The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Raging Bolt!

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With a clear plan in mind, Han Xiao proceeded to create the weapons.

The updated weapons were of the utmost importance to the military force, and light weapons were the main focus.

The principle of electromagnetic weapons was not complicated as it was just using the electromagnetic force to push the bullets. The more challenging part was the actual debugging itself, as there were many variables like the number of coil turns, current voltage, limited energy, speed, distance.

By reaching Lv.5 in [Basic Energy Theory], it gave Han Xiao a new blueprinta new form of energy battery. It was referred to as a Rubik’s Cube, and it was a precise component. It could store up to 180 ouna, allowing its capacity to be several times that of an ordinary battery.

The Six Nations were experimenting on other batteries, such as power batteries, superconducting batteries, and even micro nuclear batteries, that could be used in different aspects. But the Rubik’s Cube was one of the more convenient kinds of batteries used by mechanics.

The same theory could have countless possibilities as the future of science did not have a fixed road. Technology was always changing, so it was interesting to explore different possibilities.






Despite his many failures, Han Xiao never gave up and kept trying, improving the details each time.

“It’s getting late.”

Han Xiao took a look at the sky and felt it was a pity he had to stop doing his work.

Anthony then walked in. “There were people from Division 13 who came to find you earlier.”

“What did they say?”

“Your employer has changed the timing needed to assemble, so you do not have to rush over. Just get to River Valley Manor by tomorrow morning.”

Han Xiao was pleased with that as he realized that would give him more time to continue his work.

At night, Wang Yuan and friends sat quietly in the car and made their way back to the manor safely.

Wang Yuan and Bennet then walked into the villa, went to the room on the top floor, and closed the door.

“Xena has locked away all the traitors, and the operation this time was successful. Other than getting rid of the traitors, the organization can also start to implement your ideas,” said Wang Yuan.

Bennett nodded. “I have a hunch that the battle will start sooner than expected, and we need to prepare early to escape from the crisis. We will need the cooperation of other forces and organizations to complete the plan.”

“One thing I know for sure is that the Six Nations will definitely help,” Wang Yuan replied. “During the discussion previously, you saw Mo Ran’s attitude. Getting the Six Nations’ help will be highly beneficial. With his aid, we will be able to escape the crisis. I am just afraid there will be ambitious parties eyeing our resources.”

Bennett’s eyes flashed, and his voice was like a gush of icy wind blowing from the north. “This is a plan to save many innocent lives. I will deal with anyone who tries to get in our way!”

At that instant, Wang Yuan was about to speak when a sharp piercing sound reverberated outside the manor.

The two looked outside the window and saw a lightning shoot up into the sky. The manor gate was then struck by the lightning, and it was thrown into an armored vehicle.

Someone flashing with light walked toward the gate, and it looked like the frightening lightning earlier had been shot from him. The strong gate, which had withstood a storm of bullets, had been instantly destroyed!

The mercenaries screamed and were all frantically shooting machine guns and firing cannons. However, Raging Bolt did not give in and shot lightning from his feet. He shot up ten meters into the air and blasted his original spot on the ground.

In the air, Raging Bolt clenched his fists and lightning shot out from his chest. A strong burst of electricity flashed, burning the cornea of every mercenary on the ground.


The area where all the machine guns were located was blasted. A few of the mercenaries who were struck by the light were electrocuted before they could even utter a word. The smell of smoke filled the entire area.

The impact of this battle left all of them shocked. A stream of frigid air that felt like death creeped up their spines.

With the death of Volcano and Moonlight, there was no one in the manor strong enough to defeat the enemy. Even Mr. Black was not around.

“We can’t defeat this level of Superhuman!” A mercenary backed away fearfully.

Chen Li’s eyes were fierce with determination, and he gave the order to start the attack again.

Raging Bolt was not in the least injured when he dropped down from the sky. When he saw that the mercenaries still had the will to fight, he smirked coldly. “Ha bunch of idiots not knowing your limits.”

He then raised his hands and thrust his palms forward. An invisible electromagnetic pulse spread across the manor and damaged all electronic components, resulting in total darkness.

The mercenaries were all shocked. Even the vehicles were damaged, so there was no way to escape even if they wanted to!

Despair filled the air quickly.

Wang Yuan took a look at Raging Bolt, and his face darkened. “Raging Bolt Bai Jin’s power is the generation and control of lightning. He’s a superhuman with great potential, and he has been very active in the criminal underworld in recent years.”

“Oh c’mon, it’s just a young man. Let me deal with him since the lads outside can’t handle him.”

Bennett maintained the same expression as he pushed open the window and jumped to the ground. Pushing aside the mercenaries, he captured all their attention as he walked toward Raging Bolt. Only then did they realize that there was someone who could defeat Raging Bolt, and a ray of hope shone upon them.

“What? There was actually a strong opponent!” Raging Bolt excitedly licked his lips and mobilized all the energy stored in his body.

“No matter how many weak opponents I defeated, the pleasure of beating a strong opponent is just incomparable.”

Raging Bolt stared at Bennett with the eyes of a wolf.

The vehicle of Division 13 was situated in the forest, monitoring any movement in the manor.

Raging Bolt is way too powerful,thought Di Su Su as she wiped away the sweat on her brow.

I have to report this to Mo Ran quickly as such threats could cause dire consequences to our city.

Di Su Su immediately picked up the phone and called Mo Ran.

On the screens, the battle between Bennett and Raging Bolt was ongoing. Both were about to release their strongest moves any time!

It was the moment when everyone held their breath.


Raging Bolt’s chest suddenly burst into a bloody fog.

Following which, everyone heard an eerie gun shot from afar.

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