The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Round Three

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Just by looking at the headlights, Han Xiao figured out the enemies' military compositionall armored vehicles, and they were fast-approaching. Troops armed with heavy firepower were running close behind.

The next moment, the mercenaries in the manor began firing. Heavy machine guns were blasting and roaring continuously. Flashes of flames on muzzles became an attention-grabbing source of light among the darkness of the night. Han Xiao glanced over for a moment, and soon, his mind was put at ease. The enemy had limited numbers and average firepower, so they would not be able to penetrate the curtain of machine gun rounds made by the mercenaries.


Sniper shots were heard from the central fortress; they came from the Hornet Brothers. The two shots were extremely accurate, hitting right on the targets.

Han Xiao looked over at his area and realized that it had a limited range of vision and tough angles. Most likely, only those enemies who slipped through the net would accidentally barge into this area. However, it just so happened that a small team of enemies had infiltrated this place. He raised his Red-Falcon before he aimed through the scope and fired. The shot pierced through multiple enemies' necks at once, pumping out masses of blood fog.

Big beard guy was initially skeptical of Han Xiao's ability, but after taking a few looks at him when he was not occupied, he was secretly shocked and knew that he no longer had to worry about this Mr. Black because Han Xiao had made every single shot. Therefore, he stopped turning around to supervise Han Xiao and left that area entirely to him in comfort.

The battle only lasted for half an hour, and the enemies suffered great losses. They did not even manage to get within two hundred meters of the manor. Han Xiao managed to take down nine enemies in total.


First round completed. You gained 20,000 EXP.

Change in Quest Requirement

Second Round Requirement: Defend the River Valley Manor.

Duration: 3 Days

Reward: 80,000 EXP

The first wave was too simple, and the EXP rewarded seems to be very little. But the increase for the second round is not too bad.

Han Xiao rubbed his chin. The first round gives 20,000 EXP; the second round rewards 80,000 EXP. Based on this increment, the third round may yield me 320,000 EXP, and the fourth round would be more than a million EXP. Stop, I am just dreaming here."

But honestly, the third round would at least reward him more than 150,000 EXP.

Han Xiao felt it was a waste of time to do the second round, which would last for three entire days, but he quickly changed his thought. He could stay there and earn some EXP by borrowing the facilities and workshops from the Mechanics there to repair the mercenaries' equipment for free.

Han Xiao had always been a doer. Once he made up his mind, he immediately went to the logistics area to find the local mechanics. They were mostly pseudo-mechanics who had learned some repair skills for their secondary job. There were only two proper Superhuman Mechanics there.

"You want to help us repair equipment?" One repairman was startled. "You are a Mechanic?"

Han Xiao began proving himself directly through actions. He took a pistol on the worktable and disassembled in just a few movements before he assembled it rapidly, like he was performing magic. The whole process flowed smoothly, lasting less than two seconds. He was no longer the newbie in the Germinal Organization who took forty seconds to assemble a pistol. With the add-on effect of his various skills, his ability in making and assembling machinery had reached a level beyond that of an ordinary person.

The group of repairmen agreed to Han Xiao's request without hesitationthey were even slightly eager to welcome him.

The repair jobs were dreary and tiring, and they did not even get extra pay for it. When someone unexpectedly wanted to take on this tough job, they were all too eager to throw all the work to this legitimate Mechanic that appeared out of nowhere.

Before dawn, Chen Li walked into the logistics area while carrying a spoilt machine gun. He was looking for a Mechanic that he was familiar with to repair his gun.

"Wang Xi, help me repair this machine gun."

Wang Xi was a skinny middle-aged male. He wore a vest and was napping at the side. As he heard the voice, he opened his eyes and gave Chen Li a glance.

"Leave the gun there. I will repair it when I am free," he said in a rather laid-back manner.

"Would you please hurry up with this? I may need to use it in the day."

Wang Xi was getting impatient. "Alright. Alright. I will repair it for you later."

Chen Li had no choice but to leave it to him. Although Wang Xi was ill-tempered, he was a legitimate Mechanic Superhuman with excellent skills. Only he could help him since he did not want the machine gun to malfunction again at a critical moment during the next battle.

After Chen Li left, Wang Xi shut his eyes again and returned to napping.

After five minutes, he heard footsteps approaching once more. He opened his eyes impatiently before he realized it was Chen Li again.

"What are you so anxious for? Once I have time, I will repair it for you, so stop bothering me." Wang Xi was clearly irritated.

