The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 117

Chapter 117: The Invisible Demon Strikes

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As he circled around the area where Division 13 was located, Moonlight walked on the street expressionless.

He patrolled since he had made a promise, and he did not make empty promises.

The cold moonlight shone upon him, as if his body was inhaling the energy. A silver aura seemed to form on the surface of his body, making him stand out with an elegant yet magnificent presence.

Walking past a quiet alley, Moonlight turned his head abruptly, and his ability [Power of the Moon] was suddenly activated. It formed an armor around himhis ability allowed him to use the energy from moonlight to gain physical strength.

His eyes turned white and silver, and his moonlight-wrapped fist suddenly shot into the air. It hit a body.

"Who are you" Moonlight exclaimed angrily.

Under the silver beams, a human figure slowly appeared from thin air.

Right before dawn, Han Xiao, together with Tang Shu, who was foaming at the mouth, were back at the old abandoned house. He passed the antiques over to Li Xin.


You completed [Return antiques]!

Current number of participants: 1

Completed participants: 1

You returned ten antique pieces.

You receive 100% of the reward.

You gained 102,000 experience.


It had not been a challenge for him since there are no other players competing in this mission.

Han Xiao looked at the interface, and it looked like the experience he had gained these few days had reached 700,000!

With the experience gained, Han Xiao waved his, turned around, and left without a trace.

Li Xin suddenly realized that she had yet to ask for Han Xiao's name. She felt a sense of sadness. Han Xiao was just like the prince in her dream, appearing when she was in trouble, offering his help when she needed it, but disappearing right after.

Tang Shu was crouching in the corner, and he was drawing monotonic circles, mutturing, "I never want see you again."

Han Xiao, who was walking along the streets, found a shop that had a glass window that he could use as a mirror. He was shocked when he saw the face simulated by his mask.

Wow, so handsome.

But it still can't beat my original looks.

Han Xiao pursed his lips as he saved the image of this appearance in his mask.

At this instance, Han Xiao saw a pair of indifferent eyes in the empty space behind him in the window's reflection.

Mo Ran's office of Division 13's Seagull City branch

"Three assassins were killed last nightMoonlight, Volcano, and Hunter," Di Su Su reported to Mo Ran.

"The wounds are all very similar. They seemed to have been cut by a sharp object at an extremely high speed that either pierced through the heart or slit open the throat. Based on evidence collected from the surroundings, the fight lasted less than ten seconds. These three assassins were not weaklings, especially Moonlight; he had the ability to absorb energy, which gave him a boost in physical strength. Since the killer easily got close to the three assassins, his ability must have been extremely lethal.

"Is there any footage?"

"No. The murderer must have chosen locations where there are no surveillance cameras."

"Are there any suspects?" Mo Ran asked.

"With a hidden ability, extreme speed, and the ability to killing other elite assassins and Espers with the snap of a finger, there seems to be a matching character on the danger list Invisible Demon!"

Wang Yuan's face turned dark. "It's him!"

Invisible Demon, a terrifying killer, used to be a convict on death row, but he was chosen as a subject for an experiment. As a result of the experiment, his whole body started to change. Other than the eyes, his entire body had an ability to adapt to the surroundings and blend in with the environment. He basically became an invisible man.

Furthermore, the Invisible Demon also awakened his own Esper ability, which was extreme reflex and speed. This gave him the ability to escape from the facility. Since then, he had been active in the underground world and became a mysterious killer that no one knew much about.

Wang Yuan's face turned expressionless, and his eyes had a cold look. It is not cheap to hire the Invisible Demon; how much dirty money have these traitors pocketed from the organization

Although the Invisible Demon had extraordinary assassination capabilities, Bennet was not afraid. Even when he could not see something, he could rely on his other heightened senses to visualize it. He would never allow the demon to get within ten meters of Wang Yuan.

"The demon may want to get rid of my guards first, so my people will be in danger," Wang Yuan stated. "Mo Ran, please get the people following my assassins to inform them to gather immediately."

Di Su Su was helpless. "Golden Fox is resting in the hotel, but Mr. Black has gotten rid of his tail."

Wang Yuan was dumbfounded. "Please send some people to try their best to look for him."

The demon was a sniper's worse enemyeven Bennett believed Han Xiao would most likely not survive the attack. Although he liked Han Xiao and wanted to save him, he was burdened with the responsibility of protecting Wang Yuan, thus, unable to help him. He could only pray for that Han Xiao could keep himself safe.

The instant the eyes appeared, Han Xiao activated his magnetic armor to cover his back and his neck. The next instant, sparks deflected off the surface of the armor, as if the armor had been hit by a sharp weapon dozens of times within the split second.

He had long known about the dangers this mission would bring, so he had always remained prepared to engage in battle. This was how he managed to react so quickly.

The impact on his back pushed Han Xiao forcefully forward into the store, shattering the glass window.

The enemy is invisible! Han Xiao immediately realized the issue at hand.

As Han Xiao fell into the store, the sense of danger followed him, and he heard someone moving through the air at high-speed. Suddenly, Han Xiao slid backward before he drew out his guns and fired at the place where the sound was heard. However, the rounds did not land on the enemy. Storage compartments were shattered instead, and bullet marks appeared on the wall.

The invisible enemy struck the armor again, giving out a harsh grating sound.

The movement is too fast! Han Xiao could only use his reflexes to preempt the strikes and then shield himself with the armor. Fortunately, his armor covered three quarters of his body. As long as he protected his vitals, the threat of the enemy was greatly reduced.

The interface displayed the damage inflicted by the enemy. The enemy was clearly a high-agility and high-attack character. Han Xiao looked at the battle info and found out the assassin's name.

Invisible Demon! Han Xiao was taken aback as he realized how tricky the situation was.

Similar to the black spider, the Invisible Demon had established his name as one of the hardest bosses to kill on Planet Aquamarine in version 1.0. With the abilities of invisibility and super reflexes on the same person, he was born to be a close-quarters assassin.

Invisible Demon, LV 44 and extremely high agility. His invisibility is only limited to his bare body, which means the weapon he used to attack me are his nails, and he is moving around entirely naked. Talk about decency

My movement speed is not be comparable to his. His speed is higher when it comes to short distance charging and evasion, but assassinating from a distance is not his forte. I can use my hover-boots and simply escape. But if I just escape like that, there will be another chance for him to assassinate me. Let me see if I can take him down. To tackle him effective, I have to slow him down first!

In that moment, a deluge of thoughts flashed through Han Xiao's mind. His eyes turned ice-cold, and he entered a highly-focused state of mind.

Strike after strike hit Han Xiao, and he blocked each one with his armor. He then took some candy-sized electric bees and threw them into the surroundings.

The electric shock bees, also known as bee colonies, had stingers that carried a dangerously high voltage that could cause temporary paralysis upon contact. Multiple bees could even form an electrically-charged net to be used as a control ability. Han Xiao accidentally discovered the blueprint when he was making the hover-boots.

A group of electric shock bees flew inside the small shop, and their effect could be felt immediately.

The demon could escape with his speed, but the space that he could move within was heavily constrained, and as a result, his attack rate was reduced.

Bang bang bang!

Han Xiao fired non-stop, but the shots were all dodged. The demon was even faster than Pan Kuangsince Pan Kuang could dodge the bullets, the Invisible Demon could most certainly do it better.

Since you are so good at hiding, let's see who has more HP!

As his eyes turned colder, Han Xiao changed the magazine and loaded the Hayme rounds. He then fired insanely. Green toxic gas filled the air within the small space, engulfing both of them.

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