The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173 Triple Provocation

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Chapter 1173: Triple Provocation

As soon as Han Xiaos remote projection arrived, he could feel the surprise, respect, and all kinds of looks from everywhere.

"Black Star!"

Hearing someone calling him, Han Xiao turned and saw Kasuyi and the others approaching. They were all people he knew in the peak Beyond Grade A circle.

"What is it?"

"Hehe, good fight." Kant smiled.

"You should say that to Manison. He needs the comforting." Han Xiao raised his brows.

"Hahaha, youve become worse since the last time we met." The others laughed.

In the circle, Han Xiao was not distant like the Mechanic Emperor, so he was more popular. More people were willing to befriend him.

Kasuyi smiled and said, "Black Star, its said you seized the Mechanic Emperors troops. Those two Beyond Grade As, have you found out who they are?"

Han Xiao shook his head. He casually exposed Manisons trump cards and roughly explained the Felon technology. He then said, "Their brains got stirred up by Manison. They barely remember anything at all."

"Sigh, the two people you captured should be Sollett and Cain. I was quite close to Cain in the past, very long ago" Milizaus sighed.

As a big baby who was talented, gifted, and of a rare species, he disliked experiments that involved living things the most. Before he became a Beyond Grade A, baby dragons had gone missing every once in a while, hunted by galactic hunters and sold for money. Most of the time, they were sold to research institutes to study their special traits. Hence, he was quite sensitive to this.

They introduced the backgrounds of Sollett and Cain. The former was Two, and the latter was Four. They were both once quite strong Beyond Grade As. They had beef with the Mechanic Emperor for different reasons and were both defeated before going missing. The people present did not expect to see their old friends become puppets when they met again.

"By the way, not long ago, you were still no match ahem, or on par with the Mechanic Emperor at most. Why is it that this time the Mechanic Emperor used his trump cards but you still won? Do you have some kind of secret tricks?" Sun Hunter asked.

"Nothing much. I was just lucky."

Han Xiao subconsciously gave a humble reply. However, as soon as he said that, he realized the people around him all had strange looks on their faces.

Everyone gave Secret Master a look that said, "Its your showtime."

However, Secret Master was not affected at all as if he did not hear what Han Xiao said.

Sierron could not take it anymore. He walked to Secret Master and whispered, "Why arent you rebutting him like you did earlier? Arent you an expert?"

Secret Master glanced at him. "Im giving him face."

"I see" Sierron nodded and then suddenly it occurred to him. "Wait a minute, then why didnt you give me face just now?"

"That isnt necessary."

Veins popped up on Sierrons forehead.

Were all peak Beyond Grade As. How dare you so openly treat us differently!

"So, youre saying youre afraid of offending Black Star but not of offending me. Is that it"

"Yes." Secret Master looked confused. "Where did you get the confidence to ask this question?"

He was confused. Black Star could not be unluckier, so I cant reduce his luck anymore, but dont you know how extremely lucky you are?

Sierron pointed at Secret Master and was at a loss for words.

Cant you just comfort me even for the sake of it

The few of them chatted a while. Very soon, it was time for the meeting to start. The people swarmed in and sat down.

Manisons remote projection arrived right on time. He did not look at anyone after he arrived. He ignored everyones strange looks and walked right into the venue.

He arrived right on time because he did not want to meet Han Xiao before thathe could guess with his feet just how boastful Han Xiao would be in front of him.

When passing by Han Xiaos seat, Manison purposely ignored him. He thought Han Xiao would insult him, but to his surprise, Black Star did not say anything at all as if he was someone else.

Already mentally prepared, Manison felt somewhat uncomfortable, so much so he almost spoke to Han Xiao first.

Noticing Manisons vision, Han Xiao did not even look at him You thought I was going to insult you, but Im going to deliberately ignore you, and thats an insult too.

Suppressing his impulse to talk to Han Xiao, Manison coughed and said, "Lets begin the plenary, everyone"

Before he finished, Han Xiao stood up and slowly said, "I have something to tell all of you."

Everyone looked over.

Han Xiao leaned forward, pressed his hands on the table, and said, "About my experience some time ago, some of you here might not know the full story, so let me explain. I have personal beef with the Modo Civilization. The origin of that is the Kunde Race incident in the second exploration phase. Modo tricked a native civilization into attacking the Crimson Dynasty, causing unnecessary losses. My Black Star Army took part in the war, and I lost some men. After that, the Kunde Race joined my command for protection, so I took over the responsibility to find out the one whos behind this.

