The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 Little Kid Soro Youve Revealed Yourself

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In the Limitless Financial Groups Flickering World branch, a huge virtual star map was suspended in the center of the top-level office, and the picture showed the current pattern of the free competition zone. The Super Star Cluster Alliance was occupying a large majority of the core and central areas of the four Star Clusters. Their territory was represented by the red dye spreading and encroaching upon the blue area representing the other forces.

Sorokin stood with his hand propping up his head, staring at the star map as his eyes flickered.

"After this Crimson Tide, the advanced civilization conflict will affect the structure of the entire universe There will be business opportunities everywhere!"

After solving the problem of Traveler, the Limitless Financial Group turned back to hug the thighs of the federation and the church once more. As such, they definitely had to contribute toward this turmoil, and at the same time, this was a reasonable opportunity for him to make a fortune in war. As the head of the financial group, Sorokin would definitely not miss it.

"The middleman during the war can promote the business of selling materials, arms, and other resources. Those forces standing on the side of the three Universal Civilizations will definitely need to replenish their materials. This is the number one business opportunity but its only a small profit. The true profits are outside of the chessboard, and I also need admission tickets. I should be eligible though"

Sorokin was muttering to himself, feeling a little excited.

If he could obtain the real benefits of this incident, the size of the Limitless Financial Group could move up again, and a skyrocketing share price would not be a dream.

Beep beep!

Just as he was fantasizing, his personal communicator rang. It was a call from Black Star.

Seeing the caller, Sorokins expression changed.

He subconsciously trembled a little upon seeing Han Xiaos name now.

But he quickly adjusted his mood, putting on his signature smile as he answered the call. "Your Excellency Black Star, my dear partner, why have you contacted me today?"

"I have a cooperation deal." Han Xiao did not beat around the bush. "The conflict between the three Universal Civilizations and the Super Star Clusters has finally broken out, and its my chance to settle accounts with the Modo Civilization. Everyone knows that Ill deal with Modo Civilization, so we should have the same interests here, right?"

Sorokins eyes gleamed as he smiled. "Thats right. Ignoring my relationship with the federation and the church, Traveler sold me out, so he and the Modo Civilization have a debt to settle with me."

He still thought that the Modo Civilization was the backer of Traveler. He completely believed the lie Han Xiao weaved at the beginning and had decided to settle his accounts with Modo Civilization.

"Since we have the same goal this time, theres a basis for cooperation. Youre a commercial organization and are not suitable to intervening in armed conflict. Thus, I need you to provide funds and materials on a large scale, okay?"

"The Black Star Armys influence in the Flickering World is much larger than mine, and you still need me to supply war funds?" Sorokin raised his brow.

"The more, the merrier. Ill never find them enough." Han Xiao did not feel embarrassed at all.

While he was not lacking in funds, it was definitely more comfortable to spend the money of others than his own.

Sorokin gritted his teeth in secret, cursing his shamelessly while his smile remained unchanged. "Yep, Im happy to fund your war activities against the Modo Civilization."

"Ill ask the clerk to send a list of supplies over later. Just follow it."

"Okay." Sorokin gritted his teeth.

"Theres another thing. With your foresight, you must have seen the new business opportunities."

Sorokin hesitated a little, having a bad premonition. "You mean" "Stop pretending. The conflict between the three Universal Civilizations and the Super Star Cluster Alliance reaches everywhere. Although the free competition zone is the target of competition, the three Universal Civilizations will not just gaze there and will inevitably open up a second front to turn the tides. They will target the foundations of the Super Star Clusters in the explored universe through putting political, economic, and other sanctions to pressure them and here are the huge business opportunities."

The Flickering World was the center of the storm, and the main stage of the armed conflict. However, there would be another battlefield outside this chessboard, which was the three Universal Civilizations exerting pressure on the Super Star Clusters themselves, making them too tired to cope, which indirectly served as a way for the Super Star Cluster to give up their advantages in the free competition zone as soon as possible. This business opportunity lay in the economic sanctions. Targeted by the three Universal Civilizations, the business community of the Super Star Clusters would experience turbulence, and a large number of companies would be unluckily hit. This was a good opportunity for other universal financial groups to enter the market, biting off a piece of meat from the Super Star Clusters.

The Limitless Financial Group was close to the three Universal Civilizations, and being a top financial group would naturally give them the qualifications to enter the market and feast on it. Han Xiao was eyeing this opportunity, preparing to take a share.

At the same time, this plan would also better allow him to complete the mission of the Kunde Race. The remaining mission requirement was for him to cause huge losses to the Modo Civilization. Killing the opponents army was one way, and destroying the financial stability of the Modo Civilization was another direction.

