The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115 Twin Gods Advent

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The lightning snaked wildly around, flickering with arcs of electricity as the energy fluctuations blasted around with the force of a hurricane. The Beyond Grade A avatars and machinery present were all blown away and retreated. Han Xiao was blown back a short distance, and he immediately stabilized himself, staring at the other party. Manison was entwined with a brilliant golden arc of Mechanical Force, releasing an astonishing aura. His pinnacle Beyond Grade A energy was fully released, and even though this was just an avatar of his, Han Xiao felt a heavy sense of oppression.

Manisons eyes flashed as he locked onto Han Xiao, repeating his question.

"Do you know what you just did?"

"Are you angry?" Han Xiao did not bother to explain, only indifferently replying. "Im very disappointed in you. You definitely understood what sort of chance you just gave up! Why did you destroy the virus core?" "Eradicating the Intelligent Plague is the goal of our trip. I just did my part and on the first day I arrived, I told you this. Its my generations responsibility to prevent the universe from growing more chaotic, but you didnt seem to take it seriously."

Manison hovered in the air, his tone not revealing any surprise or joy. "It seems like my understanding of you is still insufficient."

"Many people dont even understand themselves, let alone say that they understand others Mechanic Emperor, you think that were the same kind of person, but in fact, were not."

"Since things have reached this point, theres no need to say any more. Since you disappointed me, you should know how this will end today!"

Manisons Mechanical Force soared up to the sky, piercing through the clouds, and connected to his machinery in outer space. His voice boomed out.

"Let me see just how much ability you have!"



Just as his voice sounded, a black wave of machinery passed through the atmosphere, shooting out a dense beam of light as they fell from the sky like a meteor shower toward Han Xiaos position.

"My thoughts exactly!" Han Xiaos left fist slammed upward toward the sky in a fanfare of light. An arc-shaped psionic protective shield unfolded in the air.

The dense cluster of light beams hit on the protective shield like a heavy downpour hitting the leaves on a plantation. This was accompanied by crackling explosions.

Han Xiaos Mechanical Force also rushed upward to the sky, summoning his machinery on standby in outer space.

The machinery acted instantaneously and broke through the atmosphere. Manisons troops immediately shifted their targets, exchanging fire with Han Xiaos troops at a high altitude. The crisscrossing beams gave off a mysterious glow in the skies.

Han Xiao and Manisons avatars were not idle either. They quickly drew close to each other in a collision.


Just like a comet hitting the earth, a bluish-gold circular shock wave exploded at the center of their impact.

The two figures exchanged attacks hundreds of times, entangled as they rose into the air.


Alloy rubbed against alloy, releasing countless electric sparks, and shock waves constantly formed at the point of their impacts.

Just as two of them started fighting, the other Beyond Grade A avatars and troops on the scene immediately diverged from each other, running off to the side to watch without getting involved.

Seeing Black Star fighting against the Mechanic Emperor, everyone then recovered from the shock of Han Xiao destroying the virus core.

"I really didnt expect that Black Star would do this." Maximiler was surprised.

"By doing this, he has put an end to the possibility of any organization obtaining the complete technology of this Virtual Mutiny Virus. Neither us nor the three Universal Civilizations can restore this technology now. He was too impulsive. Now no one has obtained anything from this trip," Mornisa complained. "Impulsive? In my opinion, hes the one who is the calmest and most rational," Sun Hunter replied. "While doing this will cut off our hope of obtaining the virus technology, from the perspective of the universe and the bigger picture, this was a selfless choice."

Kant nodded, speaking emotionally. "Come to think of it, we did not lose anything, nor did the three Universal Civilizations. The only ones who truly lost were Black Star and the Mechanic Emperor. The Mechanic Emperor has been made a fool of, and his position is making the three Universal Civilizations feel a certain degree of danger from him. As for Black Star, he has relinquished the possibility of obtaining benefits.

"If I was in that position, I would definitely not have destroyed it. I would have negotiated with the three Universal Civilizations in exchange for a lot of benefits. Yet Black Star was able to give up on those benefits to choose to destroy the root cause of this disaster. This should be the most beneficial to universal peace I always thought of Black Star as a pure profit-seeker and didnt expect him to do such a thing. Maybe I was wrong all along."

"Thats right" Judith sighed. "Our understanding of Black Star seems to be too limited. Turns out, he was not such a profit-seeker."

Everyone was in a complicated mood. At this moment, the image of Black Star rose rapidly in their hearts since they did not expect him to perform such a noble move.

Even Jackornitz and those who had some enmity with him had to admit that their impression of Black Star had risen a notch. While the hope of restoring the virus technology was lost, no one was too disappointed even though they thought it a pity. In fact, they heaved a sigh of relief. This was an outcome they could all accept.

In fact, everyone had this vague worry in their heads as to what would happen after the three Universal Civilizations obtained the Virtual Mutiny Virus. Everyone present was a mechanic, and the Virtual Mutiny Virus would be the most lethal to them. The Virtual Mutiny Virus would pose a huge threat to their Class, which would cause their entire profession to enter hibernation.

In contrast, destroying the virus core was a wise choice. From this point of view, most of the people present were not against Han Xiaos choice and even thought of it as a compromise that would benefit the Beyond Grade As.

