The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181 What A Fcking Genius You Are

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The news that one of the Modo Civilization Three Kings had been assassinated quickly spread across galactic society. The king who was attacked was announced to be deceased. This sudden incident shocked the entire universe!

Be it the officials of advanced civilizations or ordinary people of the galactic society, the first response they had when they heard about this could be concluded with three words.

What the f*ck!

This was the leader of a Super Star Cluster civilization who died, not some nobody, someone whose position was only inferior to the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations. To the galactic residents, something like this seemed to only have happened centuries ago. Such shocking news had never happened in the past god knew how many years.

To ordinary people, the leaders of advanced civilizations would never die from assassinations. This was exactly why it was unbelievable when it actually happened. This proved one thing-everyone was equal in the face of death, and no one could not be killed.

Right after the assassination happened, the entire Modo mother planet entered the highest state of alert. Countless soldiers searched everywhere thoroughly for the culprit.

The spies of many other civilizations were dragged into this too. Quite a number of these people were monitored by the Modo Civilization; Modo just never did anything to them, hoping to catch a bigger fish. Now, however, these things were no longer a concern. All of these people were captured and interrogated.

The Modo Civilization instantly restricted the leaking of the footage and very quickly made an announcement using extremely harsh words, emphasizing the fact that assassinating the leader of the Modo Civilization was an act of provocation and humiliation to the entire civilization. They would be investigating this with all of their forces and claimed that it was most likely done by an external enemy. They also said that they would certainly not let things go once they found out who the culprit was.

The assassination made the public both shocked and lost. In this situation, the announcement the Modo Civilization made instantly guided the thoughts of the public, triggering their collective anger, hoping to redirect their emotions toward the enemy.

Usually, this was the right thing to do.

However, the various organizations the three Universal Civilizations had hidden in the Modo Civilizations territory would not watch this happen. They kept stirring up fires everywhere. They published all kinds of opinions to affect the impact of the Modo Civilizations announcement, changing the mindset of the public and confusing the situation.

The methods they used were not flashy at all. All they did was state all kinds of new speculations regarding the assassination, mainly in two directions. One was to claim that the objecting faction had a motive to take the risk and assassinate the Three Kings because their attempt to gain power had just failed. The made-up story was structured so well it almost felt real.

The other was spreading rumors claiming that the assassin was actually an extremist of the other two races created by the racism lately, hoping to incite the racism issues.

Both of these theories had flaws, but conspiracy theories always had listeners. While the quantum network provided convenience to the galactic society, it also became an important platform for guiding public opinion. All kinds of information was available in the quantum network, weakening the judgmental skills of the public. Plus, the assassination made it difficult for the majority of the public to remain sensible. Hence, these two theories surprisingly received recognition by quite a lot of people.

At the same time, there were also dozens of terrorist organizations claiming to be responsible for this incident, fighting for it as if this was an opportunity to firm their positions in the gray world.

The number of people who supported the racist thoughts and believed the political assassination theory was growing rapidly. The seed of chaos gradually matured. One could never know what kind of strange opinions people might have till something big happened. It was complete anarchy.

The Modo Civilization was beleaguered because of this assassination and had no time to slowly deal with the public opinion at all. They had no choice but to take tough measures, forbidding the public from discussing these two conspiracy theories. Although the upper echelons clearly knew that this would only make things worse in the future, they had to first restrain the spread of these rumors.

This incident received immense attention. Countless organizations paid close attention to it. A storm was brewing under the noses of the public.

Han Xiao, who was far in the Flickering World, received the news too.

"What the hell, someone assassinated the Modo Three Kings? Whose cutie did that?"

Han Xiaos eyes opened wide. He was surprised too.

He had once had similar thoughts, but he had never taken action, nor did he order his subordinates to carry out the assassination. The main reason was because of the restrictions of his identity. He was now a hero of the lawful world. No way could he attempt to assassinate the leader of an advanced civilization.

However, if someone else did it, Han Xiao was glad to see it happen.