Moreover, the scene of the death of the Kunde Race leader was still vivid to him. From an emotional point of view, Han Xiao also wished to beat Modo as badly as possible.

Sorokin was a little unwilling. "I havent decided to intervene yet. Besides, youre already a guest of the three Universal Civilizations and can enter the venue without me. Why use my channels?"

"Your channels are more suitable." Han Xiao smiled without any shame. While the Germinal Financial Group under his banner could independently enter the market, compared with the Limitless Financial Group, his business scope was still a lot smaller. It would not be as easy as utilizing the Limitless Financial Groups channels. In this way, not only could he borrow someones strength to develop, he would also not feel the pinch. Of course, for Sorokin, this was akin to grabbing his business. He felt as though he had swallowed a fly, and he felt an urge to command his factory to begin manufacturing punching bags with Black Stars face on them so that he could vent his frustrations.

"Thats not too good"

Sorokin was unwilling and wanted to avoid the request.

However, Han Xiaos tone suddenly changed, becoming more subtle. "Speaking of which, I recently found a historical figure that interested me when I was looking up information."

Sorokin was taken aback for a moment, wondering why Han Xiao changed the topic all of a sudden.

He suppressed his impatience and pretended to be curious. "Who?"

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, staring interestedly at Sorokin as he spoke. "Rovell Sissock, one of the Primordial Ones with the name of Soul Emperor. Have you heard of him before?"

" I have, but why has he aroused your interest?"

"Oh, I was collecting Primal Esper Ability Entities a while ago, and this one called the Soul Flame caught my attention. When I checked its information, I found out that its last host was someone called the Soul Emperor. It didnt matter much to me, but not long after, I happened to run into the current host of the Soul Flame, and he told me some astonishing news. It turns out that the Primordial Soul Emperor did not die in a war as the data showed. His soul managed to escape, and he hid himself. Due to his special ability, he might just have survived to the present day and I also discovered that his ability is very similar to yours. Dont you think its magical?"

"Haha, its just a coincidence but a Primordial One thats survived to this day? Its really a bit powerful."

"I agree. I feel that its a coincidence Yes, lets get back on topic. Were working together to intervene in this matter, and its actually a win-win situation. Isnt it good to get a larger share together?"

"Oh, that makes sense. Alright, youve convinced me. Well put it as such. When the time comes, Ill open up the channels to help the Germinal Financial Group enter the venue."

"Haha, I wish us a happy cooperation, and I wont continue to disturb you."

"Alright, to a happy cooperation."

The moment the call ended, the smile on Sorokins face vanished.


An electric spark flashed as the communicator was crushed into a piece of scrap iron.

"This guy has discovered my secret!"

Sorokin looked suspicious.

Soul Emperor Rovell Sissock was indeed his earliest identity!

Although he did not reveal anything when he spoke just now, a storm was actually brewing in his heart.

Were it not for his psychological qualities, Sorokin would not have been so calm after someone had called out his previous identity, and his expression would have revealed the answer.

Sorokin did not believe that Black Star was absolutely certain of being able to see through his identity. It had to be because of some certain intelligence he had that allowed him to make an association, so he asked to test him out.

With so much time in between, he had already gone through many identities. The other party could not possibly have real evidence on him.

Just purely from an identity viewpoint, it did not matter even if he knew that Sorokin was the Soul Emperor. He had no grudge nor grievance with the Soul Emperor identity. Even if there were any enemies, they had long since disappeared in the long river of history. What Sorokin was afraid of was the chain reaction caused by the exposure of his identity. If the three Universal Civilizations and Beyond Grade As knew that he was actually a Primordial One who had survived to this day, they would definitely be jealous. Then, how could he maintain his weak image, continuing to be a pig to eat a tiger?

Furthermore, he was quite sure that he was the only Primordial One who had survived so far. The three Universal Civilizations would definitely move when they heard the news. Just thinking about it made him shiver.

Now that the bargaining chips were in Han Xiaos hands, Sorokin could only accept Han Xiaos proposal, much to his chagrin.

"While Black Star does not have any proof on his hands, if I allow him to continue his investigation, hell definitely find out all the identities Ive used before"

Sorokins expression changed slightly.

The identity of Soul Emperor being blown was okay, since it was a positive one, but the other identities he had used were not so clean.

It was to the point that when the Beyond Grade As had received a cleansing, his shadow was behind it!

While any traces were practically cleaned up over the years, if someone managed to uncover it, the consequences would be unimaginable! Right now, he only wished to let Black Star think that the Soul Emperor identity was enough to blackmail him, so he would not pursue it any further.

"Even if I change my identity again, therell always be a risk for exposure. Only by getting rid of Black Star can I get it over and done with"

Sorokins expression was uncertain.

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