They just did not know if Black Star had thought about all this when making a decision.

"Then, what shall we do now?" One of the neutral Beyond Grade As stared at the fierce battle unfolding. "Are we going to intervene?"

"Black Star and the Mechanic Emperor have deep conflicts, as they were originally the President and Vice President of the Development union. This is a dispute over their chosen paths. Lets see how it goes." Kant paused for a while before continuing. "Uh the dynastys fleet seems to have switched off the spacetime stability anchor."

After fighting for a while, Han Xiao and Manison noticed the release of the spacetime anchor and suddenly broke apart, confronting each other at a higher altitude.

Their machines stopped fighting, returning to the positions of the two, guarding their own avatars.


"Your strength has improved very quickly," Manison said indifferently. "Its just that, without burning your potential, youre still not my opponent." "Try me."

Han Xiao casually threw back the ball. He maintained his focus, his fighting spirit soaring

After Black Stars Godlike Battle, the outside world recognized Black Star to have two fighting styles. One would be the regular form, and the other was the explosive form caused by burning his potential.

Han Xiao did not have the ability to burn his potential. He had already obtained the (Mechanical Great Sage] skill as well as a few stacks of the Gods Trait Transformation skills. In addition, he had managed to draw several powerful specialties after the attack on Hila. His strength at the moment was considerable, enough to give Manison a run for his money.

However, it was still an undeniable fact that the Mechanic and Machinery abilities of Manison were well above his own.

The Mechanic Emperor had a higher level and Gods Trait Transformation level, as well as more mechanical abilities and talents. The quality and quantity of his own machinery were incomparable to Manisons.

Han Xiao had intended to challenge Manison, but because the two of them were only present with their avatars, he would not activate his Character Summon Cards immediately. After all, both of them were Army Style Mechanics, so their fight would be over who had the most troops. A winner would not be easily decided. From their previous exchange, he had discovered that Manisons clone was not easy to fight. His opponent had taken preventive measures, and not only were his armor and shields strong, his melee skills were also good. The longer one lived, the more versatile one got.

Old Man Manison was still a pinnacle Beyond Grade A, and his HP would not be too low. Furthermore, it was more normal for a Mechanic to use an avatar to fight rather than the main body with Han Xiao being the only exception.

At this moment, Manison spoke with a chill in his voice. "Its been a long time since I last used this move Black Star, youre worthy of me showing my true ability."

As he spoke, he waved his hand.


His secondary dimensional army box burst open beside him, and the boundless army of machinery descended, covering the sky.

"Come on, whos afraid?"

Han Xiao immediately saw through the Mechanic Emperors intentions and also opened his secondary dimensional army box. Countless mechanical soldiers rushed out, surrounding him. The size of their mechanical troops continued to soar and quickly covered the sky. On one side was the pitch-black machinery representing Black Star, whilst the other had the white gleaming troops from the Mechanic Emperor. The two sides faced each other far away, separated by a strip of sky, as though that was the dividing line. The machinery then started to converge on their avatars, quickly forming a huge mechanical structure.


The next moment, two Mechanical Deities, one black and one silver, descended on the world!

The black Mechanical Deity was holding a black war halberd, wearing a huge robe, its body wrapped in the blue glow of psionic energy.

The silver Mechanical Deity held onto a purple trident, wearing a cloak and armor, its entire body flashing with golden arcs.

The two Mechanical Deities faced each other, and countless various mechanical soldiers stood by their sides.

"Mechanic Emperor!"

"Black Star!"

The sound waves swept across the entire planet.

The halberd slashed down, and the trident stabbed forward, as both Mechanical Deities simultaneously wielded their weapons.

Their huge bodies seemed to move slowly, but the actual movement was so fast that time distorted around them.

The halberd hit the edge of the trident, and the two Universal Treasure weapons locked onto each other.


A resounding clash echoed in everyones soul, causing a frightening tremor.



An eye-piercing glow appeared at the position of the strike, suddenly blooming and turning into a silvery white lightning as it extended infinitely toward both ends.

At first glance, this looked like a glowing cut, searing the retinas of the countless people watching, as though the impact had torn apart the black backdrop that was the universe!

At the same time, at the Machinery Faith Colony on the surface, be it the believers or the priests, all of them turned their heads up to stare blankly at the sky, watching the two Mechanical Deities engaging in an earth-shaking Divine Battle.

Seeing Black Star swing his war halberd toward the publicly recognized Machinery Faith leader, every believer of the Machinery Faith was stunned.

To see the Mechanical Deities that they worshipped fighting before their very eyes, only one sentence could describe their current feelings

"Baby, come out and look at God."

At the same time, in the flagship of the Crimson Dynasty nearby, the commander, who had gone out to answer an emergency call, hurried back to the bridge at the command room and loudly ordered, "The Ruler has issued her orders. Immediately intervene in the battle and open fire at will!"

The members were dumbfounded. Gazing at the battle between the two Mechanical Deities, as well as the frantically rising energy fluctuations, they subconsciously asked, "Which one do we help?"


The commander raised his hand, slapping the back of the guy who asked this nonsensical question as he raged, "You f*cking tool, help the black one!"

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