The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081 Milestone And Representative

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[Void Conqueror] mission completed!

Milestone activated successfully!


Watching the last Void Duke get turned into a patty by the Mechanical Deity, Han Xiao finally heard the soothing notification sound from the interface.

In the past ten days or so, he had been taking Ames around to look for other Void Dukes for partnerships. He had been active in the various edge areas of the Void Dimension.

Since not everyone wanted to hire outsiders, the two of them wasted some time in between. However, overall, the mission was completed quite efficiently. As long as a partnership was agreed upon, Han Xiao would easily be able to wipe out the hostile Void Duke’s forces.

“It’s finally completed.”

Han Xiao deactivated the Mechanical Deity and opened the interface to look at the reward.

The bonus from [Void Conqueror] was already in effect. His various void-related talents were all slightly enhanced. He received 1,600 Free Attribute Points and one God’s Trait Transformation Point, as well as +20 starting Favorability with all void creatures. He also received a Legendary Point [Void Celebrity]. Its introduction was that the name ‘Black Star’ was now well known between the void creatures.

As usual, he stocked the Free Attribute Points up, of which he now had close to 4,000. As for the God’s Trait Transformation Point, Han Xiao continued on the path of maxing one path first, so he used it on [God’s Trait TransformationMachinery] and unlocked the level four bonuses.


Stage Four: +3 Levels to abilities belonging to the [Apostle Mechanic] and [Emperor Mechanic] stages. +25% base success rate of inventing blueprints. +15% base success rate of improving blueprints. +3% base success rate of inventing Grade Gold blueprints. +1.5% rate of acquiring unique talents. +15% abilities of the sub-branches.


“Not bad.” Han Xiao scanned through it.

The class abilities of the Apostle and Emperor stages were very crucial, so enhancing them was quite useful. According to the current trend, Han Xiao estimated that the next level would most likely enhance the abilities of the Lord and Throne Mechanic stages, which were even more crucial.

Overall, the bonuses of this level were mainly focused on enhancing his ability to innovate. After all, Han Xiao had no channeling bars like the players. At his level, innovating new blueprints from his class knowledges was common, same with improving the base quality of blueprints. The blueprints he used often nowadays were all enhanced and improved versions.

What Han Xiao was more concerned about was the unique talent. It seemed like those old men like Manison and Sorokin all had their own unique talents. Since the players did not have this in his previous life, Han Xiao had no idea about how to acquire them, nor did the interface give any tips. Therefore, he could only figure it out himself.

As for the enhancements of the sub-branches, they enhanced Han Xiao’s Armed and Energy Branch abilities, basically almost all the Mechanic abilities not belonging to the Virtual Branch.

Han Xiao was still looking at the interface when his current Void Duke partner finished consuming the enemy’s core and came to beside him.

“Black Star, a Void Lord under the command of His Excellency Kasuyi wants to see you.”

“Finally, I knew he wouldn’t ignore my actions.”

Han Xiao had expected this, so he was not surprised. Following the Void Duke’s arrangements, he met with the Void Lord.

The Void Lord’s body was enormous and seemingly extended from the ground right into the clouds. Its body’s color was deeper than even the Void Duke.

As soon as he saw Han Xiao, he felt close to him for some reason he could not explain. Somehow, Han Xiao looked very easy to befriend.

Despite the rather good first impression this Void Lord had of Han Xiao, it did not affect his attitude when carrying out the mission for Kasuyi. He directly said, “Black Star, we’ve noticed your recent frequent battles in the Void Dimension. Are you planning to rule the Void Dukes and build your forces here?”

“Don’t worry. Tell Kasuyi that I’m just signing contracts with some mercenaries and have no plans of building a force. In fact, I’ve almost achieved my goal, and I’m planning to leave the Void Dimension in just a day or two.”

Han Xiao knew what Kasuyi was worried about, so he expressed that he was not there to fight for territory.

“That’s best. As long as you don’t interfere too much with the internal matters of the Void Dimension, we will always welcome you. Do come to us if you need anything.”

The Void Lord was quite well mannered. As a subordinate of Kasuyi, he had some basic knowledge of the powerful people in the main universe. He knew that Black Star was not someone he could mess with.