"Originally, this war could be completely avoided, but Modos plots caused us to lose the chance of coexisting peacefully. One reason for the beef between Modo and I is the damages my forces suffered, and another is out of morals.

"Modo and I are enemies, so its understandable for us to attack each other, and I accept the damages Modo has caused to my troops in the frontlines. However, Modo used conspiracies never mind that they used conspiracies. After all, its one way of attack in wars. But what they shouldnt have done is drag an unrelated Beyond Grade A into this. "

Then, Han Xiao pointed at Ames. Seeing that everyone was listening quietly, he said, "Dragon Emperor originally had nothing to do with this, but Modo wanted to threaten me through kidnapping her adoptive father. Someone here even assisted Modo in that"

Then, Han Xiao glanced at Manison. He quickly continued before Manison said anything.

"This is very contemptible and despicable, so the Dragon Emperor decided to join the battle and teach Modo a lesson. Ive also decided to take part personally"

Han Xiao paused, looked around, and said with a deep voice, "Ive finished speaking. Who approves? Who objects?"

The entire place was silent. People exchanged looks with strange expressions.

Before the Flickering War, the agreement everyone made in this very room was that Beyond Grade As had to stay out of the war. Their subordinates could join, nor could they take revenge except in some exceptions, but not participating in it personally was clearly stated. Black Stars request now, however, clearly showed that he was going to be the first one to break this rule.

Manison narrowed his eyes. He deliberately objected and said, "I dont think thats good. Youre the vice president. If you take the lead on disobeying the agreement we made, wont the principles of the shared battlefront lose its restraint? If you make an excuse to personally participate and we approve it, will you have to approve it if tomorrow I find a reason to fight you too? If everyone can do whatever they want as long as theres a reason, whats the point of the association existing?"

"Tsk, older people are indeed inflexible." Han Xiao tutted. "How long has it been since our association was formed, and the system is already showing signs of rigidness? That sure suits your style as the leader."

Manisons brows twitched, but he was secretly relieved.

Familiar recipe, familiar taste. Black Star is still that Black Star, classic double faced.

Han Xiao then looked around and said, "I made this suggestion not just because of personal reasons but more for the principles and prestige of the association and the shared battlefront."

"What do you mean by that?" Kant continued the topic.

"What Manison said sure makes some senses, but in order to see this problem in detail, we first have to understand the nature of this incident. In order to cause problems for me, Modo plotted against an unrelated Beyond Grade A, who is also a member of the Beyond Grade A Association What does that mean? Let me state an example. Hmm, lets take the Limitless Financial Group as the example. Lets say I want to take over the Limitless Financial Groups assets, and I know Manison is one of the big shareholders. I kidnap Manison, torture him in all ways possible, and use that to threaten Sorokin to sign unfair agreements. How will you react, Sorokin?"

Being suddenly named, Sorokin was a little stunned.

You guys can chat all you want. Why bring me in it?

If that really happened, Id probably be overjoyed to have one fewer person to share my profits with

"Ahem, Id be furious."

Han Xiao then looked at Manison and said, "And if you escape I mean if, since everyone knows if you end up in my hands, youll undoubtedly have no way of escaping anyhow, if you escape, youll definitely take revenge afterward, right?"

"Right." Manisons lips twitched slightly.

"See, this is completely understandable and very similar to what happened to me." Han Xiao clapped and said with a deep voice, "But why is the association going against it and forbidding this kind of action? Wasnt the purpose of founding the association to provide the Beyond Grade As a better future and higher positions? Why are we putting shackles on our own feet?"

Then, Han Xiao walked to behind Manison, pressed on his shoulders, and said, "The principle of the shared battlefront is, of course, when one member gets in trouble, everyone else helps. The Modo Civilization targeted an unrelated Beyond Grade A and broke the rules first. If we dont deal with it, what will the others think? Theyll think that the association is preventing the Beyond Grade As from taking revenge, so theyll be more daring and target Beyond Grade As. What the hell is that

"We want higher positions. Other than following rules ourselves so that galactic society will feel safer, we must make others maintain respect and fear for the Beyond Grade As even more. The latter is the way to obtain higher positions, not the other way around.

"Therefore, although the purpose of the association is mainly to defuse conflicts, when facing this kind of provocative action, we must punish them! Otherwise, the prestige of the entire Beyond Grade A society will be damaged. This is the true purpose of the shared battlefront!

"Were now a collective, a group. If the others dont want to be affected out of nowhere like the Dragon Emperor, not only should they approve this, but they should even provide assistance and target Modo together. Dont forget how the Tragedy of the Pinnacles began. Having unity is crucial, the association should give Modo a serious announcement and retaliate with thunderous forces. This way, the entire universe will know that the Beyond Grade A society is now different. Were united."

Although something felt off, most could not deny it. Black Star said what they truly felt in their hearts; it really did make a lot of sense.

"Of course, our association has to have freedom. I wont force anyone to fight Modo, but Ill certainly help Ames because Ive never forgotten where I started. Now, let me ask what I asked earlier one more time"

Han Xiao looked around and said word by word,

"Who approves? Who objects?"

The venue was silent for two seconds. Then Beyoni raised his hand and broke the silence.

"I approve!"

"Me too." Kohler followed.

With someone taking the lead, the people of the Crimson Dynasty all voted to approve other than Heber, who was still putting on a cold front. Some of the neutral Beyond Grade As in the association who stood on Black Stars side also voted to approve.

Ames looked at this with eyes filled with joyshe loved seeing Han Xiao confidently talk in front of everyone.

The people on the side of the Mechanic Emperor looked at Manison. As Manison remained silent, they did not object. Seeing this, the directors such as Kasuyi also cast their votes.

"Black Star is right," Milizaus added. "His personal beef with the Modo Civilization isnt our concern, but even wars have rules. Methods that are too dirty cant be used without any restrictions. Modos action of plotting against the family of another Beyond Grade A whos not a part of this matter has crossed the line."

"Thats right. I totally agree with the true purpose of the shared battlefront as Black Star said. If I get captured by the Mechanic Emperor one day, you guys had better come and save me," Sun Hunter joked.

Manison glanced at him. "Dont worry, youre too weak. Im not interested."

The people messed around for a while. At this time, a neutral Beyond Grade A who had been silent all this time suddenly said, "Black Star said he wants to attack Modo, but the Mechanic Emperor is an accomplice too. Why arent you taking revenge against him? I think you should be fair."

Hearing this, the room went silent again. Many people had a strange expression on their face.

This is definitely deliberately starting a fire! Damn kid, you got balls!

Han Xiao glanced at him and thought it was quite funny.

Yo, I remember that this guy was one of the mercenaries of the Super Star Cluster Alliance in my previous life. He might actually be a direct member of a Super Star Cluster civilization like Traveler.

Attempting to shift the hatred and mix things up here, could this guy be the secret direct member of Modo?

This thought flashed past. Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Han Xiao waved generously, purposely sighed, and said, "Well, after all, one of the purposes of our association is to resolve conflicts between Beyond Grade As. Although Manison was unethical, I cant be immoral. Ill take it as I made a small loss and wont chase after him for it."

As soon as he said that, Manisons entire body shook. His mental state that had finally calmed down almost exploded once again.

What the f*ck are you talking about

You took the Soul Swapper and my two Felons, and you call that making a loss

Ill make losses like that any day!

Seeing Manisons twitching face, many people hastily rubbed their whiskers to cover their mouths and hold back their laughter.

Manison closed his eyes, took a few seconds to suppress his rage, and said with an expressionless face, "Black Star, even if you took my samples, you wont be able to grasp my technology."

He was this confident. Be it the Felon technology or the Indestructible Mechanical Troops technology, he had fused his own unique technology within both of them. This was the essence of what he had mastered after secretly making innovative breakthroughs in Virtual Technology.

Without making any innovation in the Virtual Technology area, he was completely certain that even if Black Star was able to learn something from it, he would at the very most only be able to imitate it but never completely master all of its details.

"Dont worry, I wont stop you from comforting yourself." Han Xiao giggled.

"Humph, nonsense. If Ive guessed correctly, youve already met obstacles you cant break through at the start of the research, havent you?"

Han Xiao hesitated for a moment and did not reply.

Seeing this, Manison smiled slightly. Thinking he had guessed right, he was finally in a better mood. He slowly said, "I guessed right, so youre not going to respond?"

Han Xiao shook his head and hesitantly said, "I just feel that youre old. You dont have many good years left, and Im worried that if I tell you the truth, youll have a heart attack right here. If that happens, the merit of getting rid of you wont be from me. Wouldnt that be a huge waste?"

"F*ck off"

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