The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175 Overwhelming Army

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Chapter 1175 Overwhelming Army

Han Xiao considered himself reasonable. With his explanation, these armed forces following behind the Black Star Army willingly exited the battle zone and changed their target. A few days later, the Black Star Army was the only attacking force at the Modo Civilization line of defense in the Ferdinand Battle Zone.

Black Star did not hide his arrival at the frontline. The Modo expedition army had already received the news, and they were all on edge. Although the Black Star Armys allies had left, Black Stars arrival made the Modo expedition army even more on edge than before-Black Star alone was stronger than millions of soldiers.

After two days, the Modo expedition noticed the movements of the Black Star Army. The Black Star Army had temporarily pulled the troops at other locations back and gathered them at one area of the lines of defense, as if they were about to carry out an all-out attack. The one leading the charge was Black Star himself.

The Modo expedition army responded by moving tons of troops to this area to strengthen its defense.

A large fleet crossed the galaxy. After a while, the line of defense set up by the Modo expedition army entered their sights. It was like a wall made of battleships, armed fortresses, and enormous machines that extended beyond sight.

Five planets were moved there to form a defense formation. Two enormous armies stood against each other in space.

Inside the command room of the flagship of the Black Star Army, Ames observed the battlefield, shook her head, and said, "They want to fight us head-on without any Beyond Grade As. Is Modo planning to sacrifice all of its fleets?"

"They dont have a choice. If they dont use this dumb method, they can only watch us charge right in." Han Xiao smiled.

Currently, the Beyond Grade As participating in the battle were only him and Ames. Although Modo also had Beyond Grade As, they did not want to expose who they were, and they could not find an excuse to participate with the associations restraint. In order for Modo to stop the charge of two Beyond Grade As, they could only use fleets to fight them head-on. In battlefields like this, the existence of Beyond Grade As was crucial. The only thing the side without Beyond Grade As could do was use countless fleets to fight the Beyond Grade As. But even if that could hold the Beyond Grade As back for a while, the fleets could never threaten the Beyond Grade As lives.

No matter how quickly they could build fleets, the speed of it would never match up with the speed the Beyond Grade As recovered their energy. After repeating the process a few times, the damage would be catastrophic. It was a bottomless pit. This was why the advanced civilizations all fought over Beyond Grade As.

In extremely intense battles, the importance of Beyond Grade As would be lower. However, those extremely destructive strategic weapons would not be used in every war. In the usual Flickering Wars, the Beyond Grade As were more than enough to decide the result of a battle.

At this time, the commander of the fleet, Herlous, said, "Army Commander, the troops have arrived at the destination. Please give the next order."

Han Xiao waved and said, "No need to have a stare down with them. Just start the fight."

The order was passed down layer by layer and quickly spread across the entire army.

The next moment, the Black Star Army struck. Billions of lights appeared in the dark universe, all from psionic cannons.

Extremely bright beams landed on the base protective shields and spaceship shields of the Modo Civilization like a thunderstorm, creating tons of electric sparks like ripples. The linked shield formed by the Modo expedition flickered, the shield energy storage of tons of spaceships in the formation fell below the warning line, and alarms rang everywhere.

The Modo expedition army instantly counterattacked. The charge fleets and assault fleets of both sides charged at each other and quickly clashed, instantly forming a bloody battlefield.

The two sides were absolute enemies; words were no longer necessary, and they attacked as soon as they met. The war erupted in an instant!

Ames turned around and glanced at Han Xiao. Seeing Han Xiao nod, she walked right out of the hatch, turned into a shooting star, and charged into the battlefield.

Enormous force fields formed into countless dragons, rolling, restraining, pulling, and tearing the enemy fleets apart. Hostile ships were torn into bent metal plates tons at a time by her force field, breaking their formation completely. Her Esper Ability was known to be comprehensive. She was incredible at large-area AOE attacks, and her ability was extremely practical in galactic battlefields like this.

Han Xiao was not doing nothing either. He snapped his fingers, and teams of mechanical troops swarmed out of the secondary dimensional army box and entered the battlefield.

The tons of mechanical soldiers instantly gained an overwhelming upper hand in the battleship. A team of just ten soldiers could easily tear a heavy battleship apart, and there were at least three million mechanical soldiers present that were still increasing in number.

The Mechanical Deity was excellent in duels, but when fighting more enemies, the mechanical army was still more efficient.

As a peak Beyond Grade A Mechanic who was also a combat expert, taking part in a battle of this level personally was a total piece of cake. Usually, Han Xiao might hold back, but against Modo, he had no intention of doing so.

