarrassment.

Anyway, the nano-optimization feature exists, so no matter what sort of body shape you had, the suit would adjust to fit you. Why the fuss?

Even though he was vomiting in his heart, he did not show it in his movements, taking out the improved version of the Mysterious Energy Host.

Seeing the mechanical suits, the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy excitedly called out, “Black Star, are you ready to set off?”

It could not wait to gather with its old friend once again.

Han Xiao nodded before turning to Ames to explain, “The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy is able to shuttle through the secondary dimensions. With it leading the way, we can save ourselves a lot of energy.”

In the five major classes, only the mages and mechanics could stably enter and exit the world of secondary dimensions. Both of them, however, had different methods of entry.

As for the Espers, theirs was a random factor. In contrast, the dimensional shuttle capability of the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy was more convenient, and their search for the Holy Light Particle would also require its help.

This was not Ames’ first time going to the secondary dimension. However, the ordinary procedures were troublesome, so with the help offered by Black Star and the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy, things were a lot simpler. She curiously asked, “Then, where will our first stop be?”

“The dynasty has quite a few outposts in the secondary dimension, but I don’t wish to disturb them. Since you also have the Void bloodline, let’s go to the Void Dimension first.”

Han Xiao grasped the arm of the Mysterious Energy Host, gesturing for Ames to do the same.

“Alright.” Ames did not have any objections, but she did not hold onto the Mysterious Energy Host, instead choosing to latch herself on Han Xiao’s shoulder.

An ordinary person would have to make thorough preparations in order to go to the secondary dimension, but both of them were Beyond Grade As, so they did not require any sort of precautions.

The next moment, the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy activated its ability, and a surge of crimson energy rushed out, enveloping their bodies.


A bright light flashed, and the three of them disappeared without a trace.

Their vision blurred, and the scenery in front of their eyes suddenly changed. They were no longer inside Black Star Palace but within the familiar Void Dimension.

“This is really fast.” Ames was shocked.

“This is its innate ability. For it, returning to the secondary dimension is akin to going home, just like a fish in water,” Han Xiao replied.

The Mysterious Energy Host had strong combat abilities, and at the same time, it also possessed plenty of convenient abilities and effects. It really was like a handyman.

Ames took a deep breath of void energy, feeling the excitement in her cells. She chuckled. “What are our travel plans?”

“Let’s finish what we came here to do. We’ll have plenty of time to explore afterward.”

As Han Xiao spoke, he turned to look at the Mysterious Energy Host and asked it, “Do you know which secondary dimension the Holy Light Particle resides in?”

“I’m not sure what it’s called in the main universe, but I can identify its energy fluctuations and track it down,” the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy explained.

Hearing this, Han Xiao nodded. He had previously inquired about the dynasty’s exploration records of secondary dimensions based on the description given by the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy, but they could not find anything similar. This probably meant that the place where the Holy Light Particle could be found had not been discovered yet.

Upon thinking about it, this would make sense. If the advanced civilizations managed to locate its lair, then the Holy Light Particle would not be able to laze around. Thus, at this moment, they could only depend on the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy to guide them.

“Let’s go quickly. I can’t wait to teach it a lesson.”

The Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy was eager and proactively urged the others. It could not control the host by itself and had to have Han Xiao’s approval.

Hearing this, Han Xiao could not help but laugh. He estimated that the Holy Light Particle would probably be upset at this ‘friend’.

Brat, you brought all these enemies over to my area

As he shook his head, Han Xiao was about to speak, but his expression suddenly changed.


At this moment, an anomaly occurred as the void energy in their surroundings began to tremble.

Ames felt the same sensation, and she narrowed her eyes as she gazed off into the distance. Her tone was solemn. “Seems like something’s coming!”

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