“Sure, we might have the chance to do business in the future,” Han Xiao said casually.

Kasuyi’s territory had a stable production line that produced all kinds of void specialties. It was quite a good business. If he had any needs, he would not mind working with him.

This time, the Void Lord took out a tube that was filled with a light blue liquid that was giving off a dim light and said, “This is master Kasuyi’s special present for you. It’s liquid-form Void Essence extracted for the core of the dimension. It’ll help in enhancing your void bloodline.”

Han Xiao raised his brows, accepted the tube, and said with a smile, “Thank Kasuyi for me.”

Clearly, this was meant as a farewell gift to tell him not to stay too long in his house. Anyway, Han Xiao never planned to, so he had no problem with it.

After a successful exchange, the Void Lord left satisfied. Han Xiao kept the tube too, which would most likely increase the attributes he would gain during the next Race Evolution.

“Finally done?” This time, Ames giggled.

Over the past few days, Han Xiao had been very occupied with doing the mission and did not fulfill his promise to Ames of traveling with her. He could not help but feel he had wronged her. Now that business was done, with a relaxed mind and mood, he waved and said, “Let’s go. I’ll accompany you to travel the secondary dimensions all you want.”

While the two of them traveled the secondary dimensions, the situation of the main universe kept changing.

Although the plan of forming a Beyond Grade A Alliance in the Flickering World was not publicized yet, the unusual movements of numerous peak Beyond Grade As attracted attention from many well-informed organizations.

After the initiators of the alliance gathered, they started the first meeting.

Inside the round table conference room of a spaceship, the remote projections of the various initiators gathered and sat in their chairs. Most of them were peak Beyond Grade As.

At the huge round table, only one seat was empty. It was Han Xiao’s.

Manison clapped, signaling everyone to look over, and slowly said, “Black Star went to the secondary dimensions and isn’t available. We’re the only ones attending this meeting today.”

“He’s the main initiator. Growing the association needs the Black Star Army’s help too. Is it suitable to not call him for such an important meeting?” Secret Master asked.

The rest agreed.

Currently, Han Xiao’s position was quite high among the Beyond Grade As. Although he did not come, no one could ignore his existence. Furthermore, with the irreplaceable importance the Black Star Army had in creating the Beyond Grade A Association, the various Beyond Grade As present all recognized his significance. Even though he was not present, they would still speak for him.

“Black Star said himself he isn’t coming.” Manison shook his hand. “He has already made his stand. He suggests everyone should focus on the agreement we had during the Meeting of the Gods, and once we come to a conclusion, just inform him of it.”

He would never lie about such things.

“Alright then.” The rest nodded.

“Let’s talk business,” Manison said slowly. “Since we’re decided to form the association, we’ll first have to set down the rules, regularize the positions of the association, confirm the nature of the organization and its development direction, and decide on the laws its members must follow.

Kasuyi followed up and said, “That’s right. Our core goal is to unite the strength of all Beyond Grade As, be it now or in the future. The Ancient Ones’ structure is too lenient, and its entry point is too high, so this time, we can’t repeat their mistakes. We must have a clear set of laws and regulations.”

A peak Beyond Grade A said, “According to the proposal Black Star gave, the main use of the association is to solve conflicts between Beyond Grade As. I think that’s a good path, and it’s best we start there. For example, we can have the rule that members can’t easily initiate physical conflicts with other members except for the purpose of sparring, to maintain the image that the Beyond Grade As are united. Also, members shouldn’t be allowed to deliberately escalate the conflict and avoid peaceful compromises”

Everyone started discussing their ideas one after another. The rules and regulations were being filled up very quickly.

This time, Sorokin, who was the major investor, suddenly said, “The rules are good indeed, but the biggest problem is to make sure the Beyond Grade As are willing to follow them. As everyone knows, Beyond Grade As all have their own pride and have been enjoying tons of privileges. It won’t be easy to make them follow rules.”