The two sides fought fiercely. Modo was incurring tragic losses, and their troops fell legion by legion. Agent organizations were attempting to escape the battlefield frequently, but most were hunted by the mechanical army and blown to pieces. On the battlefield, the members of the Galactic Business Alliance, Northern Battlefront, 5C Alliance, Plateaus Eagle, and other guilds that were on the side of the Super Star Cluster Alliance were doing everything to hide. Not a tiny bit of the confidence they once had could still be found; they just wanted to hide and minimize their losses. "Luckily, we didnt bring all of our things here this time." The leader of the Northern Battlefront, Fire of Northern Sea, was scared.

"If I had known about this, I wouldve ignored the order and not come." The leader of the Plateaus Eagles face was filled with heartache.

"Its not the time to be relieved. The Modo expedition army wont be able to guard this line of defense. We should think of how to save the forces we have. Though not large, itll still hurt," the Galactic Business Alliance president said with resignation. Due to the Black Star Armys attack, the national war between the players was mainly focused around the Ferdinand Battle Zone. The player alliances of the Super Star Civilization side were temporarily under the Modo Civilizations command.

When they heard that the Black Star Army was about to carry out what might be an all-out attack, these important Immortals allies also received orders from Modo to guard this line of defense.

These guild alliances were not stupid. They had heard of Black Stars arrival on the forums, so they played it safe and brought very few of their forces to take part in this battle.

As it turned out, this was a wise choice. The opposite side had two Beyond Grade As, while Modo had none. The odds of winning were less than one percent. If these guild alliances brought all of their forces, they would have lost everything

Although the main participants of the national war were the players, fleets and equipment were just as important. The guild alliances of the Super Star Cluster Alliance had accumulated quite a lot of resources, but if they all got killed multiple times here, they would have no chance in the national war afterward. They would be thrashed by the Black Star Army players without a doubt.

Speaking of which, these guild alliances were quite speechless about this. We were just having a proper national war, and now your Black Star Army suddenly sent its boss. Thats bullying!

If Black Star likes to personally participate so much, how are we going to fight the army player?

This feels like two kids were fighting, and one sides parents suddenly stepped in. Its unfair!

No NPC organizations that these guild alliances met while fighting in the free competition zone were unafraid of the Cancer of the Universe. However, the guild alliances were very clear-headed. They knew that in the face of a super boss like Black Star, even they, the Cancer of the Universe, were the weaker side. They would be slaughtered no matter how many times they could revive.

With the assistance of two Beyond Grade As, the battle was one-sided. Very soon, a hole was cracked open in the line of defense, no reinforcements could make up for it. The Modo soldiers of this line of defense started to show signs of retreating.

Han Xiao observed the battlefield, looked at the gap opened in the line of defense, and said, "Its about time."

Then, he turned to Herlous.

"Ill leave one Lords Avatar to be stationed on the fleet, as well as some mechanical troops. Youll lead the army. Dont charge too deep into Modos base. Continue to attack the exterior line of defense. Focus on damaging their forces."

"Understood." Herlous nodded with a serious expression. The many years he had spent as a commander made him look quite respectable when his card addiction did not kick in. He said, "When you and Her Excellency Dragon Emperor kill your way into the headquarters of the Modo expedition, be careful."

"Im not the one who should be careful." Han Xiao smiled, flew out of the battlefield, dragged Ames along, and quickly penetrated the battlefield surrounded by the mechanical army.

The Modo expedition army lost bit by bit, unable to form an effective blockade. The battleships at the front were destroyed by the mechanical army in an instant. The two of them penetrated the line of defense and headed right into Modos headquarters. The duos plan mainly involved the two of them; the rest of the forces would be staying in the exterior line of defense to restrain the rest of the Modo forces. This was because once they entered Modos headquarters, the Modo expedition army would certainly set up an encirclement, and Beyond Grade As were smaller targets and more mobile.

"What? Theyre heading this way alone?"

Inside the Modo expedition armys headquarters, the chief commanders expression changed as he heard the report from the frontline.

He had thought Black Star would charge in with his army and take over their base, but Han Xiao and Ames coming in this deep alone was quite surprising. "What is Black Star trying to do? Why did he leave his troops outside? From the way it looks, it doesnt seem like he wants to take over our territory," someone wondered.

"Hes coming in to kill people, and were the targets." Lagos knew the situation very well. He sighed and said, "The plan targeted at Aesop came from us first, and Black Star probably found that out somehow, so weve all become his target." Hearing this, fear and panic appeared on the faces of the people present.

At the same time, they were strangely flattered. They had never thought they would become must-kill targets of a peak Beyond Grade A one day.

