The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140 This Bstard Has No Virtue

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Chapter 1140 This B*stard Has No Virtue

During the closing ceremony, Fly Free and the other loyal players carried out the operation. After that, almost all the army players were waiting on the forums for what would happen to them.

To many neutral players, these people were reckless and impulsive, so they would certainly suffer heavy consequences. God only knew how severe the factions punishment would be.

However, when the private recordings from Fly Free and the others were posted, it shocked quite a number of people, and the post instantly garnered millions of views.

The video recorded the full process of Han Xiaos private meeting with them. Seeing how confident and clear-minded the army commander was, the atmosphere on the forums instantly changed into one-sided praise.

(Fly Free: From today onward, the army commander is my brother, and anyone who dares to touch my brother shall feel my wrath! Thats all. Whos with me? Whos against me?]

[Im The Northern Gods Idiot: +1.]

[Rayleis Gaze: Our Army Commander was way too cool]

[Mechanic Emperors Small PP: Although were just bullsh*ting most of the time, it isnt too much to use the word amazing to describe what the army commander had done today, is it?]

(The Frog Has Seen Through Everything: Honestly, the chances of these spies successfully framing the others shouldnt be low at all. It would have at least led to a thorough investigation from the army. But Black Stars judgement is way too impressive, seeing through the differences between the two groups right away and providing decisive and accurate solutions. Those who really had ulterior motives got their accounts banned, and you guys, the loyal pillars, only got symbolic punishments. This row of decisions by the army commander is quite amazing.)

[Tomorrow Wont Be Better: Sigh, to think that Black Star still remembers us old timers from Version 1.0. Its so touching. Praise Black Star!)

(Bun-Hit-Dog: Im a newbie who just joined this version. Is the army commander actually this amazing? Wow, how interesting. Ill have to binge watch Bun-Hit-Dogs must-see Black Star Series now.]

[I Love The Dawn: You dog, remember to use your smurf account next time when you do promotion acting as a noob]

The video got uploaded to the forums as Han Xiao expected, so his goal of getting the hearts of the players was already achieved. Not only did his decisions make him have more leadership appeal, but the sense of recognition a lot of army players had for the faction also went through the roof. This nostalgia-inducing, fair, and wise series of decisions he made had planted a seed in the many players, forming a bond with the army. Although Han Xiao did not deliberately explain his identity in public, his actions had already indirectly cleared the players doubts. The focus of the forums at this point was no longer if Han Xiao was fake or real but why Black Star had the Mechanic Emperors ability.

There had always been a rumor among the players about Black Star being able to replicate and imitate other characters abilities, and this rumor was finally proven true.

The majority of the players felt that this special talent Black Star had was the key reason he could grow stronger so fast, being able to steal abilities from opponents. In some respects, the players guess was very close to the truth. However, no matter how much they guessed, they would never know the truth.

Furthermore, as this theory lacked solid evidence, for the NPCs, it only passed between the players and was not convincing enough for normal people even if they heard about it.

As the one who single-handedly initiated this event, Fly Free became famous overnight. He was seen as the number one loyal member of the army. He expressed his intention to form a Black Star Fan Group on the spot and to communicate with the army commander about making it a team Black Star Guards with only Immortals.

The atmosphere on the forums was festive. Other than praise for Black Star, there were also many who were laughing at Winter Wolf and the others.

[Marios Little Mushroom: Tsk, some people just cant bear to see others live a good life and will try their best to pull you back using all kinds of dirty and filthy methods, yet theyre not ashamed but honored by it, acting as if its all for everyones own good. Theyre the best definition of the word hypocrite.)

[Master of Bondage: Hehe, sadly for them, our army commander is wise and fair. He wont be deceived.)

However, while all this went on, the Northern Battlefront surprisingly stepped up and announced they were responsible for it. It instantly triggered a verbal war on the forums and attracted the focus of the players. That was how it should be. Compared to praising Black Star, the players were still more interested in arguing with others online.

While the forums were heated, the influence of the Black Star Cup was also fermenting in the galaxy. Army members backstabbing Black Star sparkled a lot of conversations and discussions, leading many galactic residents who were not originally interested to curiously find out about the details of the incident.

Not long after the closing ceremony ended, on behalf of the army, Han Xiao made an official announcement to the entire universe to explain this incident, answering their questions while satisfying their curiosity.

He basically publicized Fly Frees insults toward the Mechanic Emperor on that day with some exaggeration and more details so that the galactic residents could properly enjoy watching it. At the same time, the announcement emphasized that he really hoped the Mechanic Emperor would not be angry about this. This was just someones most sincere true opinion from the deepest part of his heart. It did not represent the armys opinion. The army would always respect the Mechanic Emperor, even if he was an evil man. At the same time, he hoped that the Mechanic Emperor would uphold his position as an elder and not take the words of such young people seriously.

The galactic residents were just happily watching on, while the Beyond Grade As who attended the event only had one thought about Han Xiao in their hearts.

Wow, you b*stard, you really have absolutely zero virtue!

We like it!

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