“That’s right. This is a core problem,” Manison said. “Not only must we make sure the members accept the restrictions from the rules, we also have to make sure that even after the outsiders see these rules, they’ll also still be willing to join the association. Not everyone agreed with what we said during the Meeting of the Gods, so in order to prevent others from just ignoring us, as usual, it’ll all come down to the use of intimidation and benefits. We have to let the other Beyond Grade As see the price of disobeying the rules while also understanding the benefits of joining the association.

“Intimidation is easy. We seniors won’t have to do anything. We’re a form of intimidation by ourselves. Benefits, however, must be displayed through many aspects. We shall build an interest network of Beyond Grade As, unite and share our resources, and provide help to each other through many means. As for the new members in the future, we can use our resources to help them to build their Beyond Grade A forces, as well as provide some guidance from the peak Beyond Grade As

“Also, we can even include the Ultimate Knowledges of the five classes as a benefit.”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

“Ultimate Knowledges? This is basically fighting with the three Universal Civilizations in the market of recruiting Beyond Grade A allies. They’ll definitely object to it to an extreme extent. This isn’t a small issue.”

“Have you forgotten our initial goal so soon?” Manison said slowly. “If we can’t break the forced monopoly that the three Universal Civilizations have on the Ultimate Knowledges, even if the Beyond Grade A Association is formed successfully, it’ll still be controlled by the advanced civilizations. We’ll have no choice but to continue working for them all the same.”

Some nodded in agreement while more stayed silent. They felt that this was too big a step and too risky. Opinions were varied.

“Since you insist on doing so, the three Universal Civilizations will have a lot to say to us,” Kasuyi said with resignation.

“Therefore” Manison looked around and finally showed his true goal. “We need a leader. He must be able to take the pressure and never compromise, and I’m the only one who is able to take on that position.”

Everyone glanced at him.

Someone started praising him and said, “Manison is strong. He has a lot of connections, a huge organization, and he’s senior. He is indeed the most suitable candidate.”

Quite a number of people there were invited by Manison, so they were going to support him from the beginning.

This time, another peak Beyond Grade A candidate said, “Who doesn’t know what you’re planning? We’re all the initiators of the association. I think I’m more suitable than you.”

Everyone there was a Beyond Grade A. One person speaking for everyone was impossible. Even the president would only be taken more seriously when it comes to making decisions but could never truly order around these people. Most decisions would still have to be made together by the elders. However, due to the unique nature of the Beyond Grade A Association, this kind of opportunity was extremely rare.

This time, Milizaus said slowly, “Although Black Star isn’t here, he also intends to be a candidate. The forces the Black Star Army has in the Flickering World are unquestionable. Our organization will only be truly powerful with him as the president. Furthermore, the Evolutionary Totems will soon be sold to the public. At that time, Black Star will be much more important to the three Universal Civilizations. He’s suitable as the lubricant between two sides and will be able to tremendously reduce the pressure the association will face I vote for Black Star as the representative.”

Han Xiao did not join the meeting because he wanted to let others settle the issue, but it was mainly because he was not willing to face the other candidates directly, including Manison. Since he could not compete with the others in terms of connections, all he could do was bring up the profit he could bring and let the others decide. This way, he would avoid direct conflicts with other peak Beyond Grade As. More importantly, he did not want to disrupt the Great Director Manison’s plans.

“Black Star is indeed very useful, but he’s far from experienced. I wouldn’t want a youngster to stand above my head.” Sierron snorted.

Everyone had different people they wanted to vote for, so they started arguing. Surprisingly, quite a number of people voted for Han Xiao, who was not even here.

After quite some time, someone said, “I think that the management structure should be balanced. The position of the president shouldn’t be permanent. They need to be re-elected regularly.”

This suggestion was agreed on by most. They only did not want to step up now, but it was certain that being the president would be beneficial once the association became stable. Also, in terms of maintaining balance, no one wished for one person to be the president forever.

This time, Manison looked at Kasuyi, who did not participate much in the discussion. He narrowed his eyes and said with a deep voice, “Vote for me this time. I’ll fully support you in the next election.”

Hearing this, for some reason, Kasuyi suddenly felt a chill up his spine.

Why do I feel like I’ll have to keep my Psychic shield up at all times from now on?

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