The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 113

Chapter 113: The Unexpected Appearance of Division 13

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Bennett stroked the cheek that had been hit by Han Xiao's punch and said helplessly, "Don't hit my face."

"You are lucky it was just your face."

Han Xiao stared silently at Bennett for a moment.

Bennett suddenly felt a cold wind breeze past the area between his legs. He gave a cold shiver and was puzzled. Was it an illusion?

Most of the critical information about Bennett was unknown. However, Han Xiao knew that Bennett had more than fifteen special skills, and most of them were standard skills! The scariest skill was not those that allowed for additional attacking power, HP, or attributes but [Lucky Glow]. The name of the skill probably would not convince one that it was powerful, but once the effects of the skill were revealed or the name of the skill was changed, it could probably scare one to death.

Glow of the Lead!

Galaxy was very large. The different planets and civilizations that made up the world of Galaxy would always have one of the thousands of the heroic epics. Lucky Glow was a standard skill that the main characters possessed.

For instance, if Bennett used his [Flaming Will], there would be gains in the attributes every round. That was the ability that 'Lucky Glow' bestowed upon him.

Bennett is probably secretly hurt at the current moment and will only recover in the future. Han Xiao remembered that the first time Bennett appeared before the eyes of the player, he possessed the energy of an active dragon and tiger combined. He could be described as a T-Rex forced into a human body.

At his peak, Bennett was at C stage, but he was merely D+ for now.

The energy requirement for C stage was 2,000 points, and a D+ stage meant that the character had an energy level of 1,600 points and above. The character was still very strong.

Han Xiao's current combat power was stuck at stage D, which was around 800 points. Only after the additional gains that he could obtain from his equipment was he able to reach stage D.

The stage of a character did not represent their combat power. Ultimately, different characters with different skills had different strengths in certain types of terrain and environments. However, as long as a character had a high energy level, it meant that they definitely had an aspect they were very strong in.

After bidding farewell to Bennett, Han Xiao went back to his sniper post. He suddenly felt a weird sensation in his heart and turned back. The female sniper beside him was staring deeply at him. Han Xiao did recognize the lady. She was known as Golden Fox and was a new assassin that had arrived at the site only yesterday.

Han Xiao felt his face a few times to confirm that he had a mask on his face. He was really confused. There is no way that she can see through the mask. How can she be attracted by my handsome face even when I have a mask on?

Golden Fox walked forward to him. She had a pretty smile on her face and said cheekily, "Mr. Black, I was wondering if you can teach me some sniping skills."

As she was speaking, Golden Fox surreptitiously squeezed her breasts with her hands to reveal her deep cleavage.

She's trying to seduce me? Han Xiao squinted his eyes. Regardless of her intention, Han Xiao had no interest in such seductions. He raised his hand before his body and said sternly, "Miss, please have some self-respect!"

Golden Fox's eyes flashed. She realized that Mr. Black was very resistant to sexual seductions. She immediately changed her strategy. Her expression turned from a sexy one to that of a helpless little girl who was seeking help. The sudden change was even faster than a Sichuan mask-changing show. She crossed her hands in front of her breasts and said breathlessly, "I I just want to ask you for some guidance; I don't have any other intentions."

Han Xiao rolled his eyes and said, "Miss, don't waste your energy. I don't like ladies."

The expression on Golden Fox's face stiffened up, and she looked at Han Xiao in astonishment and stuttered, "You, you like"

"No, I don't like men." Han Xiao touched his china and said, "Actually, I am not even interested in humans er or anything that is living."

Golden Fox was completely dumbfounded. She lowered her head and said, "Sorry, sorry to disturb."

She then turned around and ran away without hesitation.

Han Xiao laughed heartily. Can't believe she tried to seduce me. She is just a greenhorn. Speaking of which, I was so popular with women back then. But that is all in the past, and it really meant nothing.

After laughing to himself a couple more times, Han Xiao suddenly stopped. He then gave a deep sigh and took out a cigarette and popped a light.

At that moment, a car neared the manor. Han Xiao looked over and was instantly shocked.

The car was painted black. It had an emblem on the car's door. The emblem was a dragon that surrounded three stars.

It was Division 13's vehicle!

Why is Division 13 here?

Heeding the instructions given by Wang Yuan, the mercenary troops opened the gates and directed Division 13's car into the manor.

A leg wrapped in a combat tight suit emerged out of the doors of the car. The leg was slender, and it drew plenty of the troops' attention. Once the boot landed on the ground, the first person to emerge out of the car was his old friend Di Su Su.

Di Su Su had an air of arrogance, and it was as if she did not want to be approached by anyone. The other members of the team followed behind her.

Some of the boorish troops were attempting to tease her with their wolf-whistles, and they were checking out the beautiful figure of Di Su Su.

A middle-aged with wrinkles at the edge of his eyes alighted from the car. His firm presence could be felt. It was obvious that he was the leader of Di Su Su and her fellow agents. The group headed toward the mansion.