Surprisingly, Chen Li shook his head and said, "Return the machine gun to me. I will get someone else to repair it."

Wang Xi frowned. Although he was annoyed by Chen Li's repeated disturbances, he did not wish for the weapon to malfunction again. After all, he was also housed inside the manor.

"Other people's skills are not good enough. Once the sun rises, I will repair it for you, okay?" he replied.

However, Chen Li was adamant in wanting to have his machine gun back. "It's fine. The other guy's skill is better than yours."

Wang Xi was instantly infuriated by the comment. Everyone knew everyone else in a small logistics area like this. The other legitimate Mechanic was not even as good as him, let alone the bunch of repairmen.

Who are you trying to bluff?

But Chen Li was very insistent. Wang Xi had no choice but to return his gun. When he saw that Chen Li was walking to the other side of the logistics area, he deliberated for a moment before he decided to follow behind. He wanted to see who this Mechanic, who was supposedly better than him, was.

As he arrived at the scene, Wang Xi was shocked by what he sawthe bunch of low-class repairmen were crowding around a man in black, and they stared at him attentively with looks of amazement, jealousy, and curiosity.

Wang Xi was dumbfounded after he took a proper look at the man.

The man in black moved his hands at lightning speed, like a phantom, to operate all sorts of equipment rapidly. By doing so, he was repairing several weapons simultaneously in a natural and flowing style. It was so smooth that he did not even need to pause and think. Wang Xi had never seen any technique like thishe was definitely a higher-class Mechanic!

Originally, the repairmen had only the mindset of pushing their repair jobs to Han Xiao so that they could relax. But when Han Xiao started his repairing process, his technique, which was extremely speedy, quickly grabbed all their attention. They were intoxicated just by looking at it and wanted to note down his every single step. Many details of the technique were massively inspirational for them.

If they possessed an interface, the follow message would have appeared.


You gained insights from observing Han Xiao (LV 34) repair machinery. Repair skill proficiency increased.

The other Mechanic, who was of a similar standard as Wang Xi, was also observing Han Xiao with a look of obsession.

To Wang Xi, Han Xiao's technique was flawless; to be exact, his standard was not high enough to perceive any flaws in Han Xiao's technique. He felt somewhat dispirited and wanted to walk away, but he could not make himself do it. He could not resist the desire to stay there and continue watch Han Xiao's repair work. He was deeply conflicted.

Han Xiao was engrossed in his repair work and did not care about what others around him thought. As a result, his EXP increased speedily. The effect of [Meticulous Repairs Lv.1] was considerably better than ordinary repair skillsthey were not skills from the same class. The more basic weapons and machinery could be repaired quickly and easily. Han Xiao could even have been more efficient if not for the lack of better equipment.

For the next three days, other than taking some rests in between, Han Xiao was continuously involved in battles and repairs. Four waves of enemies attacked the manor in this period of time through variety of methods, including a speed boat attack, an armored vehicle attack, and a stealth raid. One group of enemies wore frog-suits and attempted to infiltrate the place by diving through the river on the west side. They were spotted and killed by the snipers.

The enemy's attacks were gradually increasing in intensity. Han Xiao could sense, with his perspicacity, that the guards in the manor seemed to be getting too weak at defending against the enemy's attacks. Numerous days of continuous high-intensity battle were taking a toll on their psyche, and the effect of their accumulated exhaustion was erupting. As a result, errors and casualties started appearing on the battlefield.

The mercenaries' struggle did not have much of an impact on Han Xiao. He was feeling at ease with handling his small area by shooting down all the enemies that went into it. At the same time, he realized that there were more and more 'fishes that escaped the net' and entered his area. It seemed that the Hornet Brothers were slowly showing their incapability in handling attacks with such intensity.

Three days passed without any problems. When the first light appeared in the sky, a message was sent immediately to the Interface.


Round 2 Complete. You received 80,000 EXP.

Not bad, but the third round is probably going to get really tough.

Han Xiao was awakened from his nap.

He had received a grand total of 180,000EXP from completing the quest, working on machinery, and killing enemies. He was rather satisfied with the efficiency.


Change in Quest Requirement.

Third Round: Defend against the next wave of attack

Reward: 150,000 EXP

Han Xiao cursed; he had a bad feeling about this round of the quest.

The next wave of enemy was most likely very powerful, and there was a ninety percent chance that the mercenaries would not be able to defend against them.

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