The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180 Assassination

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Chapter 1180 Assassination

As soon as the impeachment proceedings started, the political world of the Modo Civilization became boisterous. All the factions were dragged in and forced to pick sides. Modo had no choice but to shift their focus back to within the nation and deal with the impeachment. The three kings were forced to deploy their men to take part in a political war. Luckily, after so many years, their positions were firm and strong; they would not be overthrown easily.

There were extremely few advanced civilizations that were in a dictatorship. Being in the position as the highest leader did not mean instantly obtaining the highest power. Politics was an art of compromise; power came from obedience. Even as leaders of civilizations, in order to firm their position, they still had to fight for the support of various factions and train loyal followers. Only then would their power be materialized.

Otherwise, no matter what orders they gave, they would be obstructed by their political enemies. Becoming the highest leader did not mean the others would unconditionally obey them. There were many people who had their eyes on the position too.

In the following days, the citizens witnessed the changes in the political world. The Modo Three Kings and the opposing party pulled out one trick after another. The day before yesterday, someone resigned; yesterday, someone got summoned; today, someone was caught in a scandal. God only knew what would happen tomorrow. The citizens had plenty of new stories to follow.

Hearings of the Tri-Race Senate were hosted one after another. The objecting faction brought up a lot of evidence, and even some secrets that the citizens were not supposed to know were displayed, causing uproars among the public.

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The Kunde Race incident was one of them. The objecting faction summoned key witnesses and had them provide the signatures of the Modo Three Kings that approved this operation. They then used this as evidence to prove that the Kunde Race incident was the reason Black Star was targeting Modo. Thus, they came to the conclusion that the Modo Three Kings had brought Black Stars hatred to the civilization; they were the culprits that caused Modo to be in this horrible situation. The objecting faction claimed that the Modo Three Kings had made an awful decision and that the Modo Three Kings were not capable enough of remaining as the leaders of the civilization.

There were some more similar pieces of evidence. The objecting faction blamed all the sinful things on the Modo Three Kings, emphasizing to the Tri-Race Senate that the Three Kings were not capable, and suggested changing them.

This was not framing the Modo Three Kings. As the highest leaders, even though some plans were not proposed by the Three Kings, they would only be carried out with the signatures of the three of them, so they could only take the blame.

Endless testimonies caused the situation to gradually worsen for the Modo Three Kings. However, their position would not be shaken so easily. Their connections were very comprehensive. Including the military, many factions were their firm supporters. These factions all had members in the Tri-Race Senate. They worked together to obstruct the impeachment, which was highly effective.

The military was firmly on the side of supporting the war, which brought the support of more important upper echelons. Compared to the supporters of the Modo Three Kings, the objecting faction led by Marco was no match. The investigations hit a wall very soon, so the objecting faction turned their focus to the next batch of Modo Three Kings candidates, hoping to gain their support, which also failed without much suspense.

With the impeachment fermenting, the matter led to political strife. The Modo Three Kings had wasted too much time. They did not want to waste more energy on this matter, so they did not hold back at all.

Therefore, this nonsense did not last too long. In the end, the Tri-Race Senate rejected the objecting factions impeachment request. The result was basically a loss for both sides.

As the political opposition was dealt with, in order to regain their reputation, the Modo Three Kings decided to give a public speech to give a conclusive response on the impeachment matter.

Benid Square was one of the landmarks of the Modo Civilizations capital, a tourist destination with tons of visitors every day. On this day, it was used by the government as the venue for the Modo Three Kings to give a speech. The venue was already set up.

Due to their negative image to the public, the Modo Three Kings did not speak in the political building this time but instead chose to give the speech in front of the public to build an image that they were close to their citizens. The filtered audience filled the square.

A cordon had been set up around the square. Tons of security personnel were stationed around, protecting the perimeter with expressionless faces. At this time, an audience that extended beyond ones sights had gathered outside.

Many people held up banners with words like Overthrow the Three Kings. They were all protestors Although the objecting faction had lost, they still dealt irreversible damage to the Modo Three Kings reputation.

The seats of the officials were around the podium, and the objecting factions seats were all at the edge, clearly arranged deliberately. The others were not willing to even look in their general direction, not wanting to have any connections with the objecting faction that had lost.

"I didnt expect the Three Kings to invite us," a member of the objecting faction mumbled. "They want to humiliate us in front of the public to enhance the effectiveness of the speech."

Marco was not in a good mood.

He knew full well that at this point, there was absolutely no way the Modo Three Kings had invited them to attend the speech to repair their relationship. They were certainly going to condemn their actions as victors.

Of course, the objecting faction only stepped out to try to impeach the Modo Three Kings because they were confident that they could win. However, they were defeated in the end. The trump cards they had pulled out were resolved one after another, and some witnesses had changed their testimonies. Marco could only admit his loss. There were actually some others who had the same mindset as him but did not stand out this time because they did not dare take the risk. In order to change the path of the civilization, Marco was willing to take the risk. On the other hand, the people who hid to protect their positions did not take any actions despite the fact they objected to the Modo Three Kings decisions and watched the armies being sacrificed meaninglessly. Although he had lost, he still despised these cowards.

After a while, the Modo Three Kings approached the podium. The spotlight focused on the three of them.

A loud round of applause instantly started on the square like it was rehearsed, silencing the furious yelling and cussing of countless spectators outside the square. The three of them waved at the same time, looked around at the audience inside the square, and smiled.

While the three of them looked around, their eyes deliberately paused for a moment when looking in the direction of Marco and the objecting faction before turning away. The camera then jumped to focus on the objecting faction, showing their forced smiles or expressionless faces.

"Humph" Marco snorted softly while clapping with just enough force to make a noticeable sound.

He obviously understood the look the Modo Three Kings gave them. It was a look of winners, a look that said, "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

As the applause gradually stopped, one of the Modo Three Kings then spoke. "My people, Modo is a great civilization. We have stayed united since the exploration era, and generations of Three Kings have led us to create one miracle after another"

The three of them followed the script they had memorized. They cut to the chase and mentioned the social unrest and the impeachment incident. They admitted that this was because of their decisions, but they emphasized that it was the enemys conspiracy. They claimed, "Modo is walking on the right path. The enemies want us to back away, so theyve used all kinds of plots and conspiracies, hoping to make us afraid."

The three of them also explained why they kept sending soldiers to the Flickering World, saying that it was for the civilizations future. During the long speech, the Three Kings explained and rebutted the matters the objecting faction had brought up during the impeachment, trying to save their reputation and the governments reputation as much as possible.

The Modo Three Kings words sounded sensible. The people in the square clapped from time to time. The audience outside was gradually convinced too, and the number of protesters gradually decreased. Other than the reporters, countless spectators were also recording the speech.

In the crowd outside the podium, a tall male held up a multifunctional commutation terminal and recorded the speech. He looked just like an ordinary spectator, but he was actually one of the spies of the Federation of Light responsible for obtaining intelligence. He was sent there to record first-hand footage.

While doing his job, this spy thought, The objecting faction has lost, but the Modo Three Kings have also been heavily hurt. Its good news

The dust had settled. There was no more shocking news, only the speech from the winners. This spy did not think he would find anything valuable; he was only here because of his duty.

However, at this moment, a flash of light suddenly went past the corners of his eyes. The spy subconsciously turned around.

His eyes penetrated the crowd, and he saw a dim light on the back of a hooded mans hand, as if a mark was lighting up.

The next moment, a sharp golden light abruptly crossed his sights and shot out like a bolt of lightning. The spy instantly turned and saw this flash of light arrive before the Modo Three Kings, who were giving a speech.


An azure magic shield suddenly opened and stopped this flash of light. The Beyond Grade A defense enchantment on the Modo Three Kings activated instantly. It could guard against many kinds of attacks.

The speech suddenly stopped. Only then did the Modo Three Kings realize that the item that had attacked them was shockingly a golden spear. It was indeed Lothaires weapon, the Deity Assassinator.

"Assassin!" The security personnel around were appalled. Multiple Calamity Grade bodyguards who had been standing behind the Three Kings were shocked. They hastily activated their abilities to protect the Three Kings.

Although their reactions were quick, it was not quick enough. The outstandingly strong Beyond Grade A defense enchantment only stopped the Deity Assassinator for a moment before it was penetrated. The spear pinned one of the Modo Three Kings right on the ground. Shock and indignation lingered on his face.

The sudden change stunned everyone present. Someone attempted to assassinate the Three Kings?

As their minds fully digested what this information meant, horror appeared on countless faces.



"Call a doctor!"

"Lock down the square immediately No, lock down the planet!"

The next moment, the entire place went haywire. All the spectators, be it in or outside the square, were panicking and fleeing. While yelling, the security personnel escorted the remaining two kings out of the scene while searching the entire place. The officials were terrified and hastily fled under the protection of their bodyguards. The boisterous venue instantly became a chaotic mess. "Who sent this killer? This is insane!"

Marco fled as fast as he could, his face filled with horror.

Assassinating the highest leader of a Super Star Cluster civilization right on its mother planet was tantamount to suicide!

God only knew how many years it had been since something like this last happened. Even the three Universal Civilizations would not do this. Nobody could have expected it. The Modo Three Kings were usually in the central political building, but today, they hosted a rare public speech, and it became an opportunity for the assassin.

The most unbelievable part was that the assassin actually succeeded. The Beyond Grade A level defense enchantment on the Three Kings was like a piece of paper.

In the panicking crowd, the spy from the Federation of Light opened his eyes wide, turned, and tried to find the hooded man, but he had disappeared without a trace.

"Who the hell was that guy? This is a completely suicidal attack! Theres absolutely no way he can escape the Modo mother planet!"

The spys face twitched. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

He had never expected to witness something this big today with his own eyes.

In almost an instant, his professional knowledge made him sensitively realize the opportunity to make use of this.

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