"Maybe we guessed wrong. What if Black Star has other goals?" someone said with disbelief.

"Stop lying to yourself! Hes coming right for us!" Roddick roared.

"Then lets quickly move the command center away and take refuge somewhere else!" another said hastily. "Its no use. Black Star is a Virtual Mechanic. We wont be able to fool him no matter where we go." Roddick walked back and forth with a grave expression.

He did not regret Lagos proposing the plan against Aesop. He only regretted the fact that it did not work, and now the price of failing had arrived. This was karma.

"Lets ask for help from the upper echelons. Since Black Star is so confident, if we make Beyond Grade As fight alongside our expedition army, maybe we can surround and kill Black Star?" someone suggested cautiously.

Hearing this, Roddick and Lagos exchanged looks and saw a tint of sorrow in each others eyes.

As the ones with the highest positions in the expedition, they knew very well what the Modo Civilization would decide in this kind of situation.

Black Star was already slaughtering his way into the headquarters. There was not enough time for anything. Plus, Modo would not want to expose their Beyond Grade As and take the risk of having them come here to save them. In other words, even if the Modo upper echelons knew about Black Stars goal, there was nothing they could do to helpthey were forced to be abandoned.

Actually, the moment Black Star announced his participation in the war, Roddick knew this was it. He had asked for help from the Modo upper echelons many times, hoping that they could send Beyond Grade As there. However, the Modo upper echelons never gave him a response but instead kept asking them to hold on, while only providing the usual resources and ordinary fleets How could that ever stop Black Star?

Thats the same as giving me 100 Enas and asking me to buy something that costs 100,000. How am I supposed to do it?

Why are the upper echelons hesitating? Is it necessary to still hide the identity of the direct Beyond Grade A? If not now, when?

Roddick roared in his heart. But no matter how he felt, he could not make the decisions for the upper echelons.

"Theres only one option left-seek help from the Super Star Cluster Alliance," Lagos said with a deep voice.

Roddick nodded with a grave expression, took out the communicator, entered the communication channel of the Super Star Cluster Alliance expedition army upper echelons, and said, "I need help. Black Star has charged in"

He explained what had happened. The channel remained silent for a while, then the commander of the expedition army of another Super Star Cluster civilization asked, "What do you want us to do?".

"We cant stop Black Star. I hope you guys can send reinforcements and help us to force Black Star to retreat. We also hope to temporarily move the command center to any one of your territories. This way, Black Star wont be able to come right for our heads"

"Impossible!" another commander said furiously. "Modo brought this upon itself. Settle it on your own!"

"We agreed to help each other," Roddick said with an angry tone. "Are you guys going to violate our agreement just like this?"

"The agreement states were going to stand together against the three Universal Civilizations attacks, not pay all of your debts!" someone yelled with rage. "Honestly, Ive already been putting up with Modos actions for a very long time!"

The Super Star Cluster civilizations formed an alliance to fight for territory from the three Universal Civilizations and help each other. They had already let go of a huge portion of their selfish interests and would not continue to have internal conflicts at this time.

However, when the matter affected the overall strategy, the other Super Star Clusters would not put up with it. If there was no Beyond Grade A Association and Black Star had struck on behalf of the three Universal Civilizations, they would have provided assistance without hesitation.

However, the Beyond Grade As had already formed an association and made their stand outside the three Universal Civilizations, causing the three Universal Civilizations to lose their top tier combatants, which was their advantage over the Super Star Cluster Alliance. This was supposed to be an amazing thing, but Modo messed with Black Star themselves. If the others interfered too, who knew what attitude the Beyond Grade A Association would have? Would Black Star turn around to attack them too? They were barely holding on themselves in the war; no one wanted to be dragged down by Modos bullsh*t. Therefore, the other Super Star Cluster civilizations did not want to help Modo fight Black Star at all, or their overall strategy would be heavily affected. Instead of that, they would rather sacrifice their ally. Roddick hung up the communicator with a heavy expression.


Everyone there had heard the conversation. The atmosphere was low.

"Looks like we can only rely on ourselves" Lagos said that but was bitter inside. He knew there was no hope left, unless a miracle happened.

Thinking of his confidence when he got this position, compared to the hopeless situation he was in now, Lagos heart was filled with complicated emotions.

If not because of the Modo Civilizations conspiracy against the Kunde Race, they would not have been forced to deal with this mess. Modo would not be in such a dire situation and would be just like the other Super Star Cluster civilizations.

Although Lagos did not like finding someone to blame, at this point, he still uncontrollably hated that guy who originally proposed conspiring against the Kunde Race.

What a complete moron he was!

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