Di Su Su could feel a chill up his spine. There was also a cold feeling emerging within of her heart. She knew that she was locked onto by a very dangerous individual. She turned her head and saw a middle-aged man suited up in complete black leaning against the wall with his sniper staring at her. His look was actually pretty calming, but even with that, she could feel herself on edge and the chill in her heart as if she sensed some sort of impending threat.

Who is that person? Di Su Su was alarmed. She then felt a sense of familiarity about the man in black. Before she could even think about the issue, she entered the mansion. The doors shut, and her view was blocked.

At the edge of the wall, Han Xiao saw the agents of Division 13, and his eyes brightened up.

The agents from Division 13 went straight up to the highest floor of the mansion, where Wang Yuan and Bennett were waiting for them.

"Wang Yuan, long time no see," the old man leading the agents said. Although, he said it with a poker face, the tone of his voice sounded like he had finally met his long-time friend.

"Mo Ran," Wang Yuan said, "it has been more than ten years. You are one of the trump cards of Division 13, and I am the leader of the Dark Web Organization. If not for the situation this time, we probably would not have met again."

"Yeah." Mo Ran nodded. He saw Bennett at the side, and although his face was still expressionless, one could tell the astonishment in his voice. "This fellow is also here"

"You still want to challenge me?" Bennett replied in an unfriendly tone. "I have no interest in beating you again."

"It's all in the past, Bennet. There is no point bringing it up again." Mo Ran immediately put an end to this topic of conversation.


Di Su Su and her fellow agents were shocked. Bennett was very well-known among all intelligence agencies. He was not only a hero of the old-war era but also an individual with an amazingly powerful fighting prowess. He was commonly listed in the top three threats in all case files. Upon hearing the name of Bennett, Di Su Su found it hard to keep her nerves under control.

Mo Ran frowned and asked, "In the battles of the past ten days, although they all took place outside the city, it also resulted in negative influences. The sounds of the canons and the gunshots are too obvious. What are you guys doing?"

Wang Yuan shook his head. "We, the original leaders of the Dark Web Organization want to maintain our neutral position, but some of the greedy higher ups want to give up the neutrality as they are keen on the powers they might get if they take sides. They are eyeing for our leadership positions and want to replace us to gain control of the Dark Web Organization. The attacks are all planned by these traitors.

"Xena is trying to track the location of these traitors through any clues she can find. Many of the attackers were wiped out, but we expect the traitors to make their last stand within these two days."

"Find me in Seagull City in two days. We need a proper catch-up," Mo Ran said. With Bennett around, he was not worried about the security of Wang Yuan.

After settling the important matters, Mo Ran turned and leftefficiency was Mo Ran's style. Di Su Su and the rest followed behind him.

The Covert Ops agents from Division 13 were the best of the department but definitely not the most elite of the entire country. There was a smaller elite team that was the secret weapon of the nation. They were usually guarding the outposts and commanding the situation from behind the scenes. They rarely revealed themselves and were known as trump cards. Mo Ran was one of such individuals. There were such figures in every nation.

What an intense period with so many occurances at once, Di Su Su thought to herself.

About three months back, Stardragon had faced a several important events. First, they managed to destroy a hidden base of the Germinal Organization within their own borders. After which, Stardragon made an expedition for Dark Crow Valley. The source of the critical intelligence reports was very mysterious.

Also, the response from the Germinal Organization was also very weird. The organization seemed like it was searching for someone. After the Dark Crow Valley operation, the agents of Germinal Organization were more blatant with their actions. It seemed like they did not care if their identities were exposed. They were searching hysterically within the borders of Stardragon. The situation was most intense in the Western Capital. More than a hundred of the agents from the Phoenix Eye Societya subsidiary organization of the Germinal Organizationwere caught. They were mostly small fries that did not offer any value for the interrogators.

Since the disappearance of Han Xiao, Division 13 sent out many agents to all parts of the world to look for him, but they all returned without any substantial results. All the CCTV cameras, airline records, and border entry records were monitored, but there was still no clue. Agents were even sent out to the wilderness, but none returned with a single piece of information.

The result was unbelievable in the eyes of the higher ups of the department. It was as if Han Xiao had vanished into thin air.

Where did he go?

Where could he go?

What was he going to do?

Di Su Su knew Han Xiao and had interacted with him for a period of time. In her eyes, he was a man enshrouded in mystery. She was also curious of Han Xiao's whereabouts.

After heading out of the mansion, Di Su Su tried to look for the man in black who she felt was dangerous; however, the man had already disappeared.

The agents of Division 13 boarded the car and left the manor.

After leaving the forest, Mo Ran asked the driver to pull over. He then stepped out the vehicle alone and said to the agents in the car, "Di Su Su, get some agents to monitor the battle situation together with you. Report back to me later."

  1. Bian Lian (literally: "Face-Changing") is an ancient Chinese dramatic art that is part of the more general Sichuan opera. Performers wear brightly colored costumes and move to quick, dramatic music. They also wear vividly colored masks, typically depicting well known characters from the opera, which they change from one face to another almost instantaneously with the swipe of a fan, a movement of the head, or wave of the hand. (Wikipedia)

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