The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174 Arriving At The Frontlines

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Chapter 1174 Arriving at the Frontlines

The day after the meeting, the Beyond Grade A Association made an announcement.

The announcement claimed that the Modo Civilization had conspired against Black Star through targeting the family of other Beyond Grade As, and this kind of action violated the associations rules. In order to protect its members interests, the association strongly condemned Modos actions and approved of Black Stars retaliation. Furthermore, the association did not deny the possibility of stepping in to protect its members.

As soon as the announcement was made, it attracted strong responses in the Flickering World. The various organizations in the frontlines of the Flickering World reacted to it the strongest. They were all shocked.

Ever since the start of the war, most of the Beyond Grade As had just been watching and observing it without interfering. Was this a sign of them personally participating in the


Although the association claimed to target only the Modo Civilization, the armed forces on the side of the three Universal Civilizations did not feel happy about it at all.

Everyone knew that Beyond Grade As were undoubtedly the ceiling of single unit war weapons. Once the Beyond Grade As participated, they would certainly become the main forces in the war. It seemed like once that happened, the others would not even have a chance to gain any merit at all.

The Super Star Cluster Alliance was the most furiousif not because the Modo Civilization was their ally, they would even have turned around to attack the Modo Civilization.

The Super Star Cluster Alliance only wanted Modo to hold off the Black Star Armys invasion and not do anything extra. However, due to different stands, Modo had to plan for themselves, which led to this situation.

Unlike in the past, the Beyond Grade As had founded a collective association, becoming a barely operational group with extraordinary influence. If not because the association was not on the side of the three Universal Civilizations, the Super Star Cluster Alliance would probably have no chance in this war.

Aesop being someone completely unrelated was not fully true. He had helped the Black Star Army find the secret transportation routes of the Modo Civilization time after time, but this part was deliberately not mentioned by the association. They only emphasized his relationship with the Dragon Emperor and the fact that Dragon Emperor did not take part in this matter. From the perspective of sensible standards, the Modo Civilization did not cross the line. Aesop had clearly helped Black Star against them first. However, using this to argue with the association would only lead to them embarrassing themselves. At the root of it, Black Stars power was what caused this. In order to overcome someone with power, the only way was through using even higher power. Arguing based on what was reasonable and what was not reasonable would not work.

The current Super Star Cluster Alliance did not have the power to overcome the Beyond Grade A Association. Throughout the entire universe, the three Universal Civilizations were the only ones who could for the time being, but this matter was beneficial for them, so there was no way they would step up to interrupt it. Hence, they gave their silent approval. The situation seemed to be heading in a direction that was beneficial for the three Universal Civilizations. However, other than being content, the three Universal Civilizations upper echelons were also feeling somewhat complicated. "Black Star his power is growing even stronger."

On the Federation of Lights mother planet, President Bader let out a long exhale while looking at the report. The direct Beyond Grade As had given him the details of the meeting. Although the main focus was Ames, based on this womans personality, she would not seek help from outsiders. The attitude change of the association this time was single-handedly led by Black Star.

Right after the Black Star Army made an announcement, Black Star influenced the association to make a response too. Using his identity and position, he deployed his resources in a direction that benefitted himself. Most of the time, the materialization of ones power was presented in ones ability to influence and deploy others. If he could make many people act based on his will, he would be considered as powerful.

The advanced civilizations did this kind of thing often too. As long as the method was effective, no one cared if it was immoral or not.

Before the founding of the Beyond Grade A Association, if Black Star wanted to use his power, the only method would probably be to complain to the Crimson Dynasty.

Now, however, he aided the founding of the Beyond Grade A Association, created a new shield for himself, and gained a new source of power he could utilize. He had more resources and platforms at his disposal, so he was becoming more powerful in the galactic society. Comparatively, although Manison was the president, which meant his position was higher than Han Xiaos on paper, Han Xiao had been gradually taking away his power. The three Universal Civilizations aiding Han Xiao was part of the reason, but the Mechanic Emperor was still the Federation of Lights ally on paper, so Bader was not very happy about it.

What troubled him the most was the sense of unity the association had shown this time. In Baders eyes, these Beyond Grade As were not making an announcement to the entire universe; they wanted to tell the three Universal Civilizations that they were no longer scattered and divided. It was an indirect act of intimidation.

Although some Beyond Grade As still had their own goals and motives that might go against the associations overall goal, they also had common goals. If left alone, the three Universal Civilizations control over the Beyond Grade As getting gradually weaker was a foreseeable future.

"Sigh" Bader rubbed his temple.

As the leader of an advanced civilization, there were too many things he had to consider for just one matter. Even though there were specialized medical personnel taking care of his body to make sure he stayed energetic, the long time he had spent as the leader had cost him way too much energy and caused damage to his mind.

However, the day of the changing of leaders was close, and his term was about to end.

Not only the federation, he counted the days, and Urranrell would probably retire soon.

There was no choice but to leave these difficult problems for their successors.

Countless Black Star Army battleships gathered around a temporary space station in the Emerald Star Cluster. Almost eighty percent of all the fleets the Black Star Army sent to the frontlines were there. There were countless normal army warriors and players. Usually, gathering so many forces would mean a huge military operation was about to be carried out. Today, however, was only to welcome a few people.

Inside one battleship, many players squeezed around the porthole and stared closely at the battleship stargate just built near the base.

"The announcement said Black Star will arrive today. Why isnt he here yet? "Is there a traffic jam in the stargate?"

The people chattered softly.

They were supposed to fight in the frontlines originally and continue to clash with the hostile guild alliance. However, not long ago, Phillip had given the majority of members a new order to pull back and wait for Black Stars arrival in the base.

The focus of the players was mainly the national war at this point. Although there were also discussions about the conflict between Black Star and the Mechanic Emperor, it did not receive as much attention as their own national war.

The reactions of the army players after finding out about it were all about the same. They basically yelled about how incredible their army commander was and then went back to fighting the players of the hostile alliance.

Some newly-joined foreign players were excited and surprised to hear that Black Star was about to participate in the war personally. They looked forward to fighting alongside Han Xiao.

However, the more experienced Chinese players were in overwhelming despair. Their thoughts were shockingly similar.

Dont come! We dont want to just watch cutscenes again!


At this time, a black cone-shaped tip of a ship extended out of the blue vortex of the stargate, followed by the black body of the ship that was covered in armor. An enormous flagship rode out from the stargate, along with teams of battleships, swarming out of the stargate. Inside the command room in the frontmost bridge of the flagship, the scenery windows switched to being transparent. The players present could all clearly see Han Xiao and Ames standing behind the porthole of the flagship.

"Theyre here! Theyre here!"

"Black Star! Dragon Emperor!"

"Ah! I have seen those long legs with my own eyes. I have no more regrets in life!"

"Sigh, looking at him again now after seeing the main character Feidin in the Black Star documentary movie, Ive realized this is the difference between imagination and reality."

"To think that b*stard Black Star can play with this pair of legs any way he wants. Im heartbroken"

"Theyre a perfect pair. Who are you to object it?"

Quite a number of people had not seen Han Xiao in a very long time and were all very excited. However, in terms of popularity, Ames was overwhelmingly superior.

Inside the command room, Ames looked at the fleet outside and asked, "Are these people enough?"

"Including the two of us, yes, of course." Han Xiao nodded.

After making the announcement, the two of them headed to the frontlines right away to fulfil their promise, personally joining the battle against Modo.

At this time, a remote projection appeared beside the two of them. It was the current chief commander of the frontline fleets, Herlous.

"Your Excellencies, the troops have gathered accordingly. What should we do next?"

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, smirked, and said, "Give the Modo Civilization a present, of course."

Hearing this, Ames looked excited.

This was a plan they had already discussed on the way. Based on what they had found out from the captives, the plan to plot against Aesop was first proposed by the commanding level of the Modo expedition army. Hence, the two of them made a decision-once they arrived at the frontlines, they would charge in right away and kill them!

"But before we have a good time with Modo, well first have to chase away those in the way. Have all the organizations following behind the Black Star Army in the Ferdinand Battle Zone been identified?"

"Yes." Herlous nodded.

The Black Star Armys target had always been just the Modo Civilization. However, some subsidiary organizations of the three Universal Civilizations used the opportunity of the Black Star Army penetrating the line of defenses and followed behind to attack together, continuously taking over Modos territory, wanting to use this place as the breakthrough point for the war.

"Okay. Contact all the commanders of these forces and drag them into the communication channel."

After that, Han Xiao closed his eyes and waited for a while. In less than ten minutes, the commanders of all those organizations entered the channel.

Contacting them was too easy. Hearing that Black Star was looking for them, none of them rejected the communication request.

Inside the channel, voices sounded one after another. Not long after, everyone had arrived.

Only then, Han Xiao opened his eyes and said, "Hi, Im Black Star."

"Greetings, Your Excellency Black Star!"

"Hi, Lord Black Star."

"Have you eaten?"

The channel went silent for an instant, followed by the greetings of everyone. Their terrified expressions could be clearly imagined from their tone.

Han Xiao nodded, cut to the chase, and said, "Guys, do me a favor. Please retreat from the Ferdinand Battle Zone. Stop wasting time here."

Everyone was stunned, not knowing how to reply.

The channel became silent.

Some people were displeased, thinking that Black Star wanted to take all the benefits for himself by making them quit with just one sentence.

"Erm, Your Excellency Black Star, Im not sure thats suitable. Plus, we can provide help. With us helping you to deal with the troops that have escaped, your troops will suffer less damage. Furthermore, us being around the exteriors of the battlefield prevents the possibility of the Black Star Army being surrounded by the Modo Civilization or other enemies," someone argued.

"Yes, yes. We all know youre eager to take revenge, but with our help, you can get rid of the Modo Civilization expedition even faster." Quite a number of people agreed and added their thoughts.

You dont say Thats exactly why Im doing this. If you people defeat Modo too fast, theyll give up I can only torture them as much as possible if they dont surrender.

"I dont want to repeat myself. I hope you guys can leave the Ferdinand Battle Zone within five days," Han Xiao said in a deeper voice and a slower tone. "Im taking over this entire battlefront!"

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