He could roughly guess what impact this would have afterward. Whether the Modo Civilization could capture the culprit or not, their investigation had to achieve results. Even if they could not find out the truth, they had to find someone to blame it on to redirect the nations internal social conflicts, giving the public a target to vent their emotions.

This depended on what Modo chose to do. If they decided to make this matter smaller, blaming it on the terrorist organizations outside their territory was most convenient. If they wanted to make this matter even more severe, they could both put the blame on the three Universal Civilizations or him. This way, Modo would have found a new motive for the Flickering War and would keep sending more armies over while keeping the moral high ground.

As for the truth who knew? The Modo Civilization forbade the video from leaking, so he could not watch the footage of the assassination. However, he felt that the three Universal Civilizations were definitely not the culprits. There was absolutely no need for them to do this.

Could it really be an extremist?

Han Xiao was very curious.

"Whose man is this? This is such an honorable sacrifice!"

While he was wondering, his communicator suddenly rang.

He took it out and glanced at it, it was an encrypted communication request from Lothaire. Han Xiaos expression became stiff, he suddenly had a bad feeling. "Calling me at this time, dont tell me"

After hesitating for two seconds, he picked up the communication and heard the steady breathing in the channel.

"Lothaire." Han Xiao subconsciously lowered his voice.


"Please dont tell me that you did this"

"I did."

Hearing this answer, Han Xiaos vision went dark for a moment.

What the hell, after making these guesses, turns out its my man!

This is too much. Im not sure my tiny heart can take it

"Are you insane? I didnt order you to do this!"

"You told me to disrupt the order of Modos society. I understood what your goals are." Lothaires tone was serious.

Han Xiao felt like his chest was stuffed. "So, you decided on your own to assassinate the Modo Three Kings?"

"Ive fulfilled my duty."

What a f*cking genius you are!

Han Xiaos face began contorting. No wonder you dared attack EsGod!

For such a steady and firm man like me, why do I have such an impulsive and head-strong subordinate?

Han Xiao took a few deep breaths and calmed his emotions.

At this point, the only thing he could do was accept reality and clean up the mess. " Where are you? Have you escaped the Modo mother planet?"

"Yes, or I wouldnt have contacted you."

Lothaire briefly explained what had happened. He was not completely reckless. He had already infiltrated the Modo mother planet more than a month ago and come up with many ways of getting out, only acting after the plan was fully complete. He had been waiting for the opportunity. As he could not come into contact with the Three Kings, he had been waiting patiently all along till a few days ago. When he saw the Three Kings announcement to give a speech, he knew that this was the opportunity, so he struck after making enough preparations.

With one assassination after another, Lothaire had gained enough experience and become an expert. From the assassination succeeding till the Modo Civilization excuted the lockdown, there would be a reaction process in between, and he used this bit of time to successfully escape. The entire process was well planned and organized. However, he was only temporarily safe now. He still had to face the Modo Civilizations search afterward.

After hearing Lothaires description, Han Xiao sighed and said, "It wont be that easy to escape from someone elses territory. Pause all your assassination missions. Killing one leader is effective enough. You dont have to continue targeting them. Focus on escaping first. Ill see if I can bring you back."

What was done was done; he could not let Lothaire fall into Modos hands.

Things like this could be done but not shared, or there would be much more cons than pros. As long as Modo did not capture Lothaire, there would be no solid evidence, and he would never admit it.

To say that Han Xiao did not blame Lothaire for making this decision on his own would be a lie. He was originally peacefully watching things develop all according to his plan, but now there were risks. Assassinating the Three Kings was not in his plan. However, from another perspective, there were pros to this too.

Since the assassin was his man, this meant that the damage this incident caused to the Modo Civilization would also be counted toward the mission progress of [Kunde Race Leaders Last Wish). He might complete this mission earlier than expected.


A team of soldiers charged into the office, looked around, and coldly said, "Marco, come with us for investigation."

Marco stood up slowly with a bitter smile.

All objecting factions were key targets of the investigations, since they had motive. They were all dragged down by this. No matter how wrongly accused they felt, they had no choice but to obediently accept the investigation.

The sudden assassination affected the objecting faction negatively too.

At this point of time, Marco only had